Christmas is just around the corner. Most likely, preparations are already underway in your home.

But… besides enjoying a delicious meal and exchanging presents, do you have any ideas on how to spend the day in the company of all family members? Christmas is one of the few occasions in the year when we gather with relatives. Therefore, it’s worth planning the evening so that it unfolds in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere.

How about holiday games? Funny and easy activities in which grandparents, parents, teens, and children can all participate.

Today, we will present you with some ideas for Christmas games for parties – and we won’t only mention video games, but also various other activities you can engage in with your family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Classic Christmas Party Games

Classic Christmas games are always a good choice. You don’t need any special preparations for them – often, what you have on hand is more than enough. Here are a few of them:

Christmas Charades:

One idea is Christmas charades, games involving guessing words. You can buy these games ready-made, find them online and print them on cards, or create your own. They can be related to Christmas, your family, popular movies, or even animals.

The game proceeds with one person going to the centre of the room, drawing a card with a word, and then acting or drawing while others try to guess. Lots of laughter guaranteed!

Who Am I?:

Another fun game is “Who Am I?” All you need is a willing group, a few pens, and sticky notes. Write names of characters from a pre-defined category (e.g., Christmas-related or celebrities) on the notes.

Each person draws a note without looking, sticks it on their forehead or back, and then asks questions to others to guess who they are. But beware! Only yes or no questions are allowed!

Family-Friendly Games

Are you looking for games that are suitable for all ages? Something focusing on fun for the whole family? There you go:

Board Games:

Board games are always a good choice. Do you have a favourite? Or perhaps you want to discover something new? Monopoly is a classic that works well for four players, and there are various versions available, such as those with credit cards instead of cash or themed around different games or pop culture. Another great choice is Hey, Don’t Get Angry, a basic game known for ages!


Card games are great for larger groups. Games like Macau can be played with up to 6 or 8 players. In this game, players must discard cards matching in figure or colour until they have none left. The catch is that certain special cards add a twist.

Classic card games are not the only options; games like Uno or Exploding Kittens work well too.


If you don’t have cards or board games at home, you can play Impersonations. The whole family divides into duos or trios, or they can even perform solo. The task is to dress up and imitate someone famous, mimicking their moves, singing songs, quoting lines, etc. Others have to guess who they are impersonating.

DIY Christmas Games

Do you dislike using ready-made solutions and always want to prepare something on your own? Here are a few creative ideas for homemade games, along with tips on how to make and play them!

Virgin Beer Pong:

Everyone knows Beer Pong! It’s a popular party game where players throw a ping-pong ball into cups arranged by the opposing team. If a player lands a ball in a cup, those who set up the cups have to drink. But who said it has to be a beer game?

You can use a different beverage or water, and the drinking task can be replaced with something more festive, like singing a Christmas carol. If all your guests are of legal age, you can still throw the ball into a water-filled cup and, as a “penalty,” drink eggnog!


You don’t need an actual bowling alley to play. You can make a DIY version using plastic bottles and a heavy ball, or create a miniature version with wooden or plastic figures and an orange!

Set them up on the floor or a table, and each person must roll an orange to knock down as many as possible. The one who knocks down all wins and can choose the next Christmas song or get the largest piece of cake!

Games for Large Groups

Are you spending this year’s holidays surrounded by your entire family or a larger group of friends? Here are a few games perfect for bigger gatherings, emphasizing team-building and group interaction.

Guess the Song:

In this game, a large group can participate. Prepare a list of several (preferably Christmas) songs. You can use ready-made playlists on YouTube for this. Play the first 2–3 seconds of each song and wait for the correct title. It’s a fun way to test everyone’s knowledge of Christmas music!

Chinese Whispers/Telephone:

This is a classic game that almost everyone has played at some point, perhaps in kindergarten. While it’s mostly a children’s game, it’s often used in team-building activities.

The whole group sits in a circle, one person thinks of a word (a single word or a short sentence), whispers it to their neighbour on the right, and everyone participating continues until it reaches the last person sitting to the left of the one who created the message. The final message is often amusingly different from the original.

Virtual Christmas Party Games

This year, you couldn’t make it to your family for the holidays? Or perhaps all your closest friends are scattered around the world? Here are a few ideas for games that can be played remotely, proving that technology can bridge distances during festive times.

Co-op Video Games:

Play one of your favourite cooperative games together. Games like Overwatch, Paladins, or Fortnite can provide a festive challenge. If you want to avoid violence on this special day, visiting Minecraft or Roblox servers and building a massive, colourful Christmas tree together can also be a fun idea, especially if you use voice chat.

Virtual Christmas Drinking Game:

This game is suitable for adult parties, but it can be played online. Start a playlist of Christmas movies on a streaming service, synchronize the start time, and agree on a specific theme. When the theme occurs in the movie, everyone must take a drink.

Themes could include the word “Christmas,” a scene with a red ornament on the tree, or Santa Claus, for example. You can spice up the game by dividing into groups, each with its chosen theme.

Icebreaker Games for Christmas Parties

Sometimes, during the holidays, a long-unseen cousin or uncle’s fiancée might show up. You might not know these people too well, but isn’t a game the best way to break the ice? The ideas listed below, of the games created to warm up the crowd, are also a great idea for holiday fun, perhaps even at the office Christmas party.

Truth or Dare:

A classic game where many people can participate and which can take unexpected turns! All you need is an empty glass bottle. Players sit in a circle around it, and one person spins the bottle. The person it points to must answer a truth question or do a dare. This game can reveal a lot about your guests, and creative dares can bring lots of laughter!


Is there any activity that breaks the ice better than singing? There are many karaoke games for PC and consoles, but you don’t need a professional karaoke setup. You can find YouTube videos with instrumental tracks and lyrics, including Christmas songs.

Prepare a dozen or so clips, and let your guests sign up solo or in duets for a great time together.

Educational Christmas Games for Kids

During the holidays at your home, apart from a few adults, will there be a little kindergarten too? Do you want to prepare games for the youngest to keep them busy during the evening? We’ve prepared for you a few games that are both fun and informative for children, focusing on learning through play!

Christmas Bingo:

An alternative to the drinking game perfect for kids, but everyone can join in. Buy or download Christmas bingo cards. You can also draw them yourself. Each card should have randomly arranged Christmas items and motifs like ornaments, Christmas trees, Santa, gloves, etc., but the cards should differ.

Give the youngest players the cards and stamps or markers. While watching Christmas movies together, kids must mark the items they see. The first one to create a line (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) from marked items wins! It’s a great game for developing observational skills.

Sock of Mysteries:

For this game, you need several items – they can be ornaments, toys, or even fruits or nuts, and a Christmas sock. Place one or more items into the sock and pass it to the first participant. The task is to guess what’s in the sock without looking, only by touching. It’s a game that enhances cognitive and sensory abilities.

Memory Game:

This is a game that develops memory and attention to detail. Spread several Christmas items on a large tray or table – use the items from the previous game. Take a photo of these items with your phone (to remember how they are arranged) and cover them with a cloth.

Each participant approaches the table one by one, looks at the items for the few seconds, and while they don’t watch, someone else rearranges the items. The player’s task is to place them exactly as they were at the beginning.

Interactive and Active Christmas Games

You’ve already played board games, cards, charades, and Truth or Dare, and now your guests feel like getting a bit active? Here are a few games that get guests moving and interacting!

Gift Hunt:

Even though real gifts have already been given, you can still surprise loved ones with some small presents… But make it a challenge! Prepare small gifts like toys, sweets, or even fruits. Scatter them around the house or garden and send guests on a hunt!

Snowman Contest:

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas this year, there’s no better way to have fun than playing in the snow! To encourage guests, organize a contest for the best snowman. The whole group should split into smaller teams and, in a set time, e.g., 10 minutes, build a snowman. The winning team gets to choose a song for a…

Dance Off:

Every so often, you need to burn off excess energy, and dance is the best way to do it! You can use one of many dance games like Just Dance, Get up and Dance, or DanceStar. Alternatively, find suitable videos on YouTube. Your guests can compete not only against the TV but also against each other. Crazy dance moves and lots of laughter guaranteed!

Christmas Trivia and Quiz Games

Although we’ve already mentioned a few types of quizzes, charades, and trivia games above, we’ll throw in a few more ideas for you!

Online, you can find ready-to-print quizzes on various topics. Movie enthusiasts can enjoy quizzes about the biggest film hits and actors, gamers can choose gaming quizzes, and for children, quizzes about animals work well.

However, the possibilities are vast, ranging from general knowledge trivia to various fields of study such as geography, history, or foreign languages. Especially the latter can be a great way not only to have fun, but also to stimulate everybody’s brains!

Another type of fun party game involves guessing letters and words, such as Hangman or various versions of Scrabble. Whether you use a full English dictionary or only words associated with the holidays is up to you. The possibilities are limitless!


That concludes our list of Christmas games for parties. As you can see, the proposed activities sound like fun and entertainment for the whole family – perfect for both the youngest and oldest guests.

The diversity of games means there’s something for fans of movement, mental challenges, and those who prefer comfortable seating and conversation.

Certainly, many of our suggestions will be a delightful addition to your evening and the entire holiday season. However, remember to prepare for some of these activities properly. A few days before the holidays, search for suitable songs and carols (not only for karaoke, but also just for listening).

Scour the internet for quizzes and charades suitable for your guests, or ask your children for help in preparing bingo cards.

To ensure an enjoyable evening of games, in addition to a few hearty dishes, prepare plenty of light snacks and various beverages for your guests. Mental effort (during quizzes and charades) and physical activity (bowling, building a snowman, dancing) will require some energy replenishment. Oh, and don’t forget about small prizes for the winners! Merry Christmas and a successful party!