Vampire Survivors doesn’t need any introduction.

This top-down rougelite bullet heaven shooter has taken gaming community by storm, and received various accolades in the likes of Golden Joystick and D.I.C.E. Awards. Its premise is as simple as kiss your hand: survive 30 minutes in various monster-infested locations, slaying hordes of creatures incoming in waves that would make those we found in the Serious Sam series look like members of a local chess club, and then kill the Reaper himself.

What makes the game so riveting though is not only the number of characters you can play (70 in total, including secret ones and DLC), but also numerous combinations of pickups, items, spells, upgradeable weapons, stats, and Arcana Cards that intermingle with each other handsomely.

They enrich the gameplay so vividly that they spawned a vast array of walkthrough tactics as well as a healthy dose of experimenting with breaking the game by creating overpowered builds. To name, let alone analyze them all, is almost impossible a feat.

Yet, with that said, we boldly come forward with an outrageous quest of our own. We intend to take a couple of criteria and put forward our two candidates for the best character of Vampire Survivors.

Criteria For Evaluation

To determine the two main contenders, we have chosen the following criteria: survivability, damage output, utility and synergy with powerful weapons and items.

Due to the fact that all of above are scalable thanks to the combination of items you get from levelling or picking up, we have excluded characters with somewhat ludicrous innate shifts in stats, e.g. Toastie who has 1 HP from level 1 to 99, and then miraculously reach 9998 when hitting that level 100.

CharacterStarting Weapon(s)Special AbilitiesWhy Choose?
Pugnala Provola Top contender Phieraggi Uncapped Might increase Great for both offensive and defensive styles, excels in no-movement challenges due to powerful laser attacks.
Avatar Infernas Top contender Flames of Misspell/Ashes of Musspell Increases in Might, Curse, Movespeed, Cooldown Flexible stat increases and powerful late-game potential, ideal for high-level control and damage.
Mask of the Red Death Honorable Mentions Death Spiral Critical hits with Slash Arcana High survivability and area clearing capability, best for reaching far stages and dodging challenges.
Queen Sigma Honorable Mentions N/A Chooses extra Arcana cards Extremely powerful for gold farming and achieving high scores with overwhelming initial buffs.
Porta Honorable Mentions Lightning Ring/Thunder Loop Area weapon enhancements with Candelabradors Perfect for passive play and creating invulnerable builds, ideal for game-breaking strategies.
Poe Ratcho Honorable Mentions Garlic Enhancements from Tragic Princess, Divine Bloodline Fun and unique character for no-movement challenges, utilizes garlic breath for defense and attack.

Top Contenders for the Best Character

Pugnala Provola

Initial Stats1% Might per level, 20% Movement
Top ArcanasGemini, Awake, Beginning
Special AbilityPhieraggi attacks resemble a disco ball at a rave, decimating enemies effectively.
SuitabilityNo movement challenges

Quite a likeable character among players, especially newbies.

At first sight, her initial stats (1% Might per level, 20% Movement) aren’t that profound, however, when scaled, her uncapped Might increase combined with evolved bombastically named guns akimbo form a deadly combination.

Pugnala is exceptionally prone to lots of Arcana cards. The most useful three are: Gemini, Awake and Beginning, the latter two greatly improving firepower of Pugnala’s epic unified laser arsenal called Phieraggi. As a character, she is flexible enough to be used in offensive as well as defensive play style.

The fully boosted Phieraggi attacks look like a disco ball flashing strobe lights at a rave party, decimating enemies like there’s no tomorrow, making Pugnala a decent choice for no movement challenges.

Avatar Infernas

Initial Stats60 Max Health, 50% Might, 50% Luck, 100% Magnet, 1 Revival, 10 Reroll
Special AbilityFlames of Misspell evolves into Ashes of Musspell, increases damage with kills
SuitabilityExcellent for advanced players, becomes difficult to control at higher levels

To establish the top contender no. 2, we have decided to pick a total opposite of Pugnala.

The only thing Avatar Infernas, a secret character (explaining in detail how to obtain him would require another lengthy paragraph) and the stats master (60 Max Health, 50% Might, 50% Luck, 100% Magnet, 1 Revival, 10 Reroll), has in common with Pugnala is his additional gains he gets at every level (but, contrary to Pugnala, he doesn’t gain Might only, but also Curse, Movespeed and Cooldown).

His starting weapon is Flames of Misspell, which turns into Ashes of Musspell (with Torrona’s box maxed out), a really badass smoke charm, which base damage increases by 1 every 5000 enemies killed. At higher levels, Avatar tends to become extremely difficult to control, turning into a literal Flash.

Honorable Mentions

Mask of the Red Death

Initial Stats155 Max Health, 100% MoveSpeed, 20% Might
Top ArcanasSlash (allows critical hits inflicting 4x damage)
Special AbilityDeath Spiral (clears large areas with a single attack, slow cooldown)
SuitabilityIdeal for players who want to reach far points in stages or prefer dodging tactics.

There’s a lot of fuss to get him, but he’s worth it.

You have to kill him to unlock him, and in order to do so, you have to survive for the full 30 minutes and then attack him with the Infinite Corridor which is an evolved Clock Lancet plus Silver Ring and Gold Ring both maxed out.

As a respectable Grim Reaper, he’s quite a stat stud (155 Max Health, 100% MoveSpeed, 20% Might), so there are players who aren’t impressed by his OP’d feel. Thus, the honorable mention only. He has a great starting weapon, though, called Death Spiral, which is powerful enough to clear the vast area of stage with a single attack.

Slash Arcana card allows Red Death to pull off critical hits which inflict 4x more damage. Unfortunately, Death Spiral has a slow cooldown, so you’d better grab those Empty Tomes galore. All in all, choose Red Death if you want to reach far points in stages, or if you’re the type who likes dodging.

Queen Sigma

Initial Stats333 Max Health, 3.0 Recovery, 3 Armor, +50% Movement Speed, +50% Might, +50% Duration, -25% Cooldown, +1 Amount, +1 Revival, +100% Magnet, +50% Luck, +10% Curse, +108 Reroll, +108 Skip, +108 Banish. Gains +1% Might and +1% Growth every level, without cap.
Top ArcanasCan choose additional Arcana cards at levels 1, 2, 3, 77, and 108, two more than other characters
Special AbilityOverpowered build, excellent for gold farming
SuitabilityIdeal for players looking for a powerful character to dominate the game

The unquestionably biggest badass out there.

The number of her initial buffs outshines all other characters. She simply cannot NOT be included in the honorable mentions list. On levels 1, 2, 3, 77, and 108, she may choose Arcana cards, 2 more than regular characters.

To get her, you need to complete the whole collection log. Her absurdly overpowered build is great for gold farming, We won’t delve into her that much to save your fun from spoiling. Besides, with all that OP, she’s quite boring to talk about. It’s best to play her.


Initial StatsArea: +30%, Cooldown: -90% (Cooldown bonus is reduced by 30% per level until level 4)
Top ArcanasSilent Old Sanctuary (enhances invulnerability), Laurel (for shielding), Game Killer (stuns XP gain and massively decreases cooldown)
Special AbilityCan become virtually untouchable and indestructible under specific conditions
SuitabilityIdeal for players who enjoy passive, strategic gameplay and like experimenting with game mechanics

She’s a real treat for maniacs of passivity and game-breaking experimenters.

Her starting weapon is Lightning Ring (a Thunder Loop when you evolve it with the Duplicator). The lightnings it causes to strike earth work as an area weapon, so Candelabradors expand it quite well. Interestingly, you can make Porta literally untouchable and indestructible, however certain conditions should be met first.

In order to make her totally invulnerable, pick up one of the stages e.g. Mt. Moonspel in the inverse mode, then go to the merchant and buy Arcana Silent Old Sanctuary, then level up once, pick Laurel for shielding, then buy a Game Killer card. It stuns your XP-ing permanently, but stops Porta’s progressively decreasing cooldown at a whopping -97%.

Then all you need to do is level up your laurels from the chests, and there you are. Even 31 Reapers won’t harm her! True story! We saw it on YouTube.

Poe Ratcho

Initial Stats-30% Max Health, 25% Magnet
Top ArcanasTragic Princess (reduces cooldown when moving), Divine Bloodline (enhances Garlic damage based on Armor), Blood Astronomia (triggers Garlic to create multiple damage zones)
Special AbilityUses Garlic as his primary weapon, which can be leveled up to create powerful effects
SuitabilityPerfect for "no movement" challenges and offers a unique, fun gameplay experience

An old coot with frail health and garlic breath as his primary weapon.

What can go wrong? Actually, nothing! His initial stats (-30% Max Health, 25% Magnet) make him a perfect candidate for a “no movement” challenge and a neat opposite to Queen “OP” Sigma.

He’s a go-to character for those with a predilection for building characters from scratch. To unlock him, just level garlic up to 7. Smelly Poe enjoys a few Arcanas, which boost his bad breath: Tragic Princess reduces the cooldown when Poe is hobbling around, Divine Bloodline enhances flat damage of Garlic based on Armor, and Blood Astronomia triggers Garlic to create multiple damage zones.

Poe has also one more invaluable and, by the way, incalculable factor to consider–fun. It’s absolutely hilarious to watch an old guy stand still and slay hordes using only his garlicky halitosis!

How to Maximize the Potential of Best Character

There are many how-tos tackling the following issue, but we’ll stick to the most popular variable: playing style. There are two of these: active and passive.

If you belong to the defensive team, you should opt for the following advice:

  • Freeze enemies, and freeze them a lot! Enemies become more susceptible to freezing when we have Garlic or Soul Eater, or kill enemies using Celestial Voulge (the evolution of Glass Fandango Wings). Also, Jail of Crystal Arcana gives a vast array of weapons a 25% chance to inflict freezing hit, which is then enhanced further by Luck. To top it off, Out of Bounds Arcana triggers explosions when your foes are being frozen let alone Orologions are more likely to be found.
  • Invest your playtime into item which causes as much Retaliatory Damage as possible. The best one out there is Crimson Shroud (Laurel Metaglio Left Metaglio Right maxed out), which in time can even kill the Reaper himself.
  • Don’t spare on certain Powerups e.g. Armor to reduce damage, Area to expand the reach of your attack, or MoveSpeed to increase your mobility and evasive agility.
  • Always go for a weapon passive item combination that enhances the knockback effect. Here, Garlic/Soul Eater is a must.

On the other hand, if you attended Rambo University, then you may consider the following tips:

  • Stats you should want to power up before the run are: Might, Area, Amount and Speed.
  • On a lookout for Candelabrador, eat Spinach, while wearing a Bracer and a Duplicator. 😉
  • Get used to utilizing the following Arcanas a lot: Twilight Requiem, Iron Blue Will, Slash, Heart of Fire and Blood Astronomia. You’ll thank us later. 😉
  • Just evolve that Clock Lancet already 😛


That’s our take on the highly debatable subject of the strongest Vampire Survivors character. Regardless of the above divagation, we strongly encourage you to follow your heart and discover a character which suits your playing style best.

We have a reason to believe that experimenting is the most wholesome method to fully enjoy Vampire Survivors. We will be more than glad if you share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Or have you yourself a contender for the best VS character that would easily dethrone our duo?