The Sims 4 is a game released in 2014, being the latest instalment of the globally popular life simulation series.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to play this title knows how important… money is in it. It’s thanks to money that we can fulfil the needs of our Sims – from food to purchasing home decorations that improve their mood.

How to earn money in The Sims 4? How to get Simoleons quickly and without cheats? Discover 10 easy tips!

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The Phenomenon Of The Sims Series

To begin with, a few words about the series itself, which was started in 2000 by Electronic Arts. Initially, The Sims was supposed to focus on building simulation, with the characters in the game, called Sims, merely serving as background for gameplay. However, during the development process, the original plan was changed – and thankfully so.

As a result, we got the world’s most popular life sim, which has seen four full-fledged installments and dozens of DLCs for each part, expanding the game both narratively and cosmetically.

This title relies on creating characters from scratch (or generating them) and then “guiding” them through life. The first step is to buy a house or land on which the house will be built.

The gameplay involves fulfilling the individual needs and aspirations of each character and developing the family. We basically write the gameplay scenario ourselves, but the developers have prepared for us a series of unexpected events – just like in real life.

Why Do You Need Money In The Sims 4?

As mentioned earlier, anyone who has had the opportunity to play any part of The Sims knows that Sim money – so-called Simoleons – are an essential element of gameplay. In The Sims 4, we start with a budget of $20,000 – with this amount, we must buy or build a house and equip it properly so that our Sims can meet their basic needs.

Money, as in real life, is also useful for paying bills, shopping, repairs or replacement of worn-out equipment, not to mention fulfilling aspirations or improving the quality of life of the family we have created. That’s why it’s so important for Simoleons to increase over time.

Of course, the easiest way to increase your Sim’s budget is to use the legendary cheat code ~motherlode, which guarantees you a cash injection of $50,000 in Sim money.

It’s a cool solution, but only if our gameplay focuses on building a luxurious house. However, if you want to focus on real gameplay, which is developing the family and set yourself a challenge, it’s worth trying to earn Simoleons on your own!

How To Quickly Earn Money in Sims 4?

Here are 10 (honest and not so honest) ways to quickly earn money in video game called The Sims 4.

  • Start a Career

The first and reliable way to earn money is, as in real life, to get a job. Using a computer or smartphone, search for available job offers and choose the one that best suits the skills, preferences, and aspirations of your character.

Job offers in The Sims are very diverse, and every Sim will find something for themselves – from a career in gastronomy, through showbiz, the IT industry, law enforcement, to criminal activities.

A steady job provides a steady cash flow, and Sims who excel in their field will eventually be able to advance and climb the career ladder (earning even over $400 per hour)!

  • Take an Odd Job

If your Sim’s aspirations somewhat deviate from the vision of a career in a particular industry, or you simply don’t want to find them a regular job, consider the available Odd Jobs.

These are one-off jobs that your character can do in one or a few days. Quick task – quick cash. Often these jobs require Sims to have specific sets of skills. Those who meet the criteria usually perform the assigned tasks better, which translates into earnings.

  • Fishing

Another way to quickly earn easy money is fishing. Take your Sim on a trip to the nearby park and look for a pond with a sign allowing fishing.

Although initially this task will not bring in big profits, after a while (and a short training session) your Sim will learn to catch fish, which you can then sell. Additionally, fishing is also a chance to occasionally catch more valuable items.

  • Treasure Hunting and Beachcombing

Digging in the ground can bring profits. All you have to do is find a specifically looking rock or pile of soil, which is a digging spot, or head to the beach. Digging spots are literally scattered everywhere, but it’s worth knowing that there are many such places around Oasis Springs.

By digging in the ground, you can find various items that can be sold. There is also a special quest list that develops the skill of treasure hunting and allows you to find valuable things.

  • Musical Performances

Does your Sim have the soul of an artist? Are they interested in music and learning to play an instrument? Giving short musical performances is a chance for quick, additional earnings. The higher your Sim’s skill, the more opportunities – both in performance and earnings – will open up for them.

  • Painting

This is another way to earn money for talented Sims – but not only for them. Anyone can paint, and anyone can sell their paintings. More talented and practised Sims, however, have a better chance of selling their works for more money because they paint simply prettier pictures. However, it is important to remember that creating a work of art requires us to buy canvas first.

  • Computer Work

Another way to earn quick money is writing on the computer. Of course, you first need to learn this skill, but after a few training sessions, you can start writing a book, which you can then publish and start earning money from it. You can also write on commission (see points 1 and 2) – just look for available jobs and assignments related to writing.

Another way is to participate in gaming tournaments – to do this, you need to develop the skill of playing video games.

  • Borrowing Money

Do you want to quickly get cash, but each of the above methods seems too laborious to you? If your Sim has well-developed charisma and a group of dedicated friends, you can borrow money from them. A mastered skill allows you to borrow even large sums! Of course, it’s worth returning the loan at some point…

  • Theft

The last tip is already morally dubious, but now we’ll move on to two that definitely aren’t for you, if you are one of those good guys. The first of these is theft!

Sims with the Kleptomaniac trait and who level up their Mischief have the greatest chance of successful thefts. Without the latter, thefts do not always succeed – Sims caught in the act will pay for their behaviour with shame and embarrassment. However, if they master Mischief, they will be able to steal even large and valuable objects (like pianos, paintings, sculptures etc.) unnoticed.

  • Marrying into a Rich Family

And the last of the tips, which is also morally questionable…
Attractive Sims with the Romantic trait have a natural ease in establishing romantic relationships. And this can be used to quickly enrich yourself!

Just find a wealthy single Sim and seduce them, and then lead them to marriage. After getting married, our character can move into the home of their wealthy beloved. Then both their property and entire estate become ours as well (of course, then we will have a second playable character – the rich spouse – but… there are methods for that too…).


As you can see, the ways to get rich in The Sims 4 are almost unlimited – all of them, however, require a bit of commitment. However, it depends on the unique Sim created by you and your idea how your character will become wealthy.

Will you choose a career, become a full-time treasure hunter, or perhaps become rich at someone else’s expense? Regardless of your choice, this playthrough will certainly be incredibly interesting!