To feel that adrenaline rush, plan your next move in the blink of an eye and revel in a well-deserved victory. Only competitive games provide this level of satisfaction!

Even though esports may seem new, it has been with us for a while. More precisely, since 1972, when Stanford University arranged the first-ever Spacewar tournament. The event was followed by Atari’s Space Invaders competition in 1981 – which gathered a sensational number of 10,000 players from all over the United States. From that moment on, everything progressed really fast, and we can genuinely say that today’s e-sports titles live their golden age. And anyone, regardless of skill level, can play the best competitive games on this list.

Counter-Strike 2

Release date:2023-09-23
Developer:Valve Corporation

It is a free update to the wildly admired Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from 2012 – with all the familiar rules enriched with innovative features!

CS 2 is a more life-like approach to the classic first-person shooter gameplay, featuring noticeably refreshed visuals. The game introduces naturally behaving grenade smoke, better textures, and improved server update frequency. Apart from all these changes, it’s the same immersive gameplay featuring team competition. Definitely a clever move from Valve!

Key features
  • Play the classic competitive FPS in a new arrangement
  • See life-like smoke behavior and enhanced tick rate
  • Explore familiar locations in a fresh version
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

League of Legends

Release date:2009-10-27
Developer:Riot Games

LoL is one of the most-watched video games on Twitch, gathering around 3.5 million active players daily. It is the definition of competitive gaming popularity!

This MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) from Riot Games represents an opportunity to compete in a more fantasy setting. Select one of over 140 heroes and join epic battles in closed arenas! You can play classic 5v5 matches, try yourself at unforgiving 3v3 fights, or discover the All Random All Mid mode. Whatever you choose, get ready for tons of fun!

Key features
  • Play free-to-play fantasy MOBA
  • Pick one of over 140 heroes and develop your skills
  • Explore a variety of game modes
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to ten players

StarCraft 2

Release date:2013-03-12
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

After ten successful years, Starcraft 2 is still one of the most beloved esports games. And you can play it for free!

Discover an engaging story campaign, play in co-op, or compete with other players in this impressive sci-fi strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. Lead each of the three available factions to ultimate victory, construct a perfect base, and acquire resources to lose yourself in unlimited development. Or join thrilling competitive matches to enjoy strategic combat against other players.

Key features
  • Play the strategy classic from Blizzard Entertainment
  • Discover the solo campaign to develop your faction
  • Become part of this impressive universe’s history
  • Compete with other players in exciting multiplayer


Release date:2017-07-21
Genre:Battle royale
Developer:Epic Games

Representing the battle royale genre, Fortnite has around 239 million monthly active players. That’s quite a number!

Land on a secluded island to fight for survival alone or in a team of up to four players. This game combines competition with building various structures, so get ready for a truly engaging experience. But be careful – the playable area keeps shrinking, and you only have 20 minutes to win against 99 other players. Exciting!

Key features
  • Play the second most admired battle royale game
  • Survive on the island by collecting resources and building a base
  • Enjoy a massive selection of skins for your character
  • Compete with 99 other players


Release date:2020-06-02
Developer:Riot Games

It’s high time for one of the most popular PC games in this guide. Join immersive 5v5 battles to enjoy unique gameplay combining the CS: GO and Overwatch best features.

Valorant is all about cooperation, competition, and earning money for finer weapons. And the best thing is it runs even on low-end computers – so anyone can play it. Choose your hero, explore different skill sets, and fight on unique maps to become part of the competitive community in one of the best games from Riot Games!

Key features
  • Choose one of 22 playable agents
  • Fight on various maps and discover your skills
  • Earn money for better weapons
  • Play in exciting 5v5 matches

Dota 2

Release date:2013-07-09
Developer:Valve Corporation

Dota 2 represents one of the most diverse gaming communities – and the most supportive. So, if you’re looking for a competitive title that feels like home, play this game.

Join exciting battles between two teams as one of 124 available characters. Like the previous titles in this guide, this one is also free to play and features a precious loot collectible when advancing. Dota 2 is the best recommendation for beginners unfamiliar with competitive gaming, thanks to its helpful community of expert players.

Key features
  • Fight in 5v5 matches
  • Choose one of 124 playable heroes equipped with unique skills
  • Collect epic items and extras
  • Enjoy a friendly community of players

Destiny 2

Release date:2024-06-04

It is a unique action game combining classic shooter and RPG features. Join the Guardians and embark on an epic space journey to discover the ever-spreading evil roots.

Design a unique hero and embark on a solo or multiplayer adventure with up to 12 players. Destiny 2 has it all – addictive quests, various game modes, exotic weapons, and disturbing secrets. Your job is to develop your skills and fight the Darkness. Or have fun in multiplayer modes!

Key features
  • Play an epic space game from Bungie
  • Become one of the Guardians and unravel ancient secrets
  • Complete quests to develop your character
  • Enjoy this game solo or in multiplayer for up to 12 players

EA Sports FC 24 (FIFA 24)

Release date:2023-09-29
Developer:Electronic Arts

This game launched after the end of the cooperation between Electronic Arts and FIFA. And as its creators say – this is just the beginning of something better!

Play the most popular Ultimate Team, discover great Volta Football, and choose from the best female players in EA’s increasingly better sports game. This title includes 19,000 playable players, 100 stadiums, and 30 famous leagues – perfect for all football fans. And thanks to Hyper Motion V technology, it’s more realistic!

Key features
  • Play your first EA game after the end of its collaboration with FIFA
  • Choose from over 19,000 playable players
  • Discover a new level of realism with Hyper Motion V technology
  • Play solo or in various multiplayer modes

Team Fortress 2

Release date:2007-10-10
Developer:Valve Corporation

It’s an addictive game featuring comic graphics and addictive multiplayer modes for up to 32 players. Full of missions to complete!

Choose from nine unique character classes to cooperate and compete in exciting game modes like Capture the Flag and Arena. Each character class has strong points and flaws – so everyone will find something for themselves in this game. The goal is to complete specific missions on various maps – prepare for an adrenaline-fueled competition!

Key features
  • Play one of the prettiest competitive games on Steam
  • Choose from nine unique character classes
  • Enjoy amusing visuals
  • Choose from multiple multiplayer modes featuring different objectives

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Release date:2015-12-01
Developer:Ubisoft Montreal

Join an elite counter-terrorist unit to participate in a series of challenging missions in a highly destructive environment – solo or in multiplayer!

Choose a character class and discover its unique skills to support your team in unforgiving battles. This game is all about planning and executing your strategy, so prepare for a relatively realistic experience. Communicate with your team, complete each mission, and enjoy incredibly fast gameplay featuring infinite replayability.

Key features
  • Become a member of a counter-terrorist unit
  • Choose from three addictive gameplay modes
  • Prepare a flawless strategy and cooperate with your team
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Becoming a Competitive Gamer

Considering a professional competitive gamer career may not be a bad idea in an age when everyone has access to their favorite e-sports titles. That, however, requires some work. Esports players need the time and energy to constantly practice because, as you’ve probably guessed, practice makes perfect. Such a path includes specific responsibilities like taking care of your health, joining a team, using good equipment, being active in the community, following your favorite players’ habits, or discovering that one perfect game. It’s not easy, but definitely worth the effort.


Competitive titles are thriving, but it still isn’t their final form. What we are witnessing now is probably a transitional moment. The development of technology and games — like Counter-Strike 2 — is inevitable and constantly expands its influence. But firstly, esports has to face its demons, like the lack of long-term sustainability, inclusivity issues, toxic communities, and unclear rules. According to players on Reddit, esports could also become more mainstream and tailored to people who don’t play at all. But there’s a reason – it’s a relatively young industry. It still needs to grow up and become truly worthy of all the great games representing it today.