Starfield is a fairly new RPG video game set in the future, in space, which quickly gained recognition among players worldwide.

However, as is often the case in RPGs, besides experience, money is also necessary for character development, allowing for the purchase of consumables or better equipment. How to earn a lot of credits fast and without cheats? Here is our short guide and 10 reliable ways!

What People Love About Starfield

Starfield was created and produced by Bethesda Studio in 2023, marking the first new franchise in 25 years, separate from The Elder Scrolls or the Fallout series acquired by the studio in 2008.

The title is a space RPG sandbox where players embody a former miner turned space traveller, inexplicably connected to a mysterious artefact. Our main task is to uncover the meaning of this connection and, in turn, the mysteries governing the cosmos and humanity.

What have people loved about this game? Certainly, the mechanics known from previous studio productions, combined with new graphics and a significantly larger world full of various adventures and quests scattered across different planets. Players were also captivated by character creation and building, as well as the almost limitless possibilities of building… spaceships, which can be used for both travel and space combat.

Why Do You Need Money in the Game?

As mentioned earlier, in Starfield, as in any other RPG or action game, money is essential for character development and simply making progress in the game. With money, in the case of Starfield – credits – we can buy better equipment for our character, including weapons, clothing, armour, or spacesuits.

Money is also necessary for replenishing ammunition, buying medicines, and consumables. With money, we can also develop our skills or repair and upgrade our ship.

Depending on the trait we chose at the beginning, credits will also be necessary to repay the home loan (and furnish it) or for sending them to our parents.

10 Ways to Earn Money in Starfield


Even just travelling through the world of Starfield, we can quickly get rich!

  • Looting Enemies

In one of the first missions in Starfield, our task will be to defeat a group of pirates from the Crimson Fleet. During our travels, we will encounter them multiple times. We will also come across various bandits and other hostile human NPCs.

Most of them carry small amounts of money, as well as weapons, armour, and some items. After the fight, it’s worth searching the bodies of the fallen enemies and collecting everything they have. The found credits will fill our account, and any other items can be monetized.

  • Collecting and Selling Items

As mentioned above, it’s worthwhile to loot fallen enemies, as well as other bodies (of which there is often no shortage, especially after bandits take over a building). It’s also worth exploring visited locations.

VERY often, research facilities or abandoned factories contain many valuable items (such as resources, works of art, research equipment, weapons, books, stuffed animals, etc.), which we can sell; as well as creditsticks ranging from a few to several hundred credits on them.

  • Theft and Contraband Sale

In addition to collecting items from abandoned locations, you can also, of course, steal items. However, selling them is not easy because you won’t have that option in stores or Distribution Centres, and travelling with contraband on a ship leads to its confiscation when attempting to land. Stolen items, however, can be sold to fences (e.g., to Manaaki Almonte in Cydonia on Mars).

  • Lockpicking and Pickpocketing

You can steal not only from locations but also directly from NPCs. However, before attempting theft, make sure to develop this skill in your character (Theft Skill). Stolen items can be sold to fences, and stolen credits will fill your account.

Lockpicking, on the other hand, does not necessarily involve theft – safes and rooms in abandoned locations are often secured with locks, and they often contain many valuable (free) items.


Another way to get rich is by performing various missions.

  • Cargo Transport

A cool way to make quick money is transporting cargo from one place to another, which can be combined with exploring newly discovered planets.

Transport missions can be found on mission boards or obtained directly from NPCs. Often, delivering a package is a one-time injection of several thousand credits.

  • Task Completion

Many tasks like “Bring item X” or “Resolve issue X” also involve quick earnings. Typically, delivering an item to an NPC (which only requires going to the other end of the city) or resolving a dispute between two characters is a quick way to earn even several thousand credits. New Atlantis is a mine of such contracts. Without leaving the city, you can perform dozens of them and earn on each.

In addition to quick quests, you can also perform more complicated tasks and bounties.

  • Conducting Research Missions

You can also earn a lot by conducting research missions, which involve travelling to a planet and exploring its fauna and flora. Many of such missions are available on mission boards.


There are still several other interesting ways to earn money!

  • Building Facilities and Selling Resources

This method is directly related to point number 2 on our list, which is selling collected items. The difference is that after establishing a research facility, items (resources) for sale accumulate on their own. All you need to do is sell them well.

  • Seizing and Selling Ships

During your numerous travels, you will often encounter hostile pirate ships, and sometimes drifting wrecks in space. Besides looting them, you can also earn money by seizing such a ship and selling it at a Spaceport. However, to sell a spaceship, you must first register it, which involves a fee, but the selling price exceeds the registration cost.

  • Selling Information

Another appealing way is selling information. However, to profit from this, you must first, travel a lot, and secondly, get to know the characters who will be willing to buy this information from you. One such character is Vladimir Sall, an ex-Crimson Fleet pirate whom you will meet while performing missions for Constellation.


As you can see, there are many ways to earn money in Starfield. Just by exploring and completing tasks, you can accumulate a considerable sum of credits, which you can then use to upgrade your character, ship, or even fulfil your dream of owning a home!

Just remember one thing! If you want to earn money quickly, it’s worth developing the following skills for your character:

  • Commerce: Influences the prices of items – buy cheaper and sell your stuff pricier.
  • Security: Improves lockpicking ability, allowing you to force even difficult locks hiding greater treasures.
  • Theft: Enables easy pickpocketing and unnoticed theft of even large and valuable items.