Life is Strange and Until Dawn are both games from a very popular (thanks to Telltale) genre of interactive stories. They are similar to adventure games, where your main task is to talk to various characters and make decisions.

Each decision (even a small one) is going to impact the plot, which is the main strength of these games. Due to the sheer popularity of this topic, we decided to provide you with a list of 10 best games similar to Life is Strange and Until Dawn.

Life is Strange and Until Dawn games

What is Life is Strange and Until Dawn genre?

For those of you who might never played such games before, a short explanation of the genre. In general games like Life is Strange, Until Dawn can be called adventure games mixed with an interactive movie.

In these games, gameplay is not the most important element (in many cases it is very minimal and based mostly on Quick Time Events). The far more important are your moral decisions. Most of decisions you are going to make in this games are going to impact the plot (and in many cases, ending) in various ways. Because of that they have a strong factor of replayability. If you are looking for similar games then this list is just for you.

Games like Life is Strange & Until Dawn

Game (click to read more)Release year:Genre:Check price below
1. Fahrenheit Remastered2015Story Rich, AdventureBuy now!
2. The Walking Dead:The Final Season2018Story Interactive, Zombie, AdventureBuy now!
3. The Longest Journey2010Point & Click, Adventure gameBuy now!
4. The Wolf Among Us2013Detective game, Story Rich,Buy now!
5. Detroit Become Human (PS4)2018Adventure, Third Person ViewBuy now!
6. Gone Home2013Exploration, Walking Simulator,Buy now!
7. To The Moon2011Story Rich, IndieBuy now!
8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter2014Exploration, Story DrivenBuy now!
9. Beyond: Two Souls (PS3,PS4)2013Action, Interactive DramaBuy PSN Card!
10. Firewatch2016Atmospheric, Walking GameBuy now!

How we created that list

In order to create this list we decided the check the multiple video game platform lists of recommended games as well as the fanbase website and gamers comments. Thats why we was able to gather data, how well these games were received by players and critics.

Thanks to this we were able to create the list of games you should try to play. These games are going to provide you with many hours of fun. If you enjoyed both Until Dawn and the Life is Strange then these games are a great choice for you. They have great plot, lots of exploration and interesting mechanics which are definitely going to surprise you.  A perfect choice, especially for long and cold winter nights.

1. Fahrenheit

PS2, PS4
Xbox & Xbox 360
Release year:2005 / 2016 (remastered)
Genre:Inter-active movie, Adventure with action
DeveloperRe-Logic, Aspyr (Remaster)

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is actually a precursor of the genre created in 2005. It is a thriller as well as a crime fiction story. It is year 2005 in New York.

The city has to deal with a weird weather anomaly, which is constantly decreasing the temperature to levels not seen before in this part of the world. However, even worse is the fact that the city is currently scared by an usually high amount of murders (several people per day). Police is not able to do anything about that.

Citizens are not killed by psychopaths or a mafia. They are killed by normal and righteous people who suddenly snap and kill someone randomly. You are going to play as two characters. First is Lucas Kane, another normal citizens of the New York, who snapped and killed a person. Lucas does not remember anything about the murder. Now you have to help him to cover the murder. The second character is Carla Valenti. A police officer who is currently working on Kane’s case.

Fahrenheit remastered screenshot

You need to help Carla to solve the mystery. The most interesting part of the gameplay is the fact, that you have to play on both sides. It is entirely up to you, who are you going to help more. Hence, you should not be surprised that the game can be finished in many ways. There are three official endings. However, there are also many unofficial ones.

You can for example drink alcohol and take pills. Which results in your death from overdose. No wonder, that up until this day Fahrenheit is an untouchable design. If you want to read more and buy Fahrenheit game then visit link below. Thanks to sales, you will be able to buy Fahrenheit for a little more than a $1.

2. The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Release year:2018
DeveloperTelltale Games, Skybound Games

The Walking Dead game series, was a product which ultimately lead the Telltale company right to the place in the list of top grossing companies. The game is based on the very popular tv series. Which, on the other hand is the adaptation of a comic series created by Robert Kirkman. The Walking Dead: The Final Season follows the story of Clementine.

She is now a battle hardened teenage girl who constantly focuses on protecting Alvin Jr. During many years they spent together, they created a strong relationship between each other. Now you, as Clementine have to protect AJ. Through zombies, Telltale were able to show the nature of humans.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season screenshot

It seems that during the apocalypse, the worst human traits are going to be shown. The Walking Dead: The Final Season is going to engage you with a really great plot and an immersive story.

If you want to purchase The Walking Dead: The Final Season then you should visit link below, and you will be able to find sales and offers for The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The game is definitely worth of it.

3. The Longest Journey

Release year:1999 / 2014 (iOS)
Genre:Point and Click

The Longest Journey is the oldest game on this list (which does not mean that it is the worst). It is from 1999. It is a classic point and click adventure game filled with sci-fi and fantasy elements. In this game you are going to take a role of April Ryan. An 18 years old student.

She lives in the universe known as Stark. A world similar to our own, filled with technology. One day she discovered the existence of another universe known as Arkadia. Arkadia is filled with magic and mystery.

The Longest Journey screenshot

Unfortunately there is something bad in the air. A thing, which can destroy both Stark and Arkadia. April Ryan is the only person capable of saving the universe.The Longest Journey focuses mostly on plot and conversations with very interesting characters (especially a Crow).

If you want to enjoy some classic then this game is perfect for you.

4. The Wolf Among Us

PS3 & PS4
Xbox 360 & Xbox One
Android & iOS
Release year:2013-2014 (Episodes)
Genre:Interactive movie, Adventure
DeveloperTelltale Games

The Wolf Among Us is another game from Telltale and it follows a similar premise to The Walking Dead. Players very often argue which one of these series is better. Well it is up to you to decide which one is better. In this game you are going to take a role of Bigby Wolf (formerly known as the Big Bad Wolf) who is the sheriff of Fabletown city.

A hometown for characters from fairy tales, old stories etc. Bigby protects them from various adversaries (especially normal humans) but soon he realizes, that he had found himself in the middle of something big. Are you ready to save the universe?

The Wolf Among Us screenshot

In The Wolf Among Us you are going to meet many characters you might known from fairy tales like Snow White, Beast or Red Riding Hood. Though, you are going to be surprised by their appearance as well as personalities.

If you want to enjoy this story then visit the link and read more

5. Detroit: Become Human

Release year:2018
DeveloperQuantic Dream

We have to admit that this relatively new game (it was released at the end of May 2018), immediately stole hearts of players. Detroit: Become Human has one of the most interesting plots we have ever seen.

The game takes place in the near future in Detroit city, androids become an everyday tool used by various people for certain tasks. Unfortunately, existence of androids which are similar to humans leads to racism and social problems.

Detroit: Become Human screenshot

Many humans believe, that androids stole their jobs. You are going to take control over three different androids. These are Kara, Markus (who works as a household help) and Connor (prototype who works as a detective). Through their eyes you are going to see that due to the mistake in the software, androids started to snap. However, the most important is the fact that they started to feel human emotions. The game plot and dialogues are going to encourage you to play as long as possible.

Visit link below, where you can purchase it for about $30.

6. Gone Home

Xbox One
Release year:2013
DeveloperThe Fullbright Company

In our opinion, Gone Home is probably the most original game on this list. It has a little bit of horror hidden in it but most importantly, it focus on everyday life of normal people such as yourself.  It is 7th of June 1995. You are Katy, 21 years old girl who after a few years in Europe decided to come back home.

Gone Home screenshot

When you arrive late at night to the house, you discover that  it is empty. Now you need to find what the hell happened to your family. Through exploration and information gathering you are going to pick up the entire story of your house.

7. To The Moon

Android & iOS
Release year:2011
DeveloperFreebird Games

To the Moon is a relatively short game and the gameplay in this game is almost non-existent. However, this game is also one of the most popular and most talked about title on Steam. Why? Because of the plot.

To the Moon screenshot

We cannot unfortunately, tell you exactly what it is all about, as uit would just spoil the whole thing. However, keep that one thing in mind. After playing To the Moon you are never going to be the same. If you want to enjoy this experience then visit the link below.

8. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Xbox One
Release year:2014
DeveloperThe Astronauts

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a really interesting Polish adventure game, created by Adrian Chmielarz. The game is based on stories straight from weird fiction and a pulp horror genre. Our main aim, as the title of the game suggest, is to find Ethan Carter.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter screenshot

During our adventure we are going to visit a beautiful yet mysterious Red Creek Valley (if you see similarities to the Twin Peaks then point for you) , where almost immediately you find massacred bodies of people who kidnapped Ethan. The game provides you with a huge, open area. It is up to you which way you are going to take. Your only job is to find Ethan. On under the link below  you can buy the game for less than $4.

9. Beyond: Two Souls

PS3 & PS4
Release year:2013
Genre:Interactive drama
DeveloperQuantic Dream

Beyond: Two Souls is a game created by Quantic Dream. Studio responsible for such games like Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Judging by the titles you can make a conclusion that Beyond: Two Souls is a really good title. The game is a mix of thriller and the action adventure game.

Beyond: Two Souls screenshot

In the game you are going to take control over Jodie Holmes. She has a gift which is also a curse. She can make a contact with the other world. During the game you are going to explore fifteen years of Jodie’s life.

During the game you are going to learn what really is on the other side. Are you going to be happy with these answers? Well, if you want to know then buy the game. The Play Station 3 key for the Beyond: Two Souls is not expensive. It costs about $5.

10. Firewatch

Xbox One
Release year:2016
DeveloperCampo Santo

Firewatch is last but not least game mentioned on this list. In this game you are going to take control over Henry. He is a middle aged man tired with his life as well as the society itself. This is why he decided to take a job of a forest ranger in a beautiful forest in Wyoming. Days go by and your only companion is Delilah. You can contact her via your shortwave radio. One day something weird happened in the forest which forces you to leave the tower and explore the area.

Firewatch screenshot

The main aspect of the game is your relationship with Delilah. Depending on your decisions your relationship with her might strengthen or be put in a strain. If you are not careful enough, you can even break the relationship. Which is not going to end well for you. If you want to check the price of Firewatch – visit link below