No other video game genre allows you to experience a romantic fantasy like a dating sim. And as far as we know, Japanese anime titles do it best!

Gone are the days of dating games designed only for boys. Today, the genre is highly inclusive, catering to people of all orientations and passionate about the wildest (and often non-serious) fantasies set in diverse environments. Players can choose from various genders and sexualities to create the ideal hero and proceed directly to the pleasure of dating.

There’s even a game where you can date pigeons! These titles are hilarious and adorable, so no wonder each has a massive fanbase. Planning to spice up this Valentine’s Day with the best anime style dating video game? Look no further!

The Fruit of Grisaia

Release date:2015-05-29

Yuji Kazami is a transfer student starting his education at the prison-like Mihama Academy. Will the decision to abandon his secret profession and join a group of new female friends change his life for the better?

At Mihama Academy, everyone has secrets, and it’s your job to discover them all! By chatting to your friends, decide which one you want to help to witness one of several endings. The game offers up to 50 hours of immersive adventure, set in a bittersweet story enriched with many crude jokes. It is an ideal recommendation for decision-making enthusiasts!

Key features
  • Play as young Yuji Kazami to discover his surprising past
  • Meet five lovely girls, each with her own secret
  • Make decisions and see all five endings
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics and a touching soundtrack

Hustle Cat

Release date:2016-03-16
Developer:Date Nighto

Start your dream job at the local cat cafe! There are six romance options, adorable kittens, and a mystery for over 20 hours of incredibly romantic experience!

Play as Avery Gray – a customizable protagonist discovering the baffling mystery of Cat’s Paw. Flirt with cute co-workers of different genders, discover their secrets, make decisions, and learn who the main antagonist is. It is a wholesome and charming adventure, perfect for relaxing gaming evenings!

Key features
  • Start a new job at Cat’s Paw
  • Meet all your colleagues and pick your favorite
  • Discover the cat cafe’s well-kept secret
  • Enjoy the delightful company of your new friends

Hatoful Boyfriend

Release date:2014-09-04

This one may look like a meme, but the game positively surprised many players on Steam. Ready to start your adventure at a fancy pigeon school?

Hatoful Boyfriend lets you chat with various birds (students!) of St. PigeoNation’s Institute. It isn’t exactly a dating adventure but an opportunity to learn strange and engaging stories about birds’ lives. Make choices to see all 15 endings! And definitely prepare for more than one surprise.

Key features
  • Become the only human in the bird school
  • Explore the place and chat with your bird friends
  • Make choices and discover unexpected story outcomes
  • See all 15 endings

Doki Doki Literature Club!

Release date:2021-06-30
Genre:Visual novel, horror
Developer:Team Salvato

Officially, Doki Doki is a romantic relationship simulator, but as they say – the farther you go, the less you know!

Join the school literature club to meet four charismatic girls! Prepare for lots of fun, cute scenes, exciting discussions, and complex choices until all that takes an entirely different, slightly disturbing turn of events. We do not recommend this game to the faint-hearted or players under 15!

Key features
  • Join the school literature club
  • Meet four cute friends and chat with them as much as you want
  • Enjoy unpredictable plot twists
  • Discover all 3 endings

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator

Release date:2019-09-24
Genre:Dating Sim

Some may not perceive Colonel Sanders as one of the hottest guys on Earth, but this game can change that opinion!

Image credit: Psyop

Start the most epic education at culinary school to flirt with the one and only Colonel Sanders! Participate in epic cooking battles, learn recipes, discover secret content, and enjoy the company of eight memorable characters. It is the game no one asked for, but everyone needed!

Key features
  • Join a culinary school and learn legendary recipes
  • Date the godlike, awesome Colonel Sanders
  • Make decisions to see their consequences
  • Earn grades and have fun with your new friends

Excited? We certainly are! It is just a tiny part of everything the genre has to offer – but each of these games leaves a lasting impression and proves that love transcends all barriers. Pick your favorite title and enjoy the most hilarious and memorable Valentine’s Day ever!