Attack on Titan is one of the most popular TV series worldwide. And no wonder, as the story of the fight between humans and mighty Titans is an entirely fresh and memorable theme. Perfect as a base for best-selling video games!

The first video game in the franchise came to life in 2016. The anime graphics, story, and favorite characters were all that PC players needed at the time. Soon more titles began to appear – including the entire list of PC games. Not sure yet which installation is best for you? Fear not! With us, you will find the perfect title among the best Attack on Titan video games (mobile games not included).

Attack on Titan 1

Developer:Omega Force

If you’ve ever thought of trying out the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, this game will make all your dreams come true. Feel the rush and slash your way through hordes of mindless Titans to ensure victory for yourself and your team!

It is a recommendation for anime fans who would like to find their place in the very beginning of the Attack on Titan story. Play as one of the legendary heroes of the series and travel to the world of this addictive computer game to take part in the most crucial war in the history of humanity.

Get ready for action, fighting in the air and fast dodging. But be careful – the titans can catch you at any time, and you will get better results as the team. Command your fellow heroes or cooperate and take down the titans together once and for all!

Key features
  • Play as one of the beloved Shingeki no Kyojin heroes
  • Discover the grim world of humanity’s battle against bloodthirsty creatures
  • Use the Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear and become a born killing machine
  • Play solo or in cooperation with up to four players

Attack on Titan 2

Developer:Omega Force

It is the second installment in the best-selling Shingeki no Kyojin official games series, where you will learn the Titans’ secrets even better. Join the Survey Corps and meet your friends to face the approaching doom of humanity side by side.

The time has come, and everyone has to fight. Create a character and start a life-changing training! In this thrilling sequel, you will meet the heroes of the epic action series – or even make friends! Discover an improved combat system and more intuitive mechanics that will let you immerse into the climate of fighting titans like never before.

AOT 2 offers even more gameplay freedom, entirely new types of titans, and weapons upgrades. Almost every activity will help you develop your character or get valuable bonuses you can exchange for further upgrades. And that’s not all – the game also offers a whole bunch of exciting gameplay modes! Including one where you can play as a Titan and head to the city to wreak havoc and destruction. Attack on Titan 2 is a video game for players looking for casual gameplay and those who prefer longer campaigns. In this title, everyone will find something for themselves.

Key features
  • Create a character or choose one of the playable heroes
  • Join the Survey Corps and complete the most intense training
  • Gain experience, upgrade your weapons, and make friends with the heroes of the series
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with your friends

Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle


Anime fans state that the third season of this epic show is the essence of the best of the series. There are even more heroes, deeper and darker secrets, and an unlimited will to fight for survival. Whether you are an anime fan or a casual player looking for a good action game – this title will meet your expectations.

AoT 2: Final Battle is the sequel content with new heroes, missions, and more. In this game, you will discover the most extensive version of the events of the second and third anime season to lose yourself in the story of the heroic battle of humans and Titans.

It is a real treat for Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear enthusiasts, as the battles with giant opponents will be even more challenging. So get ready for the epic mid-air combat, fast-paced action, and heart-breaking plot twists that made this series so popular. In Final Battle, you will also get the opportunity to train entirely new fighting styles and use a new type of weapon – Thunder Spear. Use years of training and superhuman skills, and you may be the one to turn the tide of this most vital war in human history!

Key features
  • Create a character and witness the following chapters of the second and third anime seasons
  • Fight even more powerful enemies and discover new combat mechanics
  • Try the new gameplay modes and lose yourself in the story
  • Play solo or in cooperation with up to eight players

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains

Developer:Spike ChunSoft

It is the essence of the Attack on Titan universe, made for Nintendo 3DS users. If you would like to see the highlights of the anime through the eyes of each of the main characters – play Humanity in Chains!

Attack on Titan is an exciting but also scary series. This title brilliantly captures such emotions, introducing players to the godless world of the eternal battle against hordes of Titans. Join the Survey Corps and discover the storyline of the best anime seasons as Eren, Mikasa, or Levi! It is your chance to rewrite the fate of humans and Titans to uncover a series of dark mysteries shrouding even greater secrets.

Key features
  • Play as the main characters of the Attack on Titan series
  • Fight the Titans and explore the outside area
  • Train your skills and eliminate hordes of enemies
  • Play the campaign solo or in co-op with up to four players

Shingeki no Kyojin games is a unique proposition that will satisfy fans of the series and players entirely unfamiliar with the plot as well. It is one-of-a-kind gameplay – its simple design and clear mechanics focus on combat and story. It is also excellent entertainment for a short gaming session and an all-day marathon.

So you don’t have to be a faithful enthusiast of the series to find joy and satisfaction in any of these official games! If you love freedom, fast-paced action, and expressive personalities – you can start the best fun in the world of AoT games right away.