Do you know that scene in horror movies when the group of characters is suddenly split, and each of them is picked apart by the killer? Or when the lone protagonist enters a haunted hospital and has to survive against the angry ghosts of former patients who did not buy out insurance? Or that moment when…ok, I think by now you know what I’m getting at.

It is a universally known truth that going alone anywhere in a horror setting is a VERY bad idea! It’s better to stick with your party and face whatever threat is awaiting you together. The movies are yet to learn this lesson. Game developers, on the other hand, had realized that the story can still be scary when the players have to work together to outsmart the villain, or to have each other’s backs against the hordes of zombies, monsters or other nasties.

Survival games that rely on multiplayer are one of the most popular ones in the genre, successively dominating the horror market. Let’s take a look at some of the best representatives of that branch of the spooky family and see what multiplayer mechanics they have in store for the fans of everything scary.

Multiplayer Horror Games
Hunt Showdown 2018-02-22 Action Crytek Frankfurt
Hunt: Showdown | Gold Edition (Xbox) 2018-02-22 Action Crytek Frankfurt
Friday The 13th The Game 2017-05-26 Horror IllFonic
Friday the 13th: The Game (Xbox) 2017-05-26 Horror IllFonic
White Noise 2 2017-04-07 Adventure Milkstone Studios
Desolate 2018-02-08 Adventure Nearga
7 Days To Die 2013-12-13 Adventure The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC
The Forest 2018-04-30 Adventure Endnight Games Ltd
Killing Floor 2 2016-11-18 Action & Shooter Tripwire Interactive
Dying Light Definitive Edition 2015-01-26 Adventure Techland
Dying Light 2 2022-02-04 Action Techland Publishing
Dead By Daylight 2016-06-14 Adventure Behaviour Interactive
World War Z Aftermath 2021-09-21 Action Saber Interactive
Dead Island Definitive Edition 2016-05-31 Action & Shooter Techland
Left 4 Dead 2008-11-17 Action Certain Affinity
Left 4 Dead 2 2009-11-16 Action & Shooter Valve
Back 4 Blood 2021-10-12 Cooperation Turtle Rock Studios

SCP: Pandemic

Release year2022 (Early Access)
GenreTactical first-person shooter
DeveloperAffray Interactive

We’ll start this list with an adaptation of the “SCP-5000 – Why?” universe. SCP Pandemic is shaping up to be one of the most unique tactical shooters around. Why? Well, the answer to that is simple: how many of them are genuine horrors?

As a member of a task force dedicating to combating the evil SCP Foundation, your mission is to clean up their mess and whatever they cooked up in their labs. You’re not alone in this, as other operatives will join you as well.

As you probably expected, things will totally go awry once you embark on your mission. Your task will be to contain the monsters that escaped and put an end to this madness once and for all.

SCP: Pandemic features customizable weapons, detailed, realistic audio design, all sorts of tactical maneuvers, including peeking corners and breaching doors, as well as a semi-linear story. Its lore is deep and rich, so if you’re a fan of the SCP universe, you should be in for a real treat.

The game is still in an open alpha version, which means it’s far from being complete. You can expect new features and more content along the way, as well as major performance improvements.

Key features
  • Your goal: destroy the SCP Foundation, its bases, resources and whatever they cooked up in their labs
  • A highly replayable tactical shooter experience
  • Complex weapon customization options

Space Beast Terror Fright

Release year2022
GenreFirst-person shooter
DeveloperNornware AB

Remember Aliens and the mini-heart attacks the motion trackers gave you? Space Beast Terror Fright seeks to replicate that experience as a co-op FPS with roguelike elements.

You play as one of the Marines tasked with investigating a derelict spaceship, as well as extracting anything valuable from it. Sounds easy enough, right? The thing is this ship is infested with all sorts of Space Beasts lurking in the shadows. Getting out in one piece will be a very, very difficult task. The fact that death is permanent here does not make things any better…

Space Beast Terror Fright is an arcade shooter where the key to victory is not letting the alien monsters overwhelm you. Firing your guns alone won’t save you, you also need to learn how to control doors properly. They can help you seal off the attackers and prevent them from swarming you, but they can also cut off escape routes.

Coupled with plenty of upgrades, various mission objectives to complete and procedural level generation, this one seems like a fun addition to the collection of those who love both co-op games and good horrors.

Key features
  • Your mission: retrieve all Data Cores, blow up the alien-infested spaceship, escape, survive
  • Getting swarmed by space beasts while your motion sensor is frantically beeping can surely be an intense experience
  • Up to four players can play together in the co-op mode


Release year2022
GenreAction RPG
DeveloperMassive Work Studio

A Souls-like horror game? Dolmen is just that. Set on the planet of Revion Prime, it pits you against unfathomable alien terror. Will you survive these trials or will our timeline be undone?

Your mission here is simple: you just need to bring back some samples of a unique crystal: the Dolmen. They say it can revolutionize space exploration. Nothing will ever be the same.

Dolmen offers both melee and ranged combat, so that you can handle any enemy you encounter the way you see fit. Each victorious battle makes you stronger. You also need to manage your Energy reserves here. It’s not just used as ammo for ranged weaponry. You can use it to activate the so-called Energy Mode that imbues your melee weapons with elemental powers that can easily eradicate any enemy by exploiting their weaknesses.

Dolmen offers online co-op for up to four players. If you’re having trouble with a particular boss, you can summon a bunch of friends to help you take it down.

Key features
  • A Souls-like science fiction horror game
  • Each battle you win makes you more powerful
  • You can fight bosses with other players

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Release year2022
GenreAction RPG, survival horror

Do you remember the deadly virus that decimated the city of Harran and caused a major zombie outbreak? Well, a second pandemic has risen and destroyed mankind. Whatever’s left of it hides in the last remaining cities. One of them, Villedor, has turned into a battleground.

The main protagonist of Dying Light 2, a Pilgrim by the name of Aiden Pierce, embarks on a journey to the city of Villedor in order to find Mia, his lost sister. There, he finds himself involved in a conflict between various factions that fight for control over whatever’s left there.

Just like its predecessor, Dying Light 2 involves lots of parkouring and crafting. The decisions you make throughout the game will have a major impact on the world around you and the way NPCs view you, so choose carefully.

Just like the first game, this one also features a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to four players. If you’re looking for something fun to play with your friends, this one’s a very good pick. This way you can see the outcomes of the choices you didn’t make during your own playthrough as well.

Key features
  • Set in a fictional city of Villedor somewhere in Europe
  • It’s a parkour simulator, but with bandits and the undead
  • You can play it a group of up to four players

Evil Dead: The Game

Release year:2022
Genre:Survival horror
DeveloperSaber Interactive

This one is based on a series we probably don’t have to introduce. Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams returns along with his best buddies to kick the evil butts once again!

Evil Dead: The Game is primarily a multiplayer experience. There are two modes to choose from: co-op and Player versus Player. As a team of up to four survivors, your task is to explore various maps, loot stuff, manage your fear and find the items required to seal the breach that brought demons to our world.

However, you might elect to become one of the Kandarian Demons that hunt down the survivors. You can possess Deadites, the environment, heck, even the survivors themselves!

Evil Dead: The Game looks like a fun addition to the collection of any survival horror fan. It looks great, it’s very gory and offers lots of stuff to do for those seeking to face the otherworldly terrors, but with their friends.

There is some new content coming for the game, as well as a Nintendo Switch version, so stay tuned for more!

Key features
  • Various characters and locales from the Evil Dead franchise
  • Bruce Campbell returns to voice the character of Ash Williams
  • Play as one of the survivors or a demon plotting to thwart them

Hunt Showdown

Release date:2018-02-22
Developer:Crytek Frankfurt

This one features a classic horror locale – a haunted swamp, inhabited by various breeds of monstrosities. Set in 1800s Louisiana, Hunt Showdown tells a story of a group of hunters who traverse the bayou in search of the monsters that terrorize the good folk of the Pelican State. However, hunting hellhounds, spiders and water devils might be the easy part. The hard part begins when other hunting parties start getting in the way. It’s pretty hard to deliver proof of the kill to the deputy’s office with a gang of madmen is trying to riddle your hide with lead.

Hunt Showdown hands the player an array of deadly weapons to use – from revolvers and rifles to shotguns, sniper rifles and crossbows. The player can also upgrade their character with purchasable traits, such as health boost, reduced damage, increased carry and many more.

Key features
  • Climactic setting of 1800s Louisiana Bayou
  • An array of dangerous tools to overwhelm the monsters with
  • Expansive upgrades system, allowing the player to adjust the character to their preferable playstyle

No More Room in Hell

Release date:2013 (Steam beta)
Developer:Matt "Maxx" Kazan

From a hellish corner of the Earth, we move to Earth during an active apocalypse. No More Room in Hell is another cooperative FPS where the players will have to face off against the hordes of the undead. As the title suggests, Satan’s domain has become a little bit overcrowded and the damned rise from their graves to wreak havoc on the surface, taking over entire cities.

NMRiH features two game modes. In Objective mode, the players have to escape the map overrun by hellish monstrosities, while carrying out various additional tasks. Several routes of doing it are available to increase the replayability. In Survival mode, the players’ job is to defend areas on the map against waves of the undead.

Minimal HUD, a variety of nasties and a creepy level design make this one a hard-to-pass up on for any fan of survival horrors.

Key features
  • Up to 8 participants in cooperative multiplayer
  • Two modes – Objective and Survival – make for a varied gameplay
  • A varied roster of undead and an array of weapons to kill them with

Friday the 13th

Release date:2017-05-26

A true legend in the horror genre, Jason Vorhees has been adapted for electronic entertainment multiple times. The most recent is the 2017’s Friday the 13th, in which a group of young people has to survive in various areas of Camp Crystal Lake, while hunted by the murderer with a machete.

The game features an asymmetric multiplayer with up to 8 participants, one of whom is controlling Jason. The Jason player is tasked with killing as many other players as possible, while the potential victims’ task is to escape the map alive, completing optional objectives along the way.

The victim players aren’t helpless against the mighty Jason, being able to use various projectiles to stun the monster. Vorhees, however, can sense the presence of his prey, so getting an angle on him won’t be easy.


Key features
  • A chance to play as a slasher movies’ legend
  • Asymmetric multiplayer based on cooperation between the participants
  • A wide variety of locations based on the setting of Friday the 13th movie series

White Noise 2

Release date:2017-04-07
Developer:Milkstone Studios

A sequel to White Noise Online, White Noise 2 once gain puts a group of investigators in the way of mysterious creatures. Similarly, to the previous entry on our list, WN 2 is an asymmetric multiplayer experience, where one of the participants controls the monster, while others play as the investigators. Finding clues to unlock the mystery of the area will not be easy with a devilish creature breathing down the player’s neck.

WN 2 offers a few interesting mechanics, for example when one of the investigators is killed by the monster, they can return as a ghost to help others in their search. The game also includes a Relive mode, in which the players can laugh at their antics and see who got lost first and who got eaten by the beast the fastest.

Key features
  • Asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer
  • A haunting setting, where threat awaits around every corner
  • A variety of unlockables, including the characters from the previous game and new flashlights


Release date:2018-02-08

In DESOLATE, the player controls the character of a Volunteer, a member of the New Light Conglomerate, the founder of which is responsible for the monsters roaming the world right now. The player travels to the island of Granichny, the epicenter of the cataclysmic event, to reverse the process.

The game uses its open-world environment to great effect – the player has a free choice of how they want to explore the island. The game tracks various needs of the player character, including hunger, thirst, and exhaustion, which can be replenished with medical supplies found around the island. In combat, melee is the preferable option of dealing with enemies, as ammo is scarce and not easy to find.

Key features
  • Open-world environment
  • Melee combat mechanics
  • Four-player co-op

Stay Close

Release date:2016
Developer:Blind Bird

The title of this game could very well be the slogan of this article. Stay Close emphasizes cooperation between the players in traversing the haunted mansion and the surrounding areas.

The players will have to learn strategic thinking as the nasties waiting in the shadows will waste no time to kill when they catch the players unawares. Exploring the environment, evading the monsters and trying to solve the riddle of the house make for the core gameplay mechanics of this survival-horror.

Key features
  • Two-player co-op mode
  • A haunted mansion setting
  • Gameplay mechanics based on cooperation and strategy in evading enemies

Last Year

Release date:2019
Developer:Elastic Games

Another asymmetric survival-horror on our list. Last Year puts the players in the shoes of five high school students who must survive the night locked in the hellish version of their town, inhabited monstrous fiends.

The fiends can be controlled by the sixth player. The game focuses on cooperation between the players and building rapport, as it unlocks skills and abilities necessary to survive in the Nightmare dimension.

Key features
  • An asymmetric multiplayer experience
  • Control the Classmates or one of the various fiends hunting them
  • Skills and abilities will help you survive the ordeal, but the monsters have some tricks up their sleeves as well

7 Days to Die

Release date:2013-12-13
Developer:The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC

 7 Days to Die takes the player into the post-apocalyptic future. After the Third World War, many areas on the planet have become uninhabitable. The ones that survived are now infested with mutated zombies.

The player’s task is to survive in such a hostile environment by finding and fortifying their shelter, gathering food and supplies and fighting off the mutants, which after 7 days of in-game time will assault the player’s hideout in great numbers – lack of sufficient preparations means death. The multiplayer mode of the game allows the players to work together or against each other depending on the chosen server.

Key features
  • Open-world environment with a day-night cycle affecting the enemy’s behavior
  • Physics-based building and crafting mechanics requiring the player to plan their constructions wisely
  • Cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes

The Forest

Release date:2018-04-30
Developer:Endnight Games Ltd

The Forest invites you to the Peninsula – a heavily forested region, inhabited by violent natives. You play as Eric LeBlanc, who was traveling with his son when their plane crashed. When the boy is kidnapped by a mysterious creature, Eric must scour the region in order to find him.

The game features mechanics similar to 7 Days to Die – the player has to collect resources to create shelter and weapons as well as gather food to keep themselves healthy. The inhabitants of the Peninsula will occasionally attack the player, it is necessary to be well prepared for that time.

The Forest features a multiplayer mode where the players cooperate to survive in a hostile environment.

Killing Floor 2

Release date:2016-11-18
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Tripwire Interactive

Killing Floor 2 pits the players against a zombie apocalypse on a massive scale. The hordes of Zeds attack in waves, each of them larger than the other, culminated with an extremely dangerous boss.

The players’ job is to survive each wave, using various weapons and tools, as well as skills specific to the class of the character chosen by the player. The players level up their character by killing the zombies and completing the levels, increasing the stats of their skill.

Key features
  • Massive hordes of mutated zombies attacking the players in waves
  • 6-player cooperative multiplayer makes zombie-killing much easier
  • A system of character classes and skill boosts diversifies the gameplay

Dying Light

Release date:2015-01-26

Dying Light throws the player into yet another zombie apocalypse. Set in an open world environment, the game tasks the player with surviving against the odds, presented by dwindling supplies and hordes of zombies roaming about the area.

DL’s main features include a robust arsenal of melee weapons, a day-and-night cycle, which affects the behavior of the zombies, and complex crafting mechanics. Cooperative multiplayer allows up to 4 participants to take on the game world, carrying out various challenges.

Key features
  • An open-world environment with a dynamic day-night cycle
  • Melee focused combat mechanics with an arsenal of over 100 lethal tools
  • 4-payer co-op mode.

Dead by Daylight

Release date:2016-06-14
Developer:Behaviour Interactive

Thematically similar to Last Year and White Noise 2, Dead by Daylight tasks the players to evade and escape the killer, controlled by another player. The core mechanic revolves around fixing generators around the small arena in order to open the gate and exit the level.

Meanwhile, the player-controlled monstrosity continues to chase their prey – when caught, the victims become sacrifices to the gods of the game. Thanks to the claustrophobic atmosphere, the pressure of time and an abundance of jump scares from the killer suddenly appearing, playing DbD can really get the blood pumping.

Key features
  • Asymmetric multiplayer with four players controlling the survivors and one playing as the killer
  • Intense gameplay involving evading the killer and completing quick time events to finish the level
  • Various perks available to the survivor and killer characters

World War Z

Release date:2021-09-21
Developer:Saber Interactive

Much like Killing Floor 2, World War Z focuses on cooperation between the players and survival against the hordes of undead.

The mechanics are also pretty similar – the players choose a character from several different classes and must survive wave after wave of increasingly stronger zombies, as well as defeat the boss at the end of the level.

The game features several modes, including a Player vs Player vs Zombie, where the player teams fight against each other as well as the undead horde.

Key features
  • Several character classes to choose from
  • Massive hordes of the undead that will try to overwhelm the players
  •  Several multiplayer modes, including a PvPvZombie matches

Dead Island

Release date:2016-05-31
Genre:Action & Shooter

An open world setting seems to invite trouble on our list. Set in a tropical paradise of Banoi, Dead Island combines melee, and later on firearm, combat mechanics and exploration of the environment.

The main features include four playable characters in the game, each possessing a unique skill to survive the zombie apocalypse, a leveling up system through which the player gains experience points to expand their skill tree as well as weapon upgrades.

Key features
  • Open world environment ripe for exploration
  • Four playable characters with different skillsets
  • An engaging story of a zombie apocalypse on a tropical island

Left 4 Dead

Release date:2009-11-16
Genre:Action & Shooter

Left 4 Dead asks a lot of difficult questions about our nature and how we would behave during the apocalypse – would we sacrifice our friends to the horde in order to survive or would we try to save them no matter what?

L4D is also all about cooperation – and a careful one at that! The overwhelming hordes of zombies will stop at nothing to corner the players in tight alleys, so the key to survival is careful planning of each step and also maybe not getting each other in the way that much. With friendly fire enabled, it’s not too hard to end on a receiving end of a shotgun to the head.

Key features
  • Thrilling FPS gameplay
  • Cooperation between players fighting for survival against hordes of the undead
  • Friendly fire – watch where aim that!

If you’re looking for something scary to play with your friends, these twenty games should totally do the job. They’re fun, they’re great, they’re genuinely spooky.

Naturally, new horror games are coming out every year, so who knows what will end up on this list one day?