Sometimes, even the best, most content-packed video games just get… boring. Whether we cannot find the right activity or it’s too many options, it is time to do something about it.

Grand Theft Auto Online launched ten years ago and is still one of the most often chosen multiplayer games. According to Steam Charts, around 100,000 players play it monthly, which is pretty impressive for a title of its age. If you belong to this group, it’s understandable that you might feel a little overwhelmed or even bored with the multitude of activities in this game.

That may mean you haven’t discovered the best things to do yet, as not everything revolves around criminal jobs. Let’s find out what to do in GTA Online!

1. Add your Custom Radio Station

GTA radio stations are the coolest of them all, but a minor change can make a difference. Add your custom radio station! How? Go to File Explorer -> Documents -> Rockstar Games -> GTA V and find User Music.

Transfer all your favorite music there, launch the game to select Self Radio, and enjoy, provided the tracks are in mp3 format. Such a shift will definitely make your adventure feel more powerful!

2. Play Mini-Games

GTA Online is widely famous for its extensive collection of mini-games. Casinos offer plenty of golden gambling opportunities like roulette and poker.

There are also seventeen arcade alternatives for those who would like to play a game within a game, including Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw, The Love Professor, and The Nazar Speaks – all incredibly addictive, especially if you are a retro enthusiast!

3. Learn to Fly

Many forget GTA Online offers plane flying lessons in all that heat of shady jobs, quests, and races. Head to Los Santos Flight School to obtain your pilot license! Just imagine how many creative possibilities such a choice opens up, not only for the pleasure of exploring the city from the air but also for completing missions from an entirely different angle.

4. Explore the World

Los Santos is so beautiful, with so many hidden details remaining undiscovered. Become a master explorer! Go for a walk, a hike, or an off-road ride to relax and finally appreciate the magnificent virtual world Rockstar Games managed to create.

5. Customize your Life

Those with a knack for customizing should most definitely visit local stores to spend cash on necessary accessories. Get yourself a pet, luxury jewelry, or that one standout outfit to shine as the most recognizable player in the game. Any money is worth the proper style!

6. Engage in Sports

If sports are your ultimate zen source, rejoice! All these heists require a fit body, even if it’s digital, and nothing improves the mood like healthy competition.

GTA Online offers seven sports options in multiplayer instances, including tennis, golf, hunting, arm wrestling, base jumping, shooting range, and darts. So much to do!

7. Spy on other Players (Spectator Mode)

If you feel like watching other players, go to your living room and turn on the TV. Switch channels and observe their actions from the safety of your home, or even hire others to make their life harder.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more stalker-like approach, role-play the best detective in town and follow them around. But be careful – this last idea may result in an instant death (or awkwardness)!

8. Pretend to be an NPC

NPCs remain the true treasure of this prosperous world, so much so that many players follow them to learn more about their private lives. It’s a fun experience, but there’s one more option – pretending to be an NPC.

Dress in some normal-looking clothes, practice your walk, and get started! Join other groups of NPCs, or pretend you’re heading to work. As someone wise once said, the show must go on, so act natural, and everything will be fine!


GTA Online is like a playground for experimenting with every scenario you can think of. Some may be pretty nasty, but let’s agree this video game does not exist for being polite or thoughtful. Players use this opportunity to explore the wildest ways of having fun in a secure digital world – it’s time for you to do the same!