As a ghost hunter, in Phasmophobia you can hunt for not only ghosts but also Easter eggs. Take a look at some intriguing hidden secrets in Phasmophobia that are worth discovering.

Phasmophobia is a paranormal horror game focused on ghost hunting. The game can be played solo but it was clearly designed with a co-op for up to 4 players in mind.

Use a variety of specialized gadgets to carry out ghost-hunting investigations and collect evidence of ghost presence in the specified area. Identify the ghost, complete extra objectives, and collect rewards to unlock more maps and upgrades for even more fun.

The fun factor is further enhanced by the existence of some cool Easter eggs. Knowing this, you can now either go and try to find them yourself or, if you’re having trouble, refer to our little guide. Check out the list of Phasmophobia Easter eggs down below and see what secrets you missed.

Runes in The Lobby

In patch 0.8.1 in 2023, the game was updated with a new Easter egg in the lobby. Using UV light on the floor reveals a set of mysterious runes. Each rune stands for a letter; to learn which symbol means what letter, you’ll have to carefully explore the areas in search of clues. Each clue contains a rune and a riddle which hints at the location where you’ll find the translation for the corresponding rune.

Translating all runes in the lobby and rearranging their order will give you POINT HOPE.

At the time, people weren’t really sure what that meant, but it turned out to be the name of a new lighthouse map, which was later mentioned in the 2024 roadmap. A pretty neat and fitting way of introducing upcoming content in a ghost-hunting game.

The Ring

The Maple Lodge Campsite map contains the most secrets. In a cabin near the lake on said map, you’ll find a TV that can be turned on. It will start playing nothing but a static noise. Turn it off, and a phone will start ringing, making it an obvious reference to The Ring.

Bloody Mary

Phasmophobia utilizes microphones: ghosts can react in some ways, depending on what you’re saying.

Interestingly enough, you can use the phrase “Bloody Mary” to anger the ghost, although there’s no need to stand in front of a mirror. Ghosts can also be angered if you swear a lot.

Potato Head

A reference to a popular Phasmophobia content creator, PsychoHypnotic, can be found on maps 6 Tanglewood Drive and Sunny Meadows Mental Institution.

It’s a simple potato with a face, which refers to a meme popular on the creator’s channel. Drop it, and it will play Psycho’s Twitch alert sound.

A Burning Crucifix

A one-of-a-kind experience awaits those who dare to light all the candles on the summoning circle inside the chapel on the Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map.

To trigger this secret, you’ll have to increase the number of Cursed Possessions to 6; they’ll all appear inside the summoning circle. Light all the candles and prepare to run.


If you explore the surroundings in Maple Lodge Campsite or Camp Woodwind maps, you may encounter Slenderman himself, a tall, popular 2009 creepypasta character in a suit.

It’s just a decoration though and won’t harm you, so no need to panic or avoid looking at him directly. It’s a fun little addition that can give you a little spook if you find him accidentally.

Jason’s Mask

Finally, if you go to the pier at Maple Lodge Campsite and reach its end, there’s nothing suspicious at first. But wait a few seconds and a mask will slowly emerge on the lake surface. The exact same mask that was worn by Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th”.


Phasmophobia is a fun ghost-hunting game that becomes even better if you have some friends to play with – a perfect party title for a scary night.

The game is being constantly updated, which goes for Easter eggs as well, so keep your eyes peeled, as there may be new secrets added in the near future.