You like to move it, move it, and there is nothing like Saturday night fever? Awesome!

If you love computer games and singing or can’t get enough of the dance floor – have a gaming party at home! There are so many dancing video games for consoles it can be hard to choose the perfect one. Luckily, you do not have to. Just put on your dancinRhythm & Actiong shoes and get into the groove with this list.

Dance Central Spotlight

Xbox One
Genre:Rhythm & Action
Developer:Harmonix Music Systems

It is a perfect recommendation for Xbox One users, wanting to engage in the music with their entire body and soul.

Play the fourth installment in the top-rated dance video games series, raising the entire genre to a whole new level of perfection. Thanks to the highest motion detection, this gameplay will be as rewarding and realistic as ever. Play as your favorite character and accept the challenge in the campaign of all your beloved songs. Or get in the multiplayer to play in co-op or competition with your family and friends.

Key features
  • Play the top-rated dancing video game
  • Try dozens of moves prepared by professional dancers, especially for Dance Central
  • Play in competition or cooperation with your friends for up to 2 players
  • Get access to additional downloadable content including even more of your favorite music
  • Exercise in fitness mode

Just Dance 2022

Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S
Nintendo Switch
Genre:Rhythm & Action
Developer:Ubisoft Paris

Play and exercise with the playlist of the hottest songs! Just Dance 2022 video game delivers modes for everyone and every occasion.

Pick your favorite song and do your best to copy moves showing on the screen. You can choose from the vast list of music featuring Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, or Taylor Swift. Learn, have fun and play with your family and friends. Thanks to many gameplay modes, you can dance, exercise, or play with your kids.

Key features
  • Learn some moves and become the brightest star on every dance floor
  • Select a mode for every occasion
  • Choose your favorite songs to create a playlist
  • Play solo, with your friends, or in multiplayer with people from all over the world

Rez Infinite

Developer:Enhance Games

Enter cyberspace to become the god of rhythm. Follow the beat, fight and experience futuristic adventure.

Travel through the realms of sounds, colors, and transformations. See stunning worlds full of enormous creatures and structures. Play on PC or dive into virtual reality to experience the magic of this game even better. It is the title that will show you an entirely new level of perception of all your senses.

Key features
  • Travel through levels to hack the artificial intelligence
  • Follow the paths and explode objects with the rhythm of the music
  • See, hear and feel this extraordinary world
  • Play on the desktop or VR


PC (Windows)
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Genre:Rhythm & Party
Developer:Harmonix Music Systems

If you love music and breathe music, this video game will become your precious number one. Play as the world-famous DJ and let your creativity run wild.

Discover all game modes to play as you please. Climb to the top in the campaign or mix your favorite songs in the freestyle mode. Collect points and compete in multiplayer with players from the entire world. Create, have fun, combine hundreds of rhythms and beats, share your work, and admire others’ music online.

Key features
  • Become the best DJ in the world
  • Browse thousands of rhythms and melodies to find your favorite
  • Mix songs and enjoy countless possibilities of creating music
  • Choose the mode that suits you best and play with other people in the multiplayer

Rock Band 4

Xbox One
Genre:Music & Simulation
Developer:Harmonix Music Systems

It is your day to become a living rock legend! Join the band and beat the score.

Grab your instrument and show us what you got! Play, sing and flow with the rhythm. Better performance means more points. Gather your friends and create the band, choose the difficulty level and become the audience’s most beloved rock stars. You will discover hundreds of songs in this game, which makes this impressive experience last forever.

Key features
  • Choose your favorite game mode and immerse yourself in the world of sounds
  • Play the instrument, sing, and dance to score the best result
  • Choose from hundreds of the most popular songs of all times
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Donkey Konga


It is a rhythm video game famous for unique controllers known as DK Bongos. Discover the power that hides in the bongos and get caught up with a beat.

Donkey Kong

Play this iconic title to become a master of interactive bongo drums! Try yourself at legendary songs like We will rock you or Pokemon. Clap, hit the drums, and flow with a rhythm. Beat your score to become better and better. Practice solo or together with your friends and have the best party in 2000s style.

Key features
  • Play one of the most iconic rhythm video games ever
  • Practice to become faster and better
  • Copy the beat of classic songs to win
  • Play solo or in the multiplayer

PaRappa The Rapper Remastered

PS4 (Remastered Version)
Genre:Rhythm & Music
Developer:Sony Interactive Entertainment

It is the renewed version of the classic rhythm video game from the 90s. Play as PaRappa and become the coolest rapper to impress lovely Sunny Funny.

Donkey Kong

To steal the Sunny Funny’s heart you will have to complete a series of missions like cooking, fighting, or riding a car. But the job is not so easy as it may seem, because you have to stay in the rhythm! Follow the beat, level up, and become the best of them all!

Key features
  • Play the remastered version of the iconic title from the 90s
  • Learn the story of PaRappa and his friends
  • Complete tasks to level up
  • Follow the rhythm and never fail

Space Channel 5: Part 2

XBox 360
Genre:Music & Exercise
Developer:United Game Artists

Play as Ulala to defeat evil Rhythm Rogues and save entire space. It is a rhythmic adventure, where you will meet Michael Jackson himself! Interested?

Discover the story of fearless Ulala, who travels through space to save her people. Aided by her friends, she stands up to music battles set in the groovy 60s style. Copy the moves presented on the screen and complete tasks to win! In this game, you will have to show precision and have a lot of fun.

Key features
  • Play the epic story of Ulala
  • Dance through the following music battles
  • Be fast and precise
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 2 players

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

Bemani PC Type 4 (Windows XP Embedded)
Genre:Rhythm & Simulator
Developer:Konami, Bemani

It is a 2000s shining dancing gem from Konami. Discover various music genres in one and only Dance Dance Revolution-style.

Dance Revolution

Press the buttons, or place your feet on the interactive pad and dance! Do whatever you can to copy the moves precisely and avoid any mistakes. The better the score, the higher level! It is an exciting recommendation for players who just love music challenges involving the greatest tunes of all time.

Key features
  • Play by pressing the buttons or dancing on the mat
  • Flow with the rhythm and follow the music
  • Do your best to copy the moves from the screen
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 2 players


PC (Windows, Linux, Mac)
Developer:StepMania Team

It is a free-to-play rhythm video game designed for playing on a PC or the dancing mat. Follow the arrows and become a born dance floor star!

Stepmania 5
Courtesy: WikiLeon (

The more accurate you hit the button on the keyboard or mat, the better will be your score. Listen to the beat and feel the rhythm of the music! Achieve combos, enjoy the audiovisual setting and characters, and constantly level up. It is a game where music meets passion and fun!

Key features
  • Play on the keyboard or mat
  • Follow the arrows and copy the moves
  • Flow with the rhythm to hit buttons more precisely
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Dancing and making music is something that people have done since the dawn of time. It is something that brings joy but also serves to strengthen relationships. Also, good rhythmic fun significantly increases the level of endorphins while burning a lot of calories. And all these you can find in video game dancing, so pick a game and get up from the couch. These hot moves will not train themselves!