Battlefield is undoubtedly one of the most popular first-person shooter series up to date.

The first Battlefield game was released almost a decade ago – since then we’ve had the opportunity to play numerous different titles from the franchise, and most of the time each new release was better than the previous one. Thanks to Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you can get all Battlefield games for a discounted price, so it’s a great time to return to the classics or start the adventure in one of the latest entries in the series.

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Over the years, developers from Electronic Arts explored various settings in Battlefield. Some games focused on WW1 and WW2, while the others allowed us to experience how it feels like to participate in conflicts on modern battlefields. Battlefield games usually favor gameplay over realism – don’t expect an accurate soldier simulator, but do expect a lot of dynamic addictive first-person action. With that being said, presented weapons and equipment, as well as missions we will take part in, are all surprisingly authentic. Newer games also have the advantage of more advanced graphics – the latest Battlefield games are truly of cinematic quality and are a pleasure for the eyes.

Where BF shines, however, is multiplayer. Its competitive nature draws players from all over the world as they try to outsmart others and dominate the fight. Now you can join them and climb the leaderboards, as the Battlefield games are more affordable than ever. Enjoy Battlefield 5 and 2042 Black Friday sale while it lasts or check out promotions and special offers on older games if you want a more classic and old school Battlefield experience. Don’t forget to take a look at bundles and collections – these are generally cheaper, so there’s a lot of money to be saved if you decide to take this route.