Survival video games spring up like mushrooms after rain, so finding the best is rather complicated. With the new Enshrouded in early access, many players wonder if it is worth trying.

Released on January 24, 2024, Enshrouded intrigues with its innovative combination of survival and fantasy role-playing. Many agree it is another Valheim’s copy, but recent comparisons reveal valid differences. To play or not to play? These five reasons may help you decide!

Video credit: Enshrouded - Official Early Access Launch Trailer -

1. A Massive World Packed to the Brim with Content

The game offers the relatively large land of Embervale, wrapped in the exceptionally dangerous Shroud – a mysterious fog inhabited by hostile creatures. The entire map is approximately 24 square kilometers, which is quite impressive for this stage, but that alone doesn’t make it so exciting.

What does is tons of content scattered literally everywhere! It’s filled with ruined villages, dungeons, biomes, treasure chests, secrets, and quests – perfect for anyone always looking for something to do.

2. Early Access is a Good Thing

Although players still detect bugs, Keen Games does its best to fix them. The game is under constant development, and let’s all agree – it looks pretty impressive for an early-access title. Just imagine how great it will be in its final form!

3. Friends are More Than Welcome

Supporting multiplayer for up to sixteen players, the game offers quite a fun adventure to play with friends or strangers. Many players say the number of activities and locations to explore is so overwhelming it can take some time to beat the game alone – which doesn’t sound bad if you love challenging solo play.

4. Familiar Gameplay Mechanics

Drawing inspiration from Valheim, The Elder Scrolls, or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it features similarly intuitive gameplay mechanics, especially in the combat department.

Like in most soulslike games, fights require learning the enemy’s behavior – this artificial intelligence really wants us dead! Moreover, there is no loss of all equipment in case of death, and fast travel happens through spires or altars.

5. Mastering Building is Easy

Sure, Embervale can be incredibly hostile with all the fog, monsters, and sneaky berserkers – but the building part is worth the effort. Unsurprisingly, the game requires you to construct a base you can then transform into an epic stronghold.

All necessary items are findable or craftable, and Construction Mode provides ready-made components. Even if you don’t like building in other video games, its intuitive Minecraft-like mechanics may get you hooked.

Final Thoughts

Combining high-quality voxel graphics, a satisfying building system, and plenty to do, the new game from Keen Games can keep you entertained for hours, provided those are the features you’re looking for.

This game is like if Minecraft and Valheim had a baby that’s really into high fantasy. Thankfully, this is not another zombie title but an entirely new idea all survival enthusiasts should try for a refreshing change.