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10 Games Like XCOM & XCOM 2

XCOM is a well-established franchise that focuses on defending the Earth from hostile aliens by sending highly-advanced units equipped with...

6 days ago

The Best Japanese RPGs on PC

There are plenty of genres that the Japanese gaming industry has made its specialty. For years, players worldwide have been...

1 week ago
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10 Games like Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn turned out to be one of the most surprising successes of recent years. The open-world action-RPG developed...

3 weeks ago
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10 Most Scary Games of 2020

Horror games and other fright-inducers are not the biggest, most populated genre, but it's a sturdy one and a year...

4 weeks ago
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Zombie Survival Games like DayZ

DayZ's mechanics and social value made it one of the most popular survival/multiplayer shooter titles available in the market. However,...

1 month ago
Oh, hi. So, how are you holding up? BECAUSE I'M A POTATO! |Ethan Mars, Heavy Rain
Gato, Chrono Trigger