Lethal Company is a survival horror game that has taken the genre to a whole new level of gameplay, all thanks to the cooperative mode offered by the game.

It is one of the few games (on such a scale) where players scream in terror one moment and burst into laughter the next. And certainly the only game where… you can scrap your fallen comrade!

If you enjoyed playing Lethal Company and are looking for similar games, you are in the right place. With players like you in mind, we have prepared a list of games like Lethal Company.

Selection Criteria

Lethal Company was released in early access on October 23rd, 2023, for PC. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The action in Lethal Company takes place in a retro-futuristic world where most moons have long been colonized by humans. We play as scavengers who, on behalf of the ruthless titular company, are tasked with obtaining “treasures” from abandoned industrial complexes left by humans. However, this task is not easy, as death lurks at every turn.

Exploration in Lethal Company searching for scrap is not easy. We have severely limited inventory space (just four slots), time pressures, strict limits, and danger lurking everywhere. We can die at the hands of a companion, unfavourable weather conditions can kill us, or we might simply be torn apart by some cosmic beast.

While playing solo is extremely difficult, and the atmosphere (despite modest graphics reminiscent of PS) gives us goosebumps, playing in co-op, while still difficult and terrifying, often sparks bursts of laughter among players.

And that’s precisely one of the reasons why, while awaiting the full release of Lethal Company, players seek alternative titles that will provide them with at least a fraction of the entertainment offered by LC. We’ve done some reconnaissance and, considering various factors such as atmosphere, graphics, etc., we’ve selected a few games like Lethal Company.

Games That You Need To Check

Deep Rock Galactic

Release date:2018-02-28
Developer:Ghost Ship Games

In the game, we play as dwarven miners whose main specialization is mining valuable resources on different planets. This time, they have chosen planet Hoxxes IV as their target, where not only great riches await them, but also deadly threats.

Deep Rock Galactic is not coincidentally at the top of our list. Although we have dwarven miners instead of scavengers, the other elements of the game are very similar to Lethal Company.

Space travels searching for valuable materials, randomly generated locations, and a strong emphasis on co-op play. These are all the things we loved about LC.

Key features
  • Procedurally generated caves
  • Technologically advanced weapons
  • Excellent co-op fun


Release date:2019-06-05

The game’s action takes place in the near future. Earth has long ceased to be a hospitable place. The only salvation is escape. In a submarine, a group of brave souls traverses the endless waters of the oceans of Europe – one of Jupiter’s moons. Unfortunately, dangers and a constant struggle for survival await them even here.

Full of chaos, but incredibly fun in a group – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If we add terrifying moments worthy of the best survival horrors to that, we get what appealed to us most in Lethal Company, a mix of fear and comedy.

Key features
  • 6 different character classes
  • Randomly generated locations
  • Extensive submarine simulator

SCP: Secret Laboratory

Release date:2017-12-29
Developer:Northwood Studios

The game’s action takes place in the secret laboratories of the SCP organization. These laboratories were the site of government research into paranormal phenomena and extraterrestrial life forms. Unfortunately, during a malfunction, dangerous entities broke free. It is up to us to decide which side we will take.

Image credit: Northwood Studios

In addition to being a horror game played in strict cooperation, SCP also has a proximity chat, just like Lethal Company, which further enriches the gameplay.

Key features
  • Five different factions to choose from
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Excellent PvP fun

Secret Neighbor

Release date:2019-10-24
Developer:Hologryph, Eerie Guest Studios

The game’s story takes place between the first and second acts of the game Hello Neighbor. A group of kids breaks into the basement of the eerie neighbor to save their friend. The problem is that among them hides a traitor.

If what drew you to Lethal Company was moments of horror mixed with true comedy, Secret Neighbor is the game for you. Like its predecessors (and LC), it is a co-op game.

Key features
  • Excellent tactical gameplay
  • Play as the eerie neighbour and set traps for friends
  • Level editor feature


Release date:2020-09-18
Developer:Kinetic Games

In Phasmophobia, we play as paranormal investigators (similar to ghostbusters). Our task is to find ghosts residing in various abandoned locations.

Phasmophobia, like Lethal Company, offers co-op gameplay for up to 4 players. It is as terrifying as LC, and completing it alone is incredibly difficult.

Key features
  • Five default difficulty levels
  • Standard ghost hunter equipment
  • Cross-platform fun

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Release date:2020-06-16
Developer:Blackbird Interactive

In the distant future, where interplanetary travel is the norm, more and more abandoned spacecraft appear in space. The protagonist of Hardspace: Shipbreaker is a salvager who sees an opportunity to make a fortune by selling components salvaged from spacecraft wrecks. However, first, he must fully repay the debt he incurred to LYNX.

Interstellar travel, a space salvager – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If we add a ruthless corporation controlling our protagonist’s actions, we get an atmosphere reminiscent of Lethal Company.

Key features
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Explore and uncover the secrets of space wrecks
  • Demanding puzzles


Lethal Company is a game where humour mixes with terror. The effect achieved by Zeekerss is almost impossible to replicate. However, we sincerely hope that among the titles mentioned, everyone will find something for themselves!