Sometimes board games find their way into the world of video games.

And that’s the story of BattleTech – a turn-based strategy game with proud origins in 1988. But how exactly are you supposed to play it?

With its action set in the future and powerful mechs to fight, BattleTech means a dream come true for all fans of strategic competition. It’s a game where you can use all your skills to enjoy extremely satisfying victories solo or against other players. But how to embark on your adventure with this video game for the first time? If you are wondering where to start the title to get the most out of it, you will find all the answers in this guide!

What is BattleTech? – short description

It is a thrilling strategy video game based on board game mechanics, developed in 2018 by Harebrained Schemes – creators of games like Shadowrun or Necropolis and BattleTech Flashpoint DLC. Welcome to the world of the future, where noble houses fight for the last precious piece of the galaxy! The thing is, they’re not allowed to use any weapons – only powerful mechs. And you will be one of those who will lead such a unit to crush all opponents on the battlefield.

What are the differences?

Launching the game, you’re probably wondering what the difference between these two modes is and whether it’s worth starting with a career and then moving on to the campaign. Everyone plays the way they like the most, but these few tips can help you decide what is best – especially since both have their pros and cons.

Start with the campaign if you want immersion and a gentle introduction to the title. This mode is an increasing difficulty level but helps learn all the rules. What’s more, beginning with the campaign, you can get some priceless loot and rewards to keep after its completion that will prove beneficial on the battlefield. Unfortunately, the campaign also has its minor flaws. You cannot enjoy free map roaming, limiting yourself only to missions and locations marked in the following points of the story.

Career is an excellent choice for experienced or action-starved players. This mode allows you to roam the galaxy freely, choosing from various Flashpoint missions. It doesn’t feature story missions but encourages you to enter career mode with a lance generated in campaign mode or a completely randomized unit. But a career also has its flaw!

There are only 1200 days to complete your score – after this time, the game is possible, but without calculating it. You’ll probably have the best time in this mode if you don’t care about the score. But if you perceive it as a vital feature – prepare for some adrenaline-fueled competition!

Campaign vs. Career – what to choose?

This choice depends on how long you intend to play and whether you enjoy the game at all. If you want to invest more time in it and get valuable rewards at the beginning – start with the campaign. It is an excellent option for first-time players unfamiliar with the game mechanics. But if you feel brave or partly get the rules, proceed straight to a career. It’s a lot of fun, especially for those not interested in scoring in a limited time but looking for an exciting competition involving mechs.