Are you an animal person who loves the idea of farming but real-life farming is beyond reach?

With video games now you’ve got more opportunities than ever to try your hand at farm life.

Stardew Valley 2016-02-26 Adventure ConcernedApe
Farming Simulator 22 2021-11-22 Simulation Giants Software
Let's Build a Zoo 2021-11-05 Strategy Springloaded
Sun Haven 2021-06-25 Simulation & Casual Pixel Sprout Studios
Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection 2018-09-14 Business Simulation Frontier Developments, Asobo Studio
Slime Rancher 2017-08-01 Adventure Monomi Games
Farm Together 2018-02-22 Indie Milkstone Studios
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope 2017-11-14 Adventure Tabot, Inc.
My Time At Portia 2018-01-23 Indie Pathea Games
STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town 2020-07-14 Marvelous

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Stardew Valley

Release date:2016-02-26

Become a farmer and make your name in the neighborhood in this light and casual farm life simulation.

Stardew Valley is an adorable little game with pixel-art visuals where you’ll be able to get a taste of some farming life. It combines farm management with building relationships with townsfolk, attending a variety of events, and developing your character. Considered by some the greatest video game of all time, it’s definitely a must-play.

Key features
  • An open-world environment with lots of freedom
  • Gameplay focused on taking care of a farm, exploring the surroundings, and collecting items
  • Character progression, simple combat, and crafting
  • Unique, seasonal events – there’s always something to look forward to

Farming Simulator 2022

Release date:2021-11-22
Developer:Giants Software

For a more technical and less romantic approach to farm life, look no further than the Farming Simulator.

Easily one of the most advanced and realistic farming simulations out there, FS 22 gives you a unique opportunity to feel like a true farmer. You’ll be able to operate and use hundreds of vehicles and farming tools from licensed brands, take care of the fields, personally overlook the growth cycle of your crops at all stages, carefully plan your spendings, and more, in order to establish and develop your agriculture domain.

Key features
  • Open-ended gameplay with lots of freedom
  • Possibly the most accurate representation of how real farm life looks life
  • An unparalleled amount of realistic farming equipment from real-world brands
  • Very realistic, polished visuals

Let's Build a Zoo

Release date:2021-11-05

Less of a farming and more of a zoo, but still incredibly fun and will entertain you for hours to come.

Don’t let the game’s cute and simplistic look fool you, there’s a lot of stuff happening under the hood. Manage your dream zoo, hire staff, decorate the surroundings, and provide visitors with extra services to keep them happy.

The most notable feature of the game is the fact that you can breed your animals and create completely new species, changing the new one’s appearance to match the first parent’s body and the second parent’s head.

Key features
  • Surprisingly addictive zoo simulation
  • Combine animals to create new hilarious species
  • Adorable pixel-art style full of vivid colors
  • Nice, calming music that fits the theme

Sun Haven

Release date:2021-06-25
Genre:Farming Sim
Developer:Pixel Sprout Studios

If you like Stardew Valley, perhaps this simulation with a fantasy twist will also be right up your alley.

Sun Haven provides players with a lot of content to engage with. Explore this fantasy-themed world full of beasts and monsters, but don’t forget to relax by visiting nearby towns and making some friends. Gain experience and improve your character’s abilities by upgrading five different skill trees, each focused on a different aspect of the game. Farm, craft, bake, and attend various festivals that change with the passing seasons.

Key features
  • Simple but polished visuals
  • Fight, craft, mine, farm, and romance to find the love of your life
  • A number of seasonal events to participate in
  • Character development with skill trees, races, and professions

Zoo Tycoon

Release date:2018-09-14
Developer:Frontier Developments

Finally, a classic from 2001 you can’t afford to miss.

You can’t have a list of animal farming games without including Zoo Tycoon. Take control of the local zoo and turn it into a prosperous business. Make both customers and animals happy by building all sorts of services, exhibits, and decorations. Build shops, restaurants, and even movie theaters to create the biggest entertainment park out there, but keep an eye on the budget, as you don’t want to end up spending more than you make.

Key features
  • Addictive business simulation focused on keeping and maintaining a zoo
  • Tons of useful buildings to construct and increase the zoo’s prestige
  • Cozy and relaxing atmosphere
  • An optional freeform mode with unlimited resources – unleash your boundless creativity


Animal farming games have a long history and you can easily find a lot of interesting titles to play, from timeless classics we all love, to less-known modern indie games that can be just as entertaining. Pick your favorites from the list of our recommended options and see how the genre evolved over the years.