To say that in 2017 we all did venture back to Hyrule again to become fearsome Link and curb the formidable machinations of the evil Ganon is to say nothing.

In the decade when words like “epic” and “legendary” have become so hackneyed and overused, it’s a disgrace to use them in the context of something which they rightfully used to denominate in the decades preceding linguistic exaggeration.

Thus, we resort to the other term, touched considerably less by the current malaise, and we name Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild a phenomenon.

With thousands of reviews hailing Breath of The Wild a masterpiece form top to bottom, the Nintendo not only created the second most acclaimed title of the whole series (the ever-mighty Ocarina of Time still reigns supreme), but also an open world so rich in detail, full of immersive locations, basking in the sun of visual splendor, that it redefines yet another essential term of the gaming world – immersion.

The overall multidimensionality of things we can do and places we may go simply overwhelms. Overlooking is very common in Hyrule and that’s why we have decided to compile a list of 10 Breath of the Wild secrets which might have slipped through your fingers.

#Location/FeatureDescriptionSpecial Notes
1 Lord of the Mountain Extremely fast mount found near Satori Mountain. Difficult to tame, requires good stamina. Infinite stamina, cannot be registered at a stable.
2 Lon Lon Ranch Ruins located southeast of Hyrule Castle. Known from Ocarina of Time. Easter Egg, nostalgia trigger.
3 Cucco Air Raid Attack by cuccos when provoked, used as an unusual weapon. Can lead to hilarious outcomes in battles.
4 Rock Octorocks Restores the quality of rusty weapons with its sucking attack. Weapons come out in mint condition.
5 Selmie's Spot Located in Hebra Mountains. Offers shield surfing lessons. Win a Royal Shield by completing advanced course under specific time.
6 Lover's Pond Heart-shaped pond atop Tuft Mountain. Involved in a side quest. Gift of Nightshade quest location.
7 Hyrule Castle Underground Location of the Hylian Shield, guarded by a Stalnox. High risk, high reward area.
8 Blood Moon Cooking Bonus Cook during the Blood Moon for enhanced dishes. Improves dish effects significantly.
9 Deciphering Runes Old Hylian scripture that can be found and deciphered across Hyrule. References to original Zelda game.
10 Gerudo Secret Club Secret shop in Gerudo Town that sells unique armor sets. Password required to enter.

1. Lord of the Mountain

What better way to start off our list than with one of the fastest mounts in Hyrule? Resembling a bearded Blupee with two faces which had its head sewn onto a body of a horse, Lord of the Mountain is extremely difficult to tame (don’t even bother sneaking up and jumping on its back if you have less than two stamina wheels).

Yet, should you succeed, it offers you its own infinite stamina and a lightning fast travels. You may find this fabulous green-glowing creature near Satori Mountain.

The best vantage point to check if it roams somewhere around is Outskirt Stable and Central Tower. Too bad you cannot register it at a stable, but we guess that’s the way it is.

2. Lon Lon Ranch

Speaking of mounts and places to find them, why don’t you pay a visit to the ruins of Lon Lon Ranch where we got our hands and saddles on Epona in Ocarina of Time.

Not very demanding to find, just southeast of the ruined Hyrule Castle, the place is a first Easter Egg on our list and a great nostalgia inducer to everyone who, back in the day, raced Ingo in order to win the EPONymous sorrel.

3. Cucco Air Raid

Have you ever found Birds by Alfred Hitchcock disturbing, ridiculous or downright frightening? In Breath of the Wild you may recreate it 100%, Zelda style.

Sticking to the tradition of “do NOT attack a cucco, or else!”, you may utilize these Zelda chickens as one of the most unusual weapons in the game. Just bring one to the battle and absorb a hit so that the bird would get its feathers ruffled. Then, just sit back and observe.

There is nothing more wildly enchanting than seeing some bulky Hinox getting his ass whooped by the clucking menace.

4. Rock Octorocks or how to fix rusty arms

Let’s stick to the weapons for a while, although, this time, we will give you a tip on how to repair and boost some stats of an old arsenal. In Breath of the Wild, there are many melee weapons way past their prime.

Bearing a “fallout-ish” vibe in terms of rustiness, you shouldn’t neglect their presence and carry around a couple of them for later when you come across a Rock Octorok. This fanciful creature, combining the looks of a “detentacled” octopus with a rock on its head and a decolorized mushroom from Mario, has a Kirby-like sucking attack which restores the quality of weapons.

All you need to do is throw the rusty sword or halberd at it, and after it lands in Octorok’s mouth, the creature will chew on it and then spit it out in mint condition.

5. Selmie’s Spot

Do you go snowboarding in winter? Have you often wondered how would it feel to zoom past on a fresh pow pow between the trees in Zelda? Well, we have a real treat for you, then! In the Hebra Mountains, southeast of the Shada Naw Shrine is a cabin of Selmie, the Duchess of Downhill, who will give you shield surfing lesson for 20 rupees.

If you prove yourself as a rad free rider, she’ll set you up with an advanced course. Finish under 1:35 and you’ll win the Royal Shield.

6. Lover’s Pond

This undeniably sweet spot is located on top of Tuft Mountain in East Necluda. Frankly, there isn’t really much to it, apart from its heart shape and a side quest called a Gift of Nightshade in which we are to become a chaperone for a rather coy boy named Wabbin.

Being as hopeless as The Smiths lyrics could be, our mountain Romeo asks us to deliver a titular nightshade flower to the Gerudo woman Perda who stands on the opposite side of the lake. If we do so and converse a bit with both of them in a lovely way, we complete the task and get two rupees in return.

Interestingly, there is another hear-shaped pond, this time on top of Ebon Mountain, although this one looks broken, if you catch our drift. 😉

7. Hyrule Castle Underground

Haven’t stumbled upon any fancy shields lately? Fret no more, for we know a spot where you may find THE Hylian Shield. Go to the underbelly of the Hyrule castle, run through its dim corridors while slaying lots of monsters, and somewhere along the way you’ll find a Stalnox.

When you slay his bony butt (he has some nice loot on him, too), a treasure chest will appear, and in it there will be the Hylian Shield. Now you may take it for a spin at Selmie’s. 😉

8. Blood Moon Cooking Bonus

From time to time, a ruby red moon rises above Hyrule. It’s a ghastly manifestation of Ganon’s malice and a truly hellish sight to behold. Although its power revives all adversaries, and respawns materials, it also has a fully bright side.

Cook any meal starting from 23:30 on a Red Moon night, and you’ll get something extra from the dish like added status effect, extra health, stamina, increased buff of the freshly fixed late dinner, etc.

9. Deciphering Runes

Now, that’s an inconspicuous nod to the whole Zelda franchise and a splendid Easter Egg, by the way. There are many places where we find patterns of signs which look like a half hieroglyphic lettering. It actually is exactly that – a decipherable old Hylian scripture.

Most of the times it serves as a description of an object or the function such object performs. However, in other instances, there’s more to it. For example, while “downloading” the runes onto the Sheikah Slate, on the surface of the Guidance stone appears a sentence in old Hylian, which reads “Master using it and you can have this”.

As you all probably know, it’s a direct reference to the 1986 The Legend of Zelda and the obtaining of the white sword.

10. Gerudo Secret Club

Everyone knows it is illegal to buy and sell men’s clothing in Gerudo Town…or is it? On the side of Fashion Passion, a wooden door leads to a Secret Club, which is a shop where Link may obtain both Desert Voe and Radiant armor sets.

The first one boosts up your heat resistance, so crucial when exploring the desert. The Secret Club really is secret, so in order to get in, you need to know the password. It’s G, S, C, Diamond. You’re welcome. 🙂

Breath of the Wild has a gargantuan map with zillions of items stashed here, there, and everywhere, secrets galore let alone Easter Eggs that bring wide grins on everybody’s faces. Those listed above are only the tip of the iceberg.

We hope they sparked a little explorer in you and will encourage you to rummage through whole Hyrule, looking under every stone to find the rest. As to Breath of the Wild, you don’t have to look far for it. It’s right here in our marketplace waiting for you to get it.