Plenty o players have found out about the addictive nature of video games. Some had spent countless hours grinding for items. Others put their hard-earned money into virtual currency to buy cosmetics.

Many believe video game addiction to be a very dangerous civilizational disease. But which games are the most addictive? Which games will draw you in for hours and make you forget about the real world? If you’re into that kind of stuff, then this article is just for you.

Take a look at our list of the most insanely addictive games!

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Playstation 4 & 5
Xbox One & Series X/S
Nintendo Switch
DeveloperEpic Games

The first title on our list is the undisputed king of multiplayer games.

This F2P title had gained a massive following since its release, and the numbers continue to grow. What is so addictive about this sandbox multiplayer shooter game?

Fortnite - heroes

The answer to that would probably be diversity. Fortnite is divided into three components. In Save the World, four-player teams must complete various objectives.In Battle Royale, up to 100 players compete against each other in, well, a battle royale.Creative mode gives the player complete control of the environment, allowing them to build anything they desire. All these modes, combined with loot crates containing various cosmetic items, make Fortnite a perfect game to spend long hours on.

Key features
  • Play three distinct game modes
  • Work with other players or fight against them in PvE and PvP modes of the game
  • Let your imagination loose in Creative mode
  • Purchase cosmetics to stand out from the crowd


Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment

The addictive nature of Overwatch follows the same pattern as that of Fortnite.

The game focuses on multiplayer matches with teams of players competing against each other in various modes. Whoever played OW’s online match knows how addictive they can be.

Other aspects of the game that draw the players in for hours include the constant content updates. New characters, emotes and costumes for old ones – Blizzard Entertainment knows how to keep their players glued to the monitors.

There’s also the Overwatch League, a yearly competition between the best OW players in the world, spectators of which can be counted in millions. Whether you play the game or just want to watch others do it, Overwatch will drag you in for a long time.

Key features
  • Play as various unique characters in different game modes
  • Experience the game’s lore through franchise’s media
  • Watch the best players compete against each other in Overwatch League

Red Dead Redemption 2

Playstation 4
Xbox One
DeveloperRockstar Games

The sequel to insanely popular Red Dead Redemption took the gaming world by storm.

The developers at Rockstar managed to combine magnificent storytelling with a detailed open world bursting with content. Add to that an engaging multiplayer component, and you’ll have a game that you won’t be able to stop playing.

Suffice to say that the players manage to find new content years after the game’s release. Every now and then, you can see videos presenting a new dialogue between characters, a new random encounter occurring somewhere in the world, or something else that you have never seen before.

All this, combined with a staggering number of activities required for 100% completion, makes Red Dead Redemption 2 a title that is very hard to let go of.

Key features
  • Experience an excellent story set at the twilight of the Wild West
  • Enjoy complex gameplay mechanics emphasizing the realities of living in the frontier
  • Take in the majestic views of the untamed lands of the West
  • Enjoy the usual multiplayer craziness in the Red Dead Online module

Diablo III

Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment

We had a hard time deciding which Blizzard’s action-adventure game to put here.

There were a few reasons that we ultimately chose Diablo III – the chief of them being the series’ legacy. Diablo series is a definite cult-classic, and its gameplay makes it more than worthy of a spot on our list.

What makes the third installment of the Diablo series so engaging is definitely the gameplay. Over the years, the developers at Blizzard had honed it to the point where it provides the player with the quintessential hack and slash experience.

The game is also full of content for the player to enjoy, with plenty of sidequests to spend hours on. But above all else, Diablo III carries the legacy of a long-running series and does more than enough to meet the expectations of its fans.

Key features
  • Explore the world of the Sanctuary and face the monstrosities within
  • Collect items and use them to upgrade our character or trade them for gold
  • Play with or against other players in multiplayer mode

Grand Theft Auto V

Playstation 4
Xbox One
DeveloperRockstar North

Another massively successful title from Rockstar.

GTA V takes the player to the sunny Los Santos and surrounding areas for a tale of three robbers trying to make it in a world. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin quickly became iconic characters, and the story and gameplay of GTA V gave the game top scores and many accolades from the industry press.

GTA V draws the player in with its large, open-world environment. The player can explore the city, with plenty of landmarks based on real-world Los Angeles. The game is chock full of content, including side-missions, in-world activities, etc.

The player can also try their hand at GTA Online multiplayer component and take on others in challenging matches. With so much stuff to do, we guarantee that you won’t be leaving Los Santos anytime soon.

Key features
  • Welcome to Los Santos – the city of limitless possibilities
  • Play the story of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin
  • Experience life in the city, completing various side-quest and optional activities
  • Give in to the chaos of GTA Online multiplayer mode


Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
DeveloperMojang Studios

The phenomenon of Minecraft has been discussed and picked apart in all possible ways, so we won’t even go there.

What we will focus on is what makes the game so engaging that the players spend hours building fantastic constructions, trying to survive against the onslaught of Creepers or delve into the Nether to fight Ender Dragon.

The answer to at least one of these questions is simple. Minecraft gives the player unparalleled creative freedom. A brief search on youtube will yield its results: the players building entire cities, locations from movies, etc.

This is what makes the players return to the game – a chance to let their imagination roam free and create whatever they want relatively easily. The other modes of the game are also fun additions to the main course of the sandbox creator.

Key features
  • Let your imagination run free and build whatever you please
  • Explore the worlds of Minecraft in search of valuable resources
  • Dig deep into the world to find both treasures and dangers lurking there


Playstation 4
Xbox One
DeveloperPUBG Corporation

PlayerUnknnown’s Battlegrounds is the quintessential battle royale game.

Like one of Fortnite’s modes, the game puts 100 players against each other on the large-scale map, in an ultimate test of survival skills. It’s also pretty fun to play, which makes PUBG a really engaging title.

PlayerUnknnown's Battlegrounds - gamescreen

The gameplay of PUBG is pretty straightforward, and that’s probably why so many players enjoy it. There are no fancy gimmicks to make the game more interesting – well, except one (the shrinking safe zone).

What also makes PUBG so addictive for the players is the social aspect of the game. Even fighting against each other, the players form a community. Being a part of it is a reward in and of itself.

Key features
  • Experience the thrill of a massive battle royale match
  • Use various weapons and vehicles to gain an edge over your opponents
  • Defeat your opponents as the safe zone shrinks around you

Sid Meiers Civilization VI

Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
DeveloperFiraxis Games

The Civilization series is known for its addictive gameplay mechanics.

The player can spend hours tinkering with their budding nation, making them thrive and flourish and leading them into a glorious future. The sixth installment of the series introduces elements that only increase the addictive factor.

For example, in CIV 6, the city building mechanics have been expanded, giving the player more options to build them on the map.

To build a city, the player must assign map hexes as a specific district. This increases the difficulty and requires the player to think about how to expand their settlement perfectly. This, alongside other gameplay mechanics carried over from the previous installment, makes Civilization VI a really engaging title, one that will draw the fans of the genre in for hours.

Key features
  • Lead your nation towards a glorious future
  • Build cities and expand your influence in the area
  • Use war or diplomacy to gain a higher position in the world

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the culmination of CD Projekt RED’s ambitious project of bringing the lush world of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher series to the players.

The third installment of the series stands on its own not only as an excellent interpretation of the author’s prose but as an engaging open-world video game.

As with many open-world titles, the most exciting elements await the player outside the main story.

The world of The Witcher 3 is full of content, from side-quests to optional activities. The player can spend time doing the Witchers job of killing monsters and protecting the common folk. Other activities include playing different minigames, such as Gwent – a pastime so popular that it got its dedicated video game. As you can see, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a lot to offer for the players willing to spend hours discovering all the exciting details of the world.

Key features
  • Experience the latest chapter in CD Projekt RED’s Witcher saga
  • Enter the world of monsters and men and decide who is worth saving
  • Complete sidequests to earn money and experience
  • Indulge in optional activities, such as a game of Gwent

The Sims 4

Playstation 4
Xbox One
DeveloperThe Sims Studio

Maxis’ life simulator is one of those games that draw the players in without having them do too much actual gameplay.

There’s nothing more addicting than watching the daily lives of virtual characters unfold in front of the player.

Of course, in The Sims 4, the player is not completely off the hook. The sims have various needs the player has to meet in order to keep their virtual family content. Providing them with food, rest, entertainment, etc., will be one f the player’s tasks.

Should the player grow tired of the daily life mundanities, they can pick up one of many expansions that will add more fun to the gameplay and extend hours the player will spend with their sims even further.

Key features
  • Play God with the lives of your virtual characters
  • Create your virtual family choosing their personality traits and ambitions
  • Make the most of the gameplay experience with expansion packs.

Endless fun!

Let’s be honest for a second here – becoming addicted to playing video games is bad business. We are not in any way condoning driving yourself into such a state.

Our list presents the games that give the player a chance to lose themselves in the world presented within for hours, thanks to creative gameplay or interesting stories. However, if you feel like you’re spending too much time playing games or if doing so hinders your day-to-day functioning, it’s best to take a break. The games will still be there when you return, waiting for you to enjoy them to the fullest.