Hitman, Stardew Valley, Overwatch, and Battlefield 1 – it’s just a few examples of successful 2016 games that you should consider playing, especially if you didn’t have the opportunity to give them a try yet. It’s been a few years already, so what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on some great video game experiences.

If you’re curious about what to play next, then take a look at some of the best video games from 2016 on the list down below and choose your favorites.

Dishonored 2 2016-11-11 Action Arkane Studios
No Mans Sky 2016-08-12 Adventure Hello Games
Xcom 2 Collection 2016-02-04 Strategy Feral Interactive (Linux)
Xcom 2 2016-02-04 Action & Shooter Feral Interactive (Linux)
Dishonored 2 Imperial Assassins 2016-11-11 Action Arkane Studios
Dark Souls III Deluxe Edition 2016-04-11 RPG FromSoftware, Inc.
Dark Souls III 2016-04-11 Adventure FromSoftware, Inc.
Battlefield 1 2016-10-21 MMO EA DICE
Battlefield 1 | Revolution 2016-10-20 MMO DICE
Inside 2016-07-07 Adventure Playdead
Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter 2016-06-10 Adventure Frogwares
Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter 2016-06-10 Adventure Frogwares
Stellaris 2016-05-09 Strategy Paradox Development Studio
Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life 2021-03-25 Action SEGA
Tom Clancys The Division 2016-03-07 Action & Shooter Massive Entertainment
Far Cry Primal 2016-02-29 Adventure Ubisoft
Quantum Break 2016-09-29 Adventure Remedy Entertainment
Deus Ex Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe Edition 2016-08-23 Action & Shooter Eidos Montreal
Hitman Game Of The Year Edition 2016-03-11 Stealth IO Interactive
Gears Of War 4 Xbox Live Key Global Windows 10 2016-10-11 Action & Shooter The Coalition
Gears Of War 4 Ultimate Edition Xbox Live Key Global Windows 10 2016-10-11 Adventure
Firewatch Gogcom Key Global 2016-02-10 Indie Campo Santo
Overwatch Battlenet Key Global 2016-05-24 Action & Shooter Blizzard Entertainment
Mirrors Edge Catalyst 2016-06-09 Adventure
Recore Definitive Edition Adventure
Street Fighter V 2016-02-15 Fighting CAPCOM
Watch Dogs 2 2016-11-29 Adventure Ubisoft
Planet Coaster 2016-11-17 Strategy Frontier Developments
Dead By Daylight 2016-06-14 Adventure Behaviour Digital Inc.
Carmageddon Max Damage 2016-10-27 Race Stainless Games Ltd
Unbox Newbies Adventure 2016-09-05 Action Prospect Games
Punch Club 2016-01-08 Indie Lazy Bear Games
Eagle Flight 2016-12-20 Simulation Ubisoft Montreal Studio
Owlboy 2016-11-01 Adventure D-Pad Studio
The Witness 2016-01-26 Adventure Thekla, Inc.
Titanfall 2 2016-10-28 Action & Shooter Respawn Entertainment
Adr1ft 2016-03-28 Adventure THREE ONE ZERO
Unravel 2016 Adventure
Robinson The Journey 2017-02-07 Adventure Crytek


Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:id Software

Let’s start with Doom – a first-person shooter, where players are tasked with eliminating all sorts of demons and evil beings. Grab your chainsaw, make your prayers, and send the monsters back to hell.

Doom returned in 2016, allowing us to jump into action once more. The game received favorable reviews from both critics and players alike – they mostly praised the fact, that Doom returned to its roots, switching from survival horror approach back to what Doom originally was: a fast-paced action game focused on blasting through the endless armies of evil creatures. Giving an old game a new life is not an easy task, but id Software did their job exceptionally well and managed to capture the spirit of the original Doom. If you starve for some old-school shooter experience from the 1990s, you will fall in love with this one.

Key features
  • A game from the iconic franchise about killing demonic hordes
  • Fast-paced gameplay with blood and gore
  • Smooth and satisfying gunplay with the use of futuristic weapons, including the famous BFG 9000
  • A well-made presentation layer that combines top-notch graphics with simple and elegant GUI


Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch offers a competitive experience for those who want to test their skills against other players online. A first-person shooter with characters that have their own special abilities? Count us in.

Overwatch is an online first-person shooter with vivid, stylized visuals, where players can choose their favorite character and match against people from all over the world. Each playable character fills a different role on the battlefield and has its own skills that can be utilized during play to gain the upper hand – in fact, it’s the most crucial element if one wishes to stay competitive. The game requires teamwork, and knowing when and how to use your special abilities to bring the most value to your team will often be the difference between winning and losing a match. The entire experience is further enhanced by impressive voice acting and stunning special effects.

Key features
  • A competitive first-person shooter focused on online play
  • Dozens of playable characters – choose your favorite one and utilize his personal strengths to dominate your enemies
  • Highly reliant on one’s ability to play as part of a team
  • Accessible and easy to learn, but can be extremely challenging to master

Dark Souls III

Developer:FromSoftware, Inc.

Dreadful bosses, obscure world, and skill-based combat that punishes players for mindless button mashing. If you’re not afraid of dying, Dark Souls III would like to have a word with you.

Dark Souls III is an action role-playing game from the well-known Dark Souls franchise. As The Ashen One, you will have the opportunity to return to the obscure fantasy setting to learn more about the game’s history and piece the last puzzles together to get a better understanding of the world you found yourself in. The game, just like previous installments in the series, focuses on exploration and difficult boss fights. Character progression allows your character to grow stronger as he gains experience, but you can’t rely on your character’s strength alone – your own manual skills also play a crucial role in the encounters, as you have to learn the attack patterns to successfully counter your enemies. And remember – dying is just a part of the experience.

Key features
  • An action role-playing game in a dark fantasy world
  • The gameplay focused on exploration and difficult boss fights
  • Extremely challenging difficulty level that rewards those who seek knowledge about the game’s world
  • Hidden secrets, character customization, deep lore, amazing atmosphere, and multiplayer interactions

Stardew Valley


For those who are looking for a more peaceful and casual-friendly game, the year 2016 spawned Stardew Valley, where you can become a beginner farmer with your very own plot of land.

Stardew Valley is a mix of role-playing and simulation games, where you will be tasked with taking care of a plot of land. It’s up to you to decide what to grow and harvest – depending on your current needs and the season, the optimal choices will vary. Once the crops are ready, you can sell them to a local merchant and buy more seeds for different purposes. However, Stardew Valley is more than that. It’s a game that features an open-world environment, and the entire game is made in form of a sandbox, which results in unrestricted gameplay, where you are the one who decides what to do next. Go fishing, mine ores, defeat monsters, and collect everything there is to unravel Pelican Town’s mysteries.

Key features
  • Gameplay that combines a management game with exploration and simple combat
  • An open-world environment with crafting and tons of collectibles to be found
  • Seasonal events, NPC relationships, day-night cycle, and dynamic weather
  • Adorable pixel-art style


Developer:Feral Interactive (Linux)

2016 was also the year when XCOM 2 was finally released. A sequel to widely acclaimed tactical RPG set in a sci-fi universe continues the story of its predecessor.

It’s not surprising that XCOM 2 appears on this list – on release it received praise for its gameplay, difficulty, and the addition of modding tools, while the elements that were considered the game’s weaknesses, such as poor performance at launch, were quickly fixed at a later date. The game lets you control a squad of XCOM soldiers, tasking you with forming a resistance force in order to fight back the alien threat that managed to dominate the Earth 20 years before. You have full control over your soldiers – you can recruit new ones and train them in battles to make them more effective, but be careful, as one mistake can cost them their lives. Death is permanent and training a new soldier takes time, so you’d rather avoid unnecessary casualties.

Key features
  • A sequel to the sci-fi inspired game about conflict between aliens and the humanity
  • Easy to learn tactical turn-based combat that requires careful planning and utilizing each soldier’s unique abilities
  • Challenging difficulty level with permanent death
  • Deep customization options and lots of technologies to research and make use of


Developer:IO Interactive

If you’re interested in stealth PC games from 2016, Hitman is an obvious choice. Become the infamous 47 and use your cunning skills to assassinate your targets.

Praised for its level design, locations, and high replayability value, Hitman returns in its full glory. Playing as a genetically enhanced assassin, known as Agent 47, you will have to silently eliminate chosen targets. Although engaging in open fights is entirely possible, the game clearly favors keeping a low profile. On a side note – for the ultimate Hitman experience, it’s highly recommended to turn off most of the GUI elements, including the minimap. It makes the game much more immersive and encourages thorough exploration of the areas. Beating the game this way will surely take more time and will be more challenging, but discovering all of the possible interactions and finding a solution to given tasks on your own feels extremely rewarding.

Key features
  • Gameplay focused on stealth play, finding important pieces of information, spying on people, blending in, and neutralizing targets
  • Well-thought level design that makes exploration of playable areas more interesting
  • A variety of items and weapons to make use of, including pistols, rifles, bladed weapons, and throwables
  • Gorgeous, realistic visuals

Battlefield 1

Developer:EA DICE

Speaking of the best games that were released in 2016, Battlefield 1 also comes to mind. It’s a game with beautiful visuals, but the gameplay also deserves a mention.

Let’s start by saying that Battlefield 1 looks absolutely gorgeous. It looks terrific, realistic, and it perfectly captures the true nature of war. You won’t have too much time to enjoy the views, though – it’s war, after all, so if you’re not paying attention to the battlefield, you can quickly meet your fate. In BF1 you will have the unique opportunity to take part in one of the most important conflicts in modern history – using a selection of historical weapons and vehicles, you will be tasked with completing a series of immersive single-player missions that include taking part in open war, stealth sequences, and even piloting planes. If you prefer online play, you won’t be disappointed, either – multiplayer in BF 1 is polished and enjoyable to play, although it can get competitive quite fast, so you better prepare to hone your skills if you want to stay alive.

Key features
  • A first-person shooter set during the era of World War I
  • Gameplay full of action and explosions, with a variety of historical weapons to choose from
  • Gorgeous visuals that create a realistic and believable environment
  • Addictive and competitive multiplayer mode

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Developer:Crystal Dynamics

Lara Croft also had a comeback in early 2016. This is exactly when Rise of the Tomb Raider came out, at least as far as the PC version is concerned – console players were able to enjoy the title since late 2015.

Rise of the Tomb Raider follows the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, which gave the series a new life and showed players young Lara’s struggles when she was still naive and vulnerable. In other words, we were able to experience how Ms. Croft became a female version of Indiana Jones. Rise of the Tomb Raider continues the story where it’s ended. New adventure means new challenges to overcome, but developers made sure to give you some options to make your life a little bit easier. You can silently eliminate targets with the use of a bow, you can use the environment as your weapon, and you can even upgrade three skill trees that will enhance Lara’s abilities. Collect resources, solve physics-based puzzles, and experience a new part of Lara’s history.

Key features
  • An action-adventure game that continues the story of the famous archaeologist
  • Amazing journey with satisfying gunplay and exploration, where wildlife can be just as dangerous as rifle-wielding human opponents
  • Character progression with three skill trees, upgradeable gear, and crafting
  • Beautiful visuals with breathtaking, Siberian landscapes


Developer:Campo Santo

Firewatch is also an interesting choice from 2016. A first-person adventure video game, where a simple fire lookout job turns into something more.

In Firewatch you will be playing as Henry, a fire lookout tasked with taking care of a part of the Shoshone National Forest. On the first day, as Henry returns from patrolling the forest, he finds his belongings ransacked. Driven by his want to find the culprit, he starts an investigation. Helped by his supervisor, Delilah, who communicates with him through a pair of walkie-talkies, he tries to get to the bottom of the case, but things quickly get a little bit complicated, and that involves missing people, the government, and secret schemes.

Key features
  • An immersive adventure game played from a first-person perspective
  • Story-driven gameplay that focuses on exploration and finding clues
  • Great-looking, stylized landscapes with vibrant colors
  • Great voice acting that allows players to better immerse into the game’s world and the story

Titanfall 2

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Respawn Entertainment

Finally, there’s something for fans of mech-oriented gameplay. Pilot powerful machines and unleash their full potential to wreak havoc.

Titanfall 2 is a popular first-person shooter set in a sci-fi universe, where mech-style exoskeletons are widely used on the battlefield to improve soldiers’ fighting capacity. Although piloting the mechs is what the game is best known for, Titanfall 2 also allows players to control human pilots. Sometimes raw power and tons of hard steel are not necessarily the most optimal solution to solve certain problems – that’s where more agile human characters, who can work in a more graceful and precise way, come into play. Unlike its predecessor, the game finally features a great single-player campaign, but the multiplayer mode is still probably the place where you’d want to spend most of your free time anyway.

Key features
  • An action-packed first-person shooter in a sci-fi environment
  • A single-player campaign that allows players to play as both a swift but vulnerable human pilot and his sluggish but deadly mech
  • A wide selection of weapon and equipment pieces to choose from and utilize on the battlefield
  • Addictive multiplayer with lots of unlockables and several different game modes to try

The Best Video Games from 2016

Each year brings more video games for us to try. Some of them will always turn out to be disappointments, but some will be the complete opposite and will steal all of our free time. 2016 was no different – we’ve seen some rising stars coming to life, and some complete failures that didn’t meet our expectations. Focusing on the titles, that were especially good, we made a list of some of the best video games released in 2016. Check them out and let us know if we missed something – maybe there are some hidden gems that we should be aware of?