Although Among Us has lost some popularity since 2021, it still racks up 50 million monthly active players.

No wonder, since its roster of classic and new roles makes it so exciting to play in 2024!

Imagine a spaceship and its hard-working crew – but there are saboteurs within the group, breaking things or even killing other crewmates. Sounds outrageous, but that’s what Among Us is all about! Its charm, however, lies in the seven different character classes that make each playthrough incredibly entertaining.

Want to learn more? Follow this guide on Among Us roles explained and ranked for 2024!

1. Shapeshifter

It is an Impostor’s sub-role but more sneaky than its classic version. Shapeshifters — as the name suggests — can transform into any other crew member, even dead ones. Furthermore, players blessed with this ability can transform back into themselves whenever they want.

However, this role is not all roses, as the Shapeshifter leaves evidence of the transformation behind, so players must do everything they can to make other crewmates discover it as late as possible. It is also crucial to change at the appropriate stage of the current round so that no one guesses their identity.

All this makes the entire gameplay particularly exciting for the Shapeshifter and other crewmates, who should really come to terms with the fact that peace was never an option.

2. Impostor

Everyone loves playing as the classic Impostor, enjoying the charm of viciousness and deception. Their job is to sabotage all tasks and kill other crewmates without getting detected.

However, Impostors must do everything in their power to prevent anyone from suspecting their true intentions and catching them doing these things, which means game over.

Impostors use some rather fun skills like moving between rooms via vents. They can also close doors to isolate chosen players from the rest of the crew. Players invent many creative strategy ideas for this role, with pretending to be one of the regular crewmates as a fundamental rule. It’s genuinely exciting to play and delivers that delicious thrill without fail!

3. Scientist

It is a classic crewmate’s sub-role, allowing the player to monitor the vitals of the rest of the crew. When a Scientist sees someone dead, he can call a meeting to discuss the problem and try to isolate the Impostor.

The portable Scientist’s Vital Monitor is an immense advantage, but its battery drains if used frequently. To recharge it, players must complete tasks. The Scientist is quite an enjoyable experience, but players should understand this part can be the perfect first victim for the Impostor due to his ability to report kills.

The best strategy is staying with a larger group, completing tasks, and checking the Vital Monitor for potential kills.

4. Engineer

This role can move through vents, just like the Impostor! But there’s a catch – Engineers cannot enter or use vents if Imposters are sabotaging comms or the Clean Vent task is active.

As you may have already guessed, enjoying this skill is not as easy as it seems. We all know that only Imposters can use vents, so if another crewmate sees you entering or leaving a vent, they may mistake you for an Impostor.

On the other hand, as an Engineer, you can surprise the Impostor by escaping through vents in case he plans to kill you.

5. Crewmate

It is such a classic role, but so fun to play! Crewmate is the most likely to be drawn before the upcoming match and quite challenging to win with. However, succeeding in this role is incredibly satisfying.

Crewmates have two jobs – identify all Imposters and complete all available tasks. They do not possess any extra skills except the power of deduction, but that depends on the players themselves. Crewmate can die and turn into a Ghost, leaving behind a Dead Body.

Crewmates identify the Impostor by observing the surroundings and voting. The latter is usually the result of encountering and reporting dead bodies and calling emergency meetings. The best strategy for Crewmates is to stay in a group, as they are easy prey for the Impostor due to their lack of additional skills.

6. Guardian Angel

It is a slightly better version of Crewmate’s Ghost, which may or may not alter the game outcome. Only the first Crewmate killed gets this role, but it’s still not as fun as the ones mentioned earlier.

Guardian Angel uses the Protect skill to shield Crewmates from the Impostor’s attack. They can’t actually play the game like before, but keeping track of what’s going on on the map can be enjoyable if the player loves to observe dynamically changing situations.

The best strategy for Guardian Angel is to keep an eye on groups of working Crewmates to predict an Impostor attack and defend them from certain death.

7. Ghost

Killed or kicked out Crewmates become ghosts and cannot contribute much to the gameplay outcome apart from completing tasks or witnessing the mayhem unfold. However, it is still entertaining to play as a Ghost, as they can chill out a bit while learning other players’ behavior patterns.

Since completing tasks is very important for Crewmates to win, Ghosts should definitely help their living companions. They can also see through walls and learn who is playing what role. Living Crewmates can see which tasks Ghosts are helping complete, but they can’t access the special chat just for dead players.

Moreover, an Impostor can become a ghost after death to trigger sabotages and help the remaining living Impostor win the round. He is also allowed to talk in the Ghost chat.


As you can see, each role in Among Us comes with some valuable skills for both sides. And even as a Ghost or Guardian Angel, you can help your living companions not get killed too fast. Still think it’s too little?

Check out The Other Roles mod, adding many new roles like Bounty Hunter, Evil Guesser, Ninja, Cleaner, Medic, and more to spice up your classic Among Us gameplay! It is available to all interested on GitHub. But if you are new to the game, we highly recommend playing the classic squad to experience the game in its purest form.