What if you’re yearning for new content for your favorite games instead of fresh releases?

Well, looks like many of the biggest hits of 2023 and recent years in general are about to get some fresh stuff that you’re totally going to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the most promising and most anticipated DLCs of 2024, shall we?

We’ve picked a bunch of games that will receive new content in the upcoming months. These titles aren’t necessarily from 2023, some of them have been released quite some time ago, but they’re still receiving major expansion packs and are very popular to this day. Alright, let’s delve into the best DLCs arriving in 2024.

GameReleaseWhat it is focused on
ELDEN RING Shadow of the Erdtree Q3 2024 New story content, bosses, and areas
Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Q3 2024 New levels, bosses, and challenges
Payday 3 - Boys in Blue Q1 2024 New heists, weapons, and cosmetics
Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass - Side Order Q1 2024 Brand-new story
Destiny 2: The Final Shape June 4, 2024 New story campaign, three new Supers, a new destination and new weapons and armour to collect
Diablo IV ‘Vessel of Hatred’ Q4 2024 New class called Spiritborn, we are heading back into Kurast jungle
Total War: Warhammer III - Thrones of Decay 2024 Thrones of Decay is a Lord Pack DLC adding new Legendary Lords and units to Nurgle, Dwarfs and The Empire.
Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence March 2024 New mechanics eg. the ability to build power blocks to protect regional interests
Atomic Heart: Trapped in Limbo February 6, 2024 New story
Crusader Kings III: Roads to Power (PC) Q3 2024 New story

Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Release date:2024-06-04

Bungie’s current flagship title, Destiny 2 keeps getting new expansions which further the story of the game and provide players with tons of great content.

The Final Shape is planned as a riveting conclusion to The Light and Darkness Saga. Feeling excited yet?

The Final Shape picks up where Lightfall left off and has our Guardians travel to the heart of the Traveler – the Pale Heart, to be exact. This is where we will face the saga’s main villain, the Witness. This also means a whole slew of additional stuff, including a new raid, fresh missions, PvE and PvP maps, and tons of extra weapons and other items for the players to use.

There will also be three standalone episodes: Echoes, Revant, and Heresy. So, gear up and get ready to stop the Witness from creating the titular Final Shape. What does the future hold? We don’t know yet, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Key features
  • An epic conclusion to The Light and Darkness Saga
  • You’ll get to stop the Witness once and for all (hopefully)
  • Lots of new content, including maps, missions, and weapons
  • There will be three standalone episodes released throughout 2024

Diablo IV: Vessel of Hatred

Release date:2024
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

The Diablo series has returned to form with its fourth installment, which is to get its first expansion pack in late 2024. What will it bring?

Video credit: Youtube/Diablo

Well, not much is known at this point, but there are some interesting rumors. First off, players will get a new character class, and a fresh one, to boot. It’s said to be called the Spiritborn. It draws from the power of nature and the spiritual realm, as well as wields the glaive as its primary weapon. It’s hard to say whether this will be confirmed or not, but at least it’s going to be something fresh instead of a rehashed class from the previous installments.

Story-wise, Vessel of Hatred will pick up where the base game left off and pit you against one of the three evil brothers: Mephisto. You will travel to the lands of Nahantu, roughly the size of the five zones already included. As we said above, these are all rumors and Blizzard will unveil more in summer 2024. Until then, there will be lots of fresh seasonal content to keep you occupied.

Key features
  • A new land to explore
  • A new character class to play as
  • You’ll get to face Mephisto this time around
  • More info to be released in summer 2024

Alan Wake 2: Night Springs & The Lake House

Release date:TBD

One of the best survival horrors and a sequel to a legendary game from 2010 is getting two paid expansions in 2024.

Judging by the info released so far, they’re shaping up to become something quite worthwhile.

Night Springs has quite an interesting premise. It’s going to be an adventure divided into a couple stand-alone episodes where you play as several different characters who happen to be the stars of a fictional TV show set in the world of Alan Wake.

The Lake House, on the other hand, takes you to a mysterious facility run by the government. Things go awry there and you’ll once again play as both Alan Wake and Saga Anderson.

Key features
  • Two new expansions for Alan Wake II
  • Night Springs is basically an interactive TV show
  • The Lake House features a secret facility where bad stuff happens
  • Various characters to play as

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail

Release date:TBD
Developer:Square Enix

Another land needs your help, heroes! Prepare for your travel to the continent of Tural where a new quest awaits.

The Dawntrail expansion introduces a new hub, the city of Tuliyollal, new Allied Tribes, and new areas, including mountains and a new forest to explore. There’s plenty of other fresh content, including gear, recipes, jobs, and lifestyle-related stuff.

The level cap will be increased from 90 to 100. You can also expect lots of new combat-related things, including new dungeons and raids, hunts, treasure hunts, side quests, and more. More updates are also planned and they will include additional content as well.

Key features
  • A new continent to explore
  • A new hub: Tuliyollal
  • Tons of fresh content for the players to enjoy
  • More stuff to be introduced via patches

Payday 3: Year 1 DLCs

Release date:TBD
Developer:Strabreeze Studios

Not much is known about the upcoming downloadable content for Starbreeze Studios’ heist-based first-person shooter, but one thing’s for sure: the developers have a thought-out plan for keeping their game alive and well.

There will be three separate DLCs released in 2024, one for each season. Spring will bring us Boys in Blue, Summer The Land of the Free, and Fall will see the release of Fear and Greed. The first of the Year 1 packs has been released in December 2023 and features a new heist in addition to some extra stuff.

And this is what the next packs will bring. New heists, new weapons, new things to enjoy. The owners of the Gold edition will get the upcoming DLCs for free. Syntax Error and Boys in Blue are free also to those who own the Silver edition instead. Such people will have to purchase The Land of the Free and Fear and Greed separately, though.

Key features
  • Four DLCs, to be released between winter 2023 and fall 2024
  • New heists
  • New weapons
  • New cosmetics and additional stuff

Victoria 3: Sphere of Influence

Release date:2024

As complex as it is already, Victoria 3 will see its gameplay mechanics expanded upon through various DLCs planned for the future. One of them is Sphere of Influence.

And as its title might suggest, this expansion pack will enhance diplomacy and related systems in the base game. After all, there might be more peaceful and fitting solutions to various conflicts and crises than just going to war and shedding blood unnecessarily.

As the description of the upcoming pack states, you will be able to build Power Blocs in order to protect regional interests. You will also have the option to invest in foreign economies and interfere in the politics of your subjects. If you’re looking forward to proving your capabilities as a diplomat, you’ll be pleased to learn that Sphere of Influence’s release date is not that far off. If everything goes according to plan, it will drop in March 2024.

Key features
  • Expanded diplomacy-related mechanics
  • You will be able to build Power Blocs
  • You will also be able to invest in foreign economies and meddle in the affairs of your subjects
  • In general: this DLC will give the game’s systems even more depth and expand the ways in which you can influence global politics

Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass

Release date:TBD

If you feel like you need extra content for your copy of Splatoon 3, here’s some good news. Grab the Expansion Pass and gain access to two new DLCs which will give you lots of fun stuff to do.

The first of these expansion packs, Inkopolis Plaza, has already been released. It gives you access to a new main hub: the titular city of Inkopolis, known from the first game in the series. You can also witness some fresh performances from the Squid Sisters.

The second expansion, Side Order, is a single-player campaign where you play as Agent 8. The missions have been designed to be highly replayable, so if you’re a fan of the game, you might find yourself returning to the new levels over and over again. Side Order will be released in spring 2024.

Key features
  • Two new DLCs as part of the Expansion Pass
  • Inkopolis Plaza, a pack giving you access to an alternative hub, has been released already
  • Side Order features a new single-player campaign
  • And this campaign is designed to be replayable

Naturally, this list isn’t exhaustive by any means. We’ve picked just the DLCs we thought deserve the most attention. If you’re craving for more, be on the lookout for more hot new expansion packs dropping in 2024.