Sometimes we need a video game with the most uncomplicated possible goal – to shoot everything in the area! It may feature some story or ignore that part altogether. But it will always be a title from one of the most popular genres in gaming, meaning shooting and action games.

One of the first shooters in history was the classic Space Invaders from 1978. And after this title, the world discovered more games from the genre dividing themselves into third-person, first-person, sci-fi, war, and more specific subgenres.

But today, we’re returning to the classics — with a couple of them rather old — that defined the genre and made it memorable and fun. Welcome and enjoy our list of top action-shooting video games for all occasions!

Doom Classic Complete 1995-04-30 id Software
System Shock Enhanced Edition 2015-09-22 Looking Glass Studios
System Shock 2 1999-08-11 Irrational Games
Wolfenstein 3D 1994-08-03 id Software
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2007-11-12 Infinity Ward
Quake II 1997-11-11 id Software
Quake 2020-08-19 id Software
Half Life 2 2004-11-16 Valve
Half Life Complete 1998-11-08 Valve
Fear 2005-10-17 Monolith Productions, Inc.
BioShock: The Collection 2016-09-15 2K Australia

Doom (1993)

Release date:1993-12-10
Developer:id Software

This game is known as one of the most influential first-person shooters next to the famous Wolfenstein 3D. And now you can play it solo or in multiplayer on Steam!

Humanity created a military research facility on the surface of Mars to continue space exploration. However, something goes wrong, and the project ends when hordes of hellish creatures make their way to our world. Only you can stop these bloodthirsty beasts by operating weapons like shotguns, chainsaws, chainguns, rocket launchers, and more! Go through all deadly levels, slay enemies, and discover the secrets of this world as the last man ready to confront the hell outbreak.

Key features
  • Play the classic that defined the entire first-person shooter genre
  • Become a fearless marine to take down hordes of hellish beasts
  • Complete all stages and acquire devastating weapons
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Half-Life 2

Release date:2004-11-16
Genre:Action & Shooter

It is a continuation of the groundbreaking game from 1998, created with the participation of Marc Laidlaw – the author of the first part’s script. Half-Life is a unique title on this list, featuring eminently realistic physics and AI.

Play as Gordon Freeman to confront the alien invasion! Have fun solo or in online multiplayer, and proceed through twelve challenging gameplay stages to complete the story and see its surprising ending. Although you will play as a scientist, prepare for many desperate encounters with opponents, during which a rich arsenal of weapons will prove more than necessary.

Key features
  • Play the sequel to the best game of all time, according to PC Gamer
  • Explore various locations and fight alien opponents
  • Use powerful weapons and have fun with accurate physics
  • Play solo or in multiplayer


Release date:2008-08-21 / 2016-09-15 (remastered)
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:2K Australia

It is an intriguing story about Jack – a man who ends up in the underwater city of Rapture. And as he soon discovers, nothing is as it seems in this strange place.

The utopian world is full of dangers. Upgrade your weapons, prepare for anything, and discover the upcoming chapters of this gripping storyline! In this game, every choice matters, and you can even modify your DNA – anything to survive. Bioshock is a must-have for all FPS fans looking for a game set in genuinely unique audiovisuals.

Key features
  • Discover the steampunk world of the underwater city of Rapture
  • Use an arsenal of weapons and modify your body
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating storyline and make decisions
  • Discover your place in this dangerous reality

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (2007)

Release date:2007-11-12
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Infinity Ward

This unique recommendation takes players from the standard World War II setting to modern times. Now you can fight epic battles in the Middle East and Eastern Europe to discover the details of the terrifying plot.

Play the solo campaign or have fun in multiple multiplayer modes to experience your favorite CoD gameplay in the new setting. Modern Warfare provides engaging missions with different objectives and stunning physics. And with an inspiring arsenal of weapons and various strategy enforcement options, you can play it differently every time!

Key features
  • Play a unique Call of Duty set in the Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • Uncover the disturbing plot details
  • Meet the most famous heroes and enjoy a variety of military activities
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Doom Eternal

Release date:2020-03-20
Developer:id Software

It’s your favorite classic Doom in a slightly newer version! Play the sequel to the 2016 game and learn your destiny in even more brutal combat against hordes of enemies.

The forces of hell are terrorizing the Earth, and it’s time for you to join the fight. Prepare for dynamic combat, new skills, gadgets, and challenging puzzles. Oh, and twice as many enemy types as in the previous game! And when you get bored with the single-player campaign, have fun in the asymmetric multiplayer competition that made this title legendary.

Key features
  • Discover the sequel to 2016’s Doom
  • Travel to faraway locations and destroy your enemies
  • Use creatively deadly weapons in even faster combat
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Action shooters don’t work hard to create immersive worlds. All it takes is lots of guns and realistic conflict to deliver gameplay that everyone understands. They all follow the same rules, so players can easily switch from one to another. But when the creators add something more to the proven recipe, we get legendary games – like these on this list.