Embarking on a vast journey through the bustling streets of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5’s story mode offers not only the thrilling experience of a life of an outlaw but also some lucrative opportunities to amass wealth.

Whether you are a novice hustler or a criminal mastermind, there are many ways of getting rich in the in-game reality.

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From high-risk heists to more subtle entrepreneurial ventures, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to get money in GTA 5 story mode.

10. Mugging people on the streets

Every criminal has to start their career somehow. Robbing people on the streets is one way to do that. Just find your prey and pray that the cops are not around.

Even though this is an easy way of earning money, it is definitely not the most profitable option. You will not become a millionaire doing that, but it can be useful if you need a few dollars for a can of soda.

Image credit: Rockstar North

9. Store robbery – in and out

If your wallet requires a slightly bigger capital injection then store robbery is an option worth looking into. Although it is not the best option, it is quick.

You go in, collect the money using some persuasive techniques, and vanish as fast as you’ve appeared. Speed is crucial here as you don’t want more spectators than is necessary.

You can do a series of such robberies, and then wait for the situation to calm down. After a few visits to the stores around the city, you may gather quite a sum of money.

8. Cash on the streets – armored trucks

An attempt to rob one of the armored trucks wandering the city’s streets might sound more exciting, but it is also far more dangerous.

They are designed to endure lots of damage as they transport the money between banks. You are going to need a plan, some weapons and tools which may help you to get inside, for instance explosives.

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But as soon as you master this technique money should not be a problem, at least for some time. Nevertheless, don’t forget it is a high-risk activity, so the cops will surely be keeping their eyes on those convoys.

7. Finding hidden treasures

This option is for devoted explorers who want to see every corner of the world. On the map of Los Santos and its surroundings, there are 15 hidden packages waiting to be found.

They contain cash prizes ranging from 7000$ to even 25000$ in each of them. So if you dream about seeing the world, and earning some money at the same time, you should consider seeking these precious boxes.

6. The better you drive, the more you can earn

There is something for amateur criminals, something for explorers, but there is also an opportunity for fans of motorization.

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If driving cars is your cup of tea, then taking part in street races might be a tempting opportunity for you, to earn some money. The better you drive, the faster the money flows. Just win some races and rule the streets of Los Santos.

5. Complete the assassination missions

Have you ever wondered what does it feel like to be a hitman? Lester, one of the characters connected with the main story, has some missions associated with that.

The only thing you are supposed to do is to eliminate the target and not get caught. For completing these tasks, you will get a cash reward, and influence the in-game stock market…

4. Try to invest in the stock market

…which leads us to the next very powerful source of income – the Stock Market. This activity, despite being very rewarding itself, may bring even better results when skillfully manipulated.

Image credit: Rockstar North

So this is how it works: you buy some shares of a company you want invest in, and you hope that its worth will go up. However, some events (i.e. assassination missions), may help you predict whether the prices will go up or down, which allows you to plan your investment.

This way, while not being especially legal (same as the other already mentioned ways) can make you a tremendous amount of money and ensure you a wealthy life.

3. Real Estate is always a good option

Another way to safely increase your funds is by investing in real estate. Historically it has always been a profitable and sustainable long-term investment and here it is no different.

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The amount of money you receive varies based on the type of property that you purchase, but it is still a weekly source of income. Moreover, the profits you can expect from this may even reach 264 000$ per week.

2. Story Mode Heists

Some of the best cash prizes are always hidden behind the biggest heists. In-game we can take part in a few huge heists which are part of the main storyline. Whether it will be a jewelry store, a bank, or a casino, the amount of money you can get here is unimaginable.

Nevertheless, each robbery requires a lot of preparation, contacts, and planning. However, as you finish everything and succeed in committing a large-scale heist, the amount of cash and satisfaction from completing it will be worth the hustle.

1. Random encounters

In the game, we have access to 3 main protagonists. No matter which one of them are we playing at the moment, we have a chance of meeting the other two somewhere in the world.

Image credit: Rockstar North

Those situations are called random encounters, which are followed by unique, short missions. You will not only get to experience a new story but also have an opportunity to get some extra money.


As we can see in the examples above, there are multiple answers on how to get money in GTA 5 story mode.

Whether you prefer some more straightforward ways of earning money like robbing a store or some more subtle ones like investing in a stock market, GTA V has you covered.

With such a long list of possibilities, everyone will surely find some way that works best for them. So now make some notes, hop in the world of Los Santos, and get ready to make a fortune!