Secrets in video games are fun, especially if we can learn about their existence in just a few minutes.

Therefore, we will review five lesser-known ones so you can detect them on your own, playing the game!

Some video game secrets are so widely known and discussed they don’t surprise anymore. Today, we will explore some less famous ones you may not have heard of yet. However, watch out for many spoilers ahead. Let’s go!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – Secret Half of the Game

While 100% completion indicates the ultimate end of the game, in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, it does not. Surprising? Turns out, full completion is 200,6%!

That’s quite an unexpected number existing only due to a second secret castle (Reverse Castle) artfully concealing the entire half of the game. How to reach it? Put on the Holy Glasses before the final boss fight and defeat the green orb flying above Richter’s head.

Dead Space – Secret Message

Don’t read that if you haven’t played Dead Space yet. Years after the game’s release, most engaged players found a mysterious message hidden within the chapters’ first letters, revealing the greatest mystery of the entire plot. The story revolves around Isaac Clarke traveling to USG Ishimura to search for his wife and discover what happened to the crew.

The wife’s name is Nicole, and soon, the man finds out that everyone on the ship may be dead except for the woman. Surprisingly enough, the message says: ‘Nicole is dead’!

God of War – Secret Messages

Beating the 2005 God of War game on God Mode unlocks the first secret message in the Treasures Menu. The second mysterious message requires destroying the two massive statues in Kratos’ Throne Room.

This way, you can obtain a mysterious phone number, call it, and listen to Kratos trying to congratulate you. But there is a catch – destroying statues requires hitting them around 400 times each. Have fun!

Just Cause 4 – Surprise in the Mountain

After completing the Operation Illapa mission, head to the Qachas region and open the map to detect Qachas word. South-east, you’ll find a small mountain – travel to this place, look for brown rocks, and search for a stone with a red X mark that seems pressed deeper into the ground.

Blow it up and travel through an incredibly long tunnel to discover the most surprising thing in the game.

Skyrim – Get yourself a Hachiko

Remember Hachiko? If you crave a similar, heartwarming story, head to Hjaalmarch and look for an adorable dog named Meeko. Follow him to find his former (now sadly dead) Nord owner, whose side he won’t leave unless you decide to recruit the dog.

But watch out – Meeko is incredibly lovable and very mortal, so a lost fight can result in heartbreak or the necessity to reload your previous save. Brutal!


Isn’t this new knowledge fascinating? One might want to instantly start the game to discover one of these or other similarly exciting secrets.

All these titles are definitely worth finishing, especially since each hides many comparable mysteries. Maybe you will be the one to uncover something no one has discovered yet.