Pink teddy bears, red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and a lovey-dovey atmosphere in the air.

With February being the month of love and Valentine jumping at us from every corner, it’s hard to concentrate on something else. Some people would rather hide than come out until the world returns to normal.

To boost up this anti-romance mood, you can devote your time to games with violence, darkness, and brutality in them!

Doom Series

Release date:2020-03-20
Developer:id Software

Take on the role of a nameless submarine working for Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) and fight the undead and demons to survive!

It is a first-person shooter with a futuristic collection of weapons. With so many games in the series, you can choose something for yourself and go for 1993 Doom for old-school vibes or focus on the newer releases if you prefer more modern games. In the games, you go to hell, explore a research facility, and fight different demons so there’s much to choose from.

Key features
  • take on the role of an unnamed space marine
  • first-person shooter
  • fighting demons and the undead
  • set in space and hell

Dark Souls" series

Release date:2018-05-24

Fight against supernatural monsters, dragons, demons, and knights in a medieval fantasy world. You are the undead and use magic, fire, weapons, and explosives to fight all the different creatures.

It’s a third-person action-packed game set in the world of dark fantasy. It’s a hard game that requires great skills from the player. Besides fighting the enemies you also explore the world and can interact with NPCs.

Key features
  • dark fantasy medieval world
  • fighting dragons, knights, and demons
  • requires great skills
  • action game

Hotline Miami

Release date:2012-10-23
Developer:Dennaton Games

It’s 1989 in Miami, USA. You’re the mysterious antihero who gets strange messages on your phone. You’re losing touch with reality and have no control over your violent tendencies.

It’s an action game divided into chapters. In each chapter, the player chooses an animal mask which affects the gameplay. There is gunplay, brutality, and bone-crushing combat. No sign of love in sight!

Key features
  • filled with brutality and combat
  • mysterious messages that tell you to kill
  • alternative Miami
  • sinister forces

Papers Please

Release date:2013-08-08
Developer:Lucas Pope

You’re the immigrant inspector at the border of Arstozkan and Kolechia in the city of Grestin. Your job might seem boring – checking papers and deciding whether to let someone in or not. But you have to be very cautious as not everyone seems who they are.

It’s a puzzle simulation game. The player is given specific instructions concerning the immigrants and they get more difficult over time. If the person is suspicious, then you have to check their fingerprints, demand documents, and interrogate them.

Key features
  • puzzle simulation game
  • post-war world
  • interrogating mysterious immigrants
  • more difficult over time

Darkest Dungeon

Release date:2016-01-19
Developer:Red Hook Studios

Together with a group of heroes, you explore dungeons you inherited together with a gothic mansion. You explore the forests, crypts, and other creepy places fighting with monsters and your demons – stress, hunger, paranoia, and darkness. Nothing romantic about that!

It’s a roguelike RPG where the players explore and fight alternately. There are sixteen different character classes which the heroes come from. If they die, you cannot revive them. There is an option of rest in a tavern or an abbey.

Key features
  • sixteen character classes
  • exploring dungeons
  • fighting supernatural creatures
  • RPG

Valentines and the time around them don’t have to be as bad as you imagine. There are many things to do that aren’t connected with love or a very happy atmosphere. Besides, what’s better than taking out your anger on demons, dragons, and your enemies, and slaughtering them without remorse?