War, war never changes… and so does the unmistakable tickle of excitement when we stumble upon something extraordinary, out-of-place, or simply hilarious in a colorfully gray and grimly comforting world of Fallout.

The series exhibits a peculiar penchant for spiking its maps with hidden locations, Easter eggs, and other quirky places, which sometimes just leave us grinning broadly, some other times though fix us up with a loot of a particularly priceless or pernicious kind. Below, you are going to find 15 enchanting locations you as Sole Survivor may come across if searching long enough in a vaulted Fallout 4 universe.

1. Carhenge

Our first item on the list may be regarded as the main sightseeing attraction in the Wasteland and surely a photo pit stop were Pipboy equipped with integrated camera. Carhenge, a megalithic-like structure made of monocoque car skeletons, a clear wink to the world-famous Stonehenge, is located south of Walden Park.

The spot isn’t too welcoming, especially when our Sole Survivor reaches level 15. Carhenge then turns into a den of a behemoth super mutant. Fun fact: there’s a real-life carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska, which was constructed in the summer of 1987, the very year Interplay and EA were wrapping up the production of the progenitor of Fallout, Wasteland.

2. UFO crash site

Now, this one hasn’t been new to the series. Being a meta-Easter egg and a tribute to one of Fallout special encounters, the UFO crash site not only is a solid point on Fallout 4 secrets map but also a source of valuable items to collect. Upon examining the wrecked flying saucer, which plunged to the ground between Oberland Station and Vault 81, we notice a trail of blood.

It leads to a nearby cave where we experience a close encounter of the third kind. If it goes wrong (for the alien, that is), we end up fetching his/her/its(?) blaster along with matching rounds. Regrettably, the sole representative of extra-terrestrial civilization doesn’t have a fuzzy painting on him.

3. Alien 1979 movie reference

Fallout is jam-packed with movie references. So we’ve decided to show you one which falls in the category of “rather obscure” (and gives you bottle caps in the end). When you accept the Quartermastery mission from Scribe Haylen at the Cambridge Police Station, you’re going to need to obtain a piece of equipment from a random location.

The said device is a flux sensor, which in the back has the serial number CM-88B 180924609, the very same the Nostromo, the name of the ship the Alien movie is set on, has.

4. Spectacle Island

This is Bethesda’s take on how to become an owner of your own private island. An unpolished gem among hidden locations, this unmarked spot is reachable after a long swim or even longer walk in Power Armor on the ocean floor. The loot is there, along with the Luck Bobblehead, and you may claim the island as a settlement, after you get rid of all mirelurks inhabiting it.

Oh, and before the swim, don’t forget to pop some Rad-Xes, because the waters are as irradiated as the tap water in Chernobyl.

5. Vitale Pumphouse

Another hidden location with a fancy loot in it. East of Finch Farm, camouflaged into a river bank rocks, the Vitale Pumphouse welcomes you with some ammo and items stashed here and there, but also a safe door leading to another room which hides a real treasure – the Gainer, a .44 revolver that fires incendiary rounds.

The code is on the wall, so it’s easy-peasy to crack the safe door open. No enemies in there, but do not fire any weapons in front of safe mechanism because of a gas leak.

6. Blade Runner homage

Yes, a ‘nod’ or ‘reference’ would be much too feeble a word to describe the next secret on our list. Between Breakheart Banks and General Atomics Galleria there is a Mass Fusion Containment Shed. Find the pipe that grants you access to the roof and then feast your eyes upon the fabulously restaged ‘Tears in Rain’ scene.

Of course, “Decard” and “Batty” are dead, nevertheless, among the homage Easter eggs in Fallout 4, this one makes you stay and ponder a bit about human condition the longest.

7. Dunwich Borers

Lo and behold, it’s time for a book reference, and what a reference that is! Dunwich Borers, a marble quarry located east of the Slog, is a go-to place for every literature fan and a must for all Lovecraft aficionados. Lots of raiders and feral ghouls to get rid of, as well as traps and what-nots fashioned to deplete your health bar.

Exploring the area, read an Astoundingly Awesome Tales mag near the terminal no. 3 to take 5% less damage from robots. Then, brace for the worst, for the very bottom of the abysmal depths, writhing like a withered garland of musty corroded corridors, hides an eldritch abomination. What is it? Go see for yourself if you dare!

8. Jamaica Plain

Not much of a secret location per se, the Jamaica Plain town hall basement is a place where some pre-war memorabilia, now widely regarded as treasures, can be found. After shooting some feral ghouls and handling nuisances like disarming a set of laser tripwires booby traps, you end up in a room which served as an exhibition before the 2077 annihilation.

Melee weapons fans will surely grin upon puting their hands on 2076 World Series baseball bat, a fine unique item.

9. Milton Parking Garage

Next to the Milton General Hospital is a parking garage which has been turned into a literal maze of death by some raving lunatic. Traps everywhere, beheaded corpses hanged on hooks, and mannequins staged in half-lit corridors to give you the creeps, that’s what awaits you in this modern catacomb.

The reward for exploring such a nightmarish lore? Apart from some items like mininuke and combat armor helmet, there is an issue of Hot Rodder mag, which unlocks a pink custom paint job for your power armor.

10. The Rocket Shack

OK, we couldn’t NOT include this one on the list. Almost a cliché secret by now, northeast of Relay Tower 0BB-915 there’s an inconspicuously looking shack, the top floor of which was turned into a DIY missile defense system: propane tanks propped on wooden ramps aimed high, and ready to launch.

An homage to the war itself? A Wunderwaffe AD 2287? Who knows? Whoever assembled it had been generous enough to leave some ammo in the vicinity, too.

11. Cat Cabin

Let’s get back to the beginning of our list, and visit Walden Park once more, this time its southeast bounds. A cat cabin, full of cats, with cat pictures hanging on a wall, that’s all. No fancy loot, no collectibles, no nothing, just cats.

Some find the spot creepy and bazooka it until the last meow could be heard, others treat it as a source of food, or have a regular ‘meAww moment’. Anyway, it’s a shack full of cats.

12. Yangtze-31 submarine

Not many a time may we discover a hiding place of a submarine, a Chinese one at that, in the territorial waters of the US. Anyway, southeast of Shamrock Taphouse, a Yangtze-31 submarine could be found, and a bunch of side quests along with it.

A ghoul captain and its feral crew (taken literally here) is a wonderful example of a live behavioral fossil, because, as you all know, the War of 2077 was sparked by the US and China, and thus we may witness the moods and the political climate of those times.

13. Suffolk County Charter School

Have you ever seen pink ghouls? If not, then you may come across a whole lot in the Suffolk County Charter School, west of Quincy Quarries. The school was, to put it mildly, a blaring case of power exertion, as the students had been subjected to the Nutritional Alternative Paste Program without their parents’ consent.

Exploring the premises, we get to know the full story of the despicable NAPP experiment. And for all jesters out there who think this is funny: no, they weren’t reading Hot Rodder no. 3 in the experimental way.

14. Cranberry Island Shed

If your Sole Survivor is into crafting, then discovering Cranberry Island Shed would be his/her wet dream come true. Getting there is easy, just follow the clues during the quest The Hunt for Loot. The shack itself was clearly a pre-war prepper storehouse, now it’s just a spot filled to the brim with goods and supplies.

It’s probably one of the ‘lootiest’ places in Fallout 4, so you’d better have that Power Armor ready or buff yourself up with the Strong Back perk.

15. Titanic door scene

‘My game would go oooon!’ that’s what Celine Dion would definitely sing were she to see the last item on our list. Found near Nucleus shipwreck in the Far Harbour DLC, a floating door with two skeletons, one lying on top, the other half submerged, is a tribute to the most tear-jerking scene from the movie Titanic.

As hardened Wastelanders, we simply mumble, ‘She didn’t move over here, either.’, and carry on with our usual business of finding that Jaws tribute, or Die Hard, or Lethal Weapon, or…

The Wasteland in Fallout 4 is filled with more or less inconspicuous secrets to discover, valuable items to collect, or unique weapons to obtain. Some hidden locations may be turned into settlements, other have been deved by Bethesda just for fun.

We hope the details of where and how to find the above selected 15 not only spark your interested to look for the next 15, but also, if you still haven’t played Fallout 4, go to our marketplace and fetch yourself a copy.