If you are at least a bit familiar with video games and you didn’t live under a rock for the past few years, you probably already heard the term „Battle Royale”. But what exactly is Battle Royale and how does it work?

Battle Royale is a quite new genre in the world of multiplayer games, and it rapidly grows in popularity. It started with mods for sandbox games like Minecraft and Arma 2. These mods became so popular, that developers decided to create standalone games based on battle royale rules. The concept is simple – a bunch of players meet on a huge map where the goal is to defeat all the opponents, and the last man standing is declared the winner.

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Players usually start with nothing but the most basic weapons or tools, and they have to scavenge for better items scattered across the map. First minutes of the game are usually decisive and rely hugely on luck – you have to quickly find that machine pistol or other rifles before your opponent does. If you manage to survive this early stage, the real game of sneak, wits and cunning begins.

There is usually no respawn, no additional lives, no replay. Being killed by an enemy ends the adventure, which – like a match of football – have to be played again if you want to score higher next time. This is why it’s important to stay low, be patient, avoid unnecessary encounters, and carefully plan every move. The fight is unavoidable, however, as the playable area shrinks over time and forces players to leave their cozy hideouts.

Battle Royales can be played both in solo or team modes, so it’s up to you if you want to challenge other lone wolfs yourself, or bring friends to help each other out. Keep in mind, though, that usually teams are matched against other teams and not against solo players. This is to avoid unfair advantage given by the power of teamwork.

Apex Legends

Developer:Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends quickly gained the title of one of the most successful battle royales on the market, and for several reasons. It brings a lot of innovations to the battle royale genre, the biggest being the introduction of unique characters with special abilities, just like in a lot of arena-based games (League of Legends or Overwatch, for example).

Key features
  • Choose from a multitude of different characters, each with its own unique abilities
  • Experience one of the most satisfying shooting mechanics in the genre
  • Use the ping system to effectively communicate with the team even without a microphone
  • Revive fallen allies by taking their dog tag to a respawn station
  • Enjoy the gorgeous views and high-quality graphics


Developer:Epic Games

Fortnite became one of the most popular games of battle royale genre. What makes Fortnite unique among other battle royale titles is its specific cartoon-like graphics and relatively low system requirements. It is also unique gameplay-wise, as it gives players an ability to destroy objects and build walls and other constructions, which adds a new layer of strategy to the game.

Key features
  • Collect resources and build your own structures
  • Utilize tons of different weapons and crazy items to gain an advantage in battle
  • Enjoy fast-paced action and arcade-like shooting system
  • Play the game on older computers, thanks to low system requirements
  • Explore the ever-growing content, as it is frequently updated

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Developer:PUBG Studios

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is the first battle royale game that became so widely popular, and as such is followed by previously-mentioned Fortnite and Apex Legends. It is not your usual dynamic shooter game – instead, it offers a slower and more strategic approach. PUBG actually makes you feel that you are fighting for your life. Limited resources force you to play carefully and to think twice before your next move.

Key features
  • Battle against 99 other players on a map simultaneously
  • Explore the huge playable area and engage in a long-distance combat
  • Make use of lots of realistic weapons, armors, and vehicles
  • Modify weapons using different parts, from scopes to grips and compensators
  • Master advanced gunplay physics with bullets being affected by gravity and wind

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


With battle royale getting more and more popular, developers are deciding to implement it in their own games. Blackout is an official battle royale game mode created for CoD: Black Ops 4. What makes the game unique is its setting – the game focuses on professional military equipment used by the modern army and special forces and throws in zombies to the mix.

Key features
  • Make use of the modern special forces equipment
  • Defeat powerful zombies to acquire rare loot
  • Travel the map using one of the many vehicles, including boats and helicopters
  • Play as you like – solo, duo, or with a full 4-member squad
  • Activate temporary perks to increase your chances of surviving

H1Z1 (Z1 Battle Royale)

Developer:Daybreak Game Company

H1Z1 revolves around realistic survival in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world, and it puts you in an average man’s shoes who tries to survive the dangers in the form of other players and shrinking playable area. Graphics-wise it looks a lot like PUBG, but it has its own features not seen there, like advanced crafting, which allows you to create needed items on the go. Also, unlike in most other battle royales, you start out in a random location instead of jumping out from the plane whenever you wish and gliding through the air wherever you want.

Key features
  • Face the challenge in the form of 149 other players and shrinking playable area
  • Play alone, with a friend, or in a 5-man squads
  • Craft tons of items, including food, ammunition, tools, and simple constructions
  • Enjoy the dynamic and arcade-like gameplay
  • Utilize vehicles to quickly move through the large map

The Culling


The Culling stands out in battle royales thanks to its primitive weapon set, and the amount of blood gushed out after every hit. You start out almost naked and with bare hands, and you need to quickly find anything you could hit other players with. The melee fighting plays a huge role in the title, as the guns are hard to find, and ammunition is scarce and expensive to craft.

Key features
  • Utilize a wide array of primitive weapons, from clubs, through spears, to blowing pipes
  • Engage in demanding melee duels, which make the most part of the game
  • Craft weapons, items, traps, and ammunition to help you in battle
  • Choose from multiple perks to strengthen your character
  • Avoid being affected by negative statuses, like bleed, cripple, or sickness

Dying Light: Bad Blood


Dying Light: Bad Blood, similarly to Blackout, has zombies. Here, however, they make the most part of the game, instead of just playing a role of rare loot’s guardian. This makes the title a unique mix of PvE and PvP, where players not only need to defend against real players but also against computer-controlled creatures.

Key features
  • Fight to the death with 11 other players – 12 gets in, and only 1 gets out
  • Outrun or fight back the hordes of zombies scattered across the map
  • Experience the fast-paced dynamic gore combat
  • Run through the map parkour-style to avoid the dangers
  • Collect blood samples to strengthen your character


Battle royale genre grows in popularity, and developers constantly explore the possibilities it brings, thus creating very unique survival multiplayer games. If you wish for a more realistic approach to the genre, you may want to try PUBG. If you prefer dynamic combat, Apex Legends may be the way to go. And if you want to utilize your own structures and build defenses, then you should definitely try out Fortnite. Each title is unique in its own way, and each offers a very different experience.