A girls night and video games? That sounds fun! There’s plenty of fantastic games that you can play with your friends via local multiplayer and stuff perfect for an epic LAN party. While there’s a lot of competitive titles out there, we wanted to focus on the co-operative sort, so that you and your gal pals can take on all sorts of challenges together.

We’ve picked six of the most interesting titles that might be to your liking. Survival, puzzle, hack and slash, classic tabletop RPGs – these should cover all sorts of gaming needs. Read on!

A Way Out 2018-03-23 Adventure Hazelight Studios
Borderlands 3 Standard Edition 2020-04 Action RPG Gearbox Software
Call Of Duty WW2 2017-11-03 Action & Shooter Raven Software
Deep Rock Galactic 2018-02-28 First-Person Ghost Ship Games
Destiny 2 Legacy Collection 2022-01-18 FPS Bungie Inc.
Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition 2017-09-14 Adventure Larian Studios
Gears 5 2019-09-09 Action The Coalition
Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition 2015-04-14 Adventure Rockstar North
Minecraft Windows 10 Edition 2015-07-29 Adventure Mojang
Minecraft Java Edition 2013-11-19 Action Mojang
Monster Hunter World 2018-08-09 Action CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Sea Of Thieves Xbox One/Windows 10 2018-03-20 Adventure Rare
Tom Clancys The Division 2 2019-03-15 Massively Multiplayer Massive Entertainment
Warhammer Vermintide 2 2018-03-08 Cooperation Fatshark

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Release date:2015-10-08
Developer:Steel Crate Games

One of the most unusual co-operative games on the market, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is basically an interactive recreation of all the scenes in action movies where the main character has to defuse a bomb, pretending they known what they’re doing.

Same here: one of the players is the Defuser who sees the bomb, but doesn’t know what they’re supposed to do. They need to talk to the Experts who have the access to a defusal manual, but can’t see the bomb (the explosives are procedurally generated, by the way). As you can already see, communication issues will make the whole thing complicated. If you’re looking for a fun co-op puzzle game, try this one.

Key features
  • Procedurally-generated bombs and their modules
  • One of the players is the Defuser: they see the bomb, but can’t read the manual
  • The rest of the players are the Experts: they need to relay the information to the Defuser, but can’t see the bomb
  • You can create your custom challenges as well

Don’t Starve Together

Release date:2016-04-21
Developer:Klei Entertainment

A multiplayer component to the wonderfully punishing Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Together lets up to six players cooperate in hopes of survival. This will be a daunting task, for sure, but a tight-knit team will work wonders here!

That’s right: staying alive means that you need to act as one. Growing crops, gathering resources and fending off attacking monsters isn’t something you can deal with on your own. Adda a fascinating visual style to the mix and you’re going to get a co-op survival game that cannot be missed.

Key features
  • Don’t Starve, but it’s a multiplayer game
  • One of the most unique survival titles on the market
  • Farming, building, exploration and fighting
  • Iconic visual style

It Takes Two

Release date:2021-03-26
Developer:Hazelight Studios

This one is perfect if you have that one favorite friend of yours and you both love touching, heart-warming stories. It Takes Two pulls all the right emotional strings with its tale of reconciliation and mending bridges between the spouses on the brink of divorce.

The game puts the couple through all sorts of tribulations. Each and every level offers new challenges and surprises, so the gameplay is varied. There’s never a dull moment here. It Takes Two might also be a perfect pick for couples looking forward to strengthening their bonds, but yeah, a girls night will do fine.

Key features
  • A heart-warming story of a couple trying to save their marriage
  • Varied gameplay – each level offers new mechanics and surprises
  • Split-screen only, no single-player mode
  • Did we mention it’s heart-warming?

A Way Out

Release date:2018-03-23
Developer:Hazelight Studios

Before It Takes Two there was A Way Out. It is a co-op only buddy action game where you play as two criminals who befriend each other and set out to seek revenge on a crime boss who did bad stuff to them.

It’s a pretty unique premise, for sure – when it comes to video games, of course. Two players must cooperate with each other to distract guards, for example. The game boasts lots of mini-games and pretty impressive action scenes. To be honest, it’s rough around the edges, but it’s pretty much a gem nevertheless. A Way Out is something you might genuinely enjoy with a friend, a fun title to complete in an evening or two.

Key features
  • An action movie made into a co-op game
  • Various mini-games that you can play throughout the main campaign
  • Perfect for a fun evening or two
  • Split-screen only, no single-player mode here, either

Castle Crashers

Release date:2012-09-26
Developer:The Behemoth

The premise sort of sounds like Mario Bros.’, but with a medieval fantasy twist. As four knights, you need to rescue the exact same number of princesses, retrieve a precious magical crystal and defeat a dark wizard who’s behind all this.

So, you explore the overworld, complete levels and upgrade your characters thanks to light RPG elements in the game. Each of the colored knights has their own moves, combos and special abilities. It’s a fun title to try if you’re looking forward to some good old-fashioned hacking and slashing.

Key features
  • Four princesses to rescue
  • Four knights to save them
  • Lots of hacking and slashing
  • A perfect action game for up to four players

Tabletop Simulator

Release date:2015-06-05
Developer:Berserk Games

Now, this one might be a bit of a surprise here, since a lot of tabletop, analog games are competitive in nature, but there is one feature in this game that might make it fun for a bunch of co-op session: the RPG module.

That’s right, you can create your own dungeon here, even use your own assets if you’re so inclined, and have a fun evening with your gal pals. Tabletop Simulator has a very good chance of becoming a staple of your gaming girls nights thanks to lots of base options and tons of user-made content available through the Steam Workshop.

Key features
  • Plenty of classic and user-made tabletop games
  • Steam Workshop integration means lots of extra content to try out
  • You can even make your own games here and use your own assets
  • You can also flip the table if you’re the one losing

As you can see, it’s quite a selection of fun titles that should cater to pretty much every taste. Regardless of your choice, we think you girls will have lots of fun playing these. And if you’re looking for more, be sure to check out our marketplace as well for some extra options!