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Top Most Cloned Video Games PC, PS4, XO, PS3 , X360

Top Most Cloned Video Games

From time to time developers come up with an idea so brilliant, that it becomes a commercial success, and then…

6 days ago
Best Turn-Based Strategy Games PC, PS4, XO , NS

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

There is a difference between strategy and tactics, one that can be sometimes forgotten, or ignored. In the broadest terms,…

2 weeks ago
desperados PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3 , X360

Games like Desperados

Real-time tactics games in the vein of recently reinvigorated Desperados, or the classic Commandos series have always been exceptionally niche…

2 weeks ago
Games Where You Can Freeze Time PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3 , X360

Games Where You Can Freeze Time

This list will provide you with the games where you can manipulate with the timeline, freezing the time at your…

3 weeks ago
Welcome to Summoners Rift. | Announcer, League of Legends
Announcer, League of Legends