They are cute, sweet, and incredibly addictive. So much that you never thought they would give shivers down your spine that will make you hardly ever fall asleep. If you’re feeling brave enough, play scary anime games!

Manga fans know this genre is famous for its captivating storylines and well-defined characters. Such a mixture creates the perfect foundation for any anime adaptation – drama, sci-fi, or an exciting adventure. But why limit yourself to watching when you can enter this world?

The Letter - Horror Visual Novel 2017-06-24 Yangyang Mobile, EastAsiaSoft
Catherine Classic 2019-02-14 Atlus
Detention 2017-01-12 Red Candle Games
Corpse Party 2016-04-25 Team GrisGris
Alicemare 2016-11-21 △○□× (Miwashiba)
Tokyo Dark Cherrymochi
The Coma: Recut 2017-09-22 Devespresso Games
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! 2021-06-30 Team Salvato
Mad Father 2016-09-22 sen
The Witch's House MV 2018-10-30 Fummy

The Letter - Horror Visual Novel

Release date:2017
Genre:Visual novel, horror
Developer:Yangyang Mobile

Put on your headphones and get carried away by the beauty of the immersive sounds and pictures surrounding this thrilling tale. It’s your time to enter the mansion and decide how badly this story ends!

When seven different people arrive at the property, it looks like it will be a truly luxurious stay. Until they find the suspicious letter filled with maniacally repetitive words – from that moment, the familiar world changes, and an unknown danger lurks in the darkness. The fate of these people depends entirely on your decisions. Who will you sacrifice? And who deserves to survive? This horror visual novel is memorable spooky gameplay for all fans of movies like The Ring and The Grudge!

Key features
  • Play a scary visual novel inspired by Japanese horror movies
  • Discover the stories of seven heroes and decide their fate
  • Make decisions to witness their consequences in one of several endings
  • Enjoy beautiful animations and a captivating story

Catherine Classic

Release date:2011, 2019

It is a unique visual novel divided into three stages. Manage Vincent’s actions and make the most significant decisions of his life to survive the nightmares and choose only one girl.

Vincent has a girlfriend – Katherine. One day, the man meets another attractive woman named Catherine and spends the night with her. From then on, he begins to suffer bizarre nightmares in which he has to fight for his life against various mythical beasts. Lose yourself in over twenty hours of creepy gameplay, chat with friends, make decisions and try to survive. If you’re lucky, you might discover one of the multiple endings to this story.

Key features
  • Play the remastered version of the thrilling visual novel
  • Discover unique gameplay divided into three stages
  • Chat with NPCs and discover the secret of the weird nightmares
  • Make decisions to see one of the story’s many endings


Release date:2017-01-12
Developer:Red Candle Games

If you enjoy mysterious survival horrors with action in an exceptionally magnificent but unforgivingly puzzling setting – play this game! It’s an absolute must-have with overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam!

Strange things start happening at Greenwood High school in Taiwan. When one of the students wakes up after a nap in class, he discovers he is alone at school, and the corridors are full of mythological monsters and ghosts. On his way outside, he encounters another student, and they begin their escape together. It will not be an easy task, as, on their way, they will meet many opponents, obstacles, and riddles touching adult topics related to life and the prevailing martial law. It is a beautiful game with a captivating story, perfect for psychological horror enthusiasts.

Key features
  • Play one of Steam’s favorite survival horror games
  • Lead the actions of two students in a school overrun by mythical creatures
  • Collect clues, solve puzzles, and get carried away by a deep story
  • Find your way out and try to survive

Corpse Party

Release date:2016-04-25
Developer:Team GrisGris

Get ready for a suffocating, intense survival pixel art adventure. Something powerful lurks in the darkness and follows your every step. Hurry up before it’s too late!

What can go wrong when a group of students and their teacher perform an innocent ritual? Everything! When a once-known high school becomes a caricature of the institution, the kids are on their own. Something ancient is following their trail – only careful exploration can help them find a way out of this murderous trap. Explore, solve puzzles and face pure evil for one of the many endings in this spine-chilling story.

Key features
  • Manage the actions of students in the five chapters of their struggle for survival
  • Explore the school and collect clues
  • Solve puzzles to see one of the alternative endings
  • Enjoy the suffocating atmosphere of horror gameplay


Release date:2016-11-21
Developer:△○□× (Miwashiba)

It is a short indie adventure game, perfect for those who like to play a new title at once. See this touching story with subtle horror elements and lose yourself in an immersive fairytale-like world.

Allen lost his memory and ended up in a lost children’s home. At the beginning of the adventure, the boy receives a notebook from the teacher to write down whatever he wants. He also meets other children and learns their unique stories. But one day, Allen breaks the mirror, and everything becomes weird. The White Rabbit is just the beginning of bizarre events and characters that the boy will encounter on his way. Follow this story and discover the dark secret hidden by the inhabitants of the magical world.

Key features
  • Play an alternative version of Alice in Wonderland
  • Explore the mysterious land and learn its secrets
  • Chat with other characters to discover the chapters of the story
  • Complete quests and finish one of several endings

Tokyo Dark

Release date:
Genre:Point-and-click adventure

If you are into detective adventure games with well-defined horror elements – play this game. It is beautiful, surprising, full of plot twists, and, above all, terrifying.

When Ayami Ito’s partner disappears in mysterious circumstances, the heroine decides to find him. The gameplay focuses on exploration, during which you will talk to the characters and collect various clues. Search well, as the interactive setting is full of details that could help solve the puzzle. And to make things more challenging, your hero is slowly going mad.

Key features
  • Play a detective adventure game with horror features
  • Explore the city’s breathtaking setting
  • Chat with the characters you meet and solve puzzles
  • Watch the madness level of your heroine

The Coma: Recut

Release date:2017-09-22
Developer:Devespresso Games

We all know school life – sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad. But in this game, it gets worse than you ever imagined.

Youngho studied for the final exam. So hard that he fell asleep and woke up at school alone at night. However, Sehwa High School has changed, and the protagonist quickly discovers that various monsters and mad killers are following his trail. His only way out of this situation may be collecting equipment and avoiding confrontation with dark opponents. Such a meeting can end tragically, mainly because the darkness of the night conceals many unimaginable horrors.

Key features
  • Play an adrenaline-fueled horror game
  • Explore the school and collect equipment
  • Avoid monsters and solve puzzles to find a way out
  • Make decisions to see the end of this desperate adventure

Anime horror games are a unique genre. Unlike their Western versions, they are unpredictable, always surprising, and extremely brutal. Why? Well, in a short time, we can get to know the innocent, often charming characters entangled in all sorts of murderous scenarios. And there is often a plot twist – the murderer is a friend, your playable hero, or even yourself. Yes, you, in your comfy chair! After all, you are the one deciding the fate of your little pixel puppets, so who will you sacrifice next?