Murky landscapes and terrifying mutants already make vanilla Fallout 4 quite a scary game, but how about turning the horror knob even further with the use of mods?


Fallout 4 is a massive action role-playing game that features a vast open-world environment that was dramatically altered as a result of a nuclear apocalypse. After waking up from a cryogenic stasis, your objective is to explore the nuclear wasteland and solve a personal case that involves a missing family member.

Even though the game offers a huge amount of content for players to discover and engage with, it’s not infinite. This means that, at some point, you will beat the game and see everything there is to be seen.

When you reach that point but you’d like to keep playing and see and experience even more stuff, you should definitely check out some of the mods that may significantly change gameplay, adding new elements and providing you with entirely new challenges to complete and new ways to interact with the Fallout world.

Today we’ll focus specifically on mods that add spooky elements to the game. Here’s the list of some of the best Fallout 4 horror mods you should definitely try.

Best Horror Mods for Fallout 4
From Nexus Mods: 2023.10.17
NameNumber of downloadsEndorsementDescription
Pilgrim Remastered 17,510 386 Pilgrim: Dread the Commonwealth – Remastered is a Fallout 4 mod that transforms the game into a horror-themed experience with a dynamic weather system, darker visuals, and eerie soundscapes.
Whispering Hills - a Silent Hill Horror overhaul 89,758 2,240 Whispering Hills is a horror overhaul mod for Fallout 4, drawing inspiration from the eerie world of Silent Hill. It introduces dense, relentless fog, monstrous creatures, and a haunting soundtrack to create a deeply unsettling and immersive horror experience.
What The Hell 534 17 What the Hell - Main Menu Replacer is a mod for Fallout 4 that revamps the game's start-up screen for a fresh, new look. It replaces the standard main menu with a unique, whimsical design that adds a fun twist to the game's initial interface.
Kelly Macabre 21,294 656 Embark on a short, spine-chilling quest to acquire the Kelly Macabre, a rifle crafted by a disturbed young girl named Madison. An eerie addition to your Fallout 4 experience, perfect for Halloween thrill!
D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls 848,607 20,244 D.E.C.A.Y. is a strikingly unique overhaul for the feral ghouls in Fallout 4. Despite its grandiose non-abbreviation, this mod transforms ghouls into detailed, eerie creatures with vast diversity. Say goodbye to the monotonous, leathery old men and embrace a new, creepier version of ghouls.
Children of Ug-Qualtoth 246,402 2,918 Children of Ug-Qualtoth offers a lore-compatible, suspense-filled quest mod inspired by Lovecraftian horror. With an expansive dungeon, distinctive enemies, bespoke music, and fresh weapons, this mod invites you to unravel the haunting history of the Dunwich company that has been lost in time.
Night of the Creeps 77,984 1,047 This mod introduces a new variety of nocturnal Feral ghouls that actively hunt when the sun goes down and seek shelter during the day. It also offers optional Yao Guais and a settings holotape for customization.
Creepy Mannequins 74,385 1,854 Mannequins of the Haunted Past... brings an extra layer of eeriness to your journey, infusing your adventures with a touch of the supernatural.
Fallsouls 282,986 5,812 This is a F4SE plugin that allows the game to continue in real-time even when menus are open. With high customizability, you can individually set the unpausing behavior of each menu via the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM).
GRIM – The Curse 91,431 1,986 GRIM - The Curse is a comprehensive horror overhaul for Fallout 4, offering new weathers, atmospheres, creatures, quests, and gameplay mechanics, along with a unique, self-composing weather-based soundtrack. Fully customizable in-game, it allows users to tailor the experience to their preference, turning the monstrous 'Curse' on or off, and selecting from new visual effects, armors, weapons, and more.

Pilgrim: Dread the Commonwealth – Remastered

The first mod on the list focuses on overhauling weather effects to create a truly dreadful atmosphere. Pilgrim makes Fallout 4 a much more horror-like experience, keeping tension at high levels at any given time. Thick fog, desaturated colors, and disturbing music will accompany you as you explore desolated wastelands alone. For even more immersive gameplay, try playing at night with lights turned off.

The mod adjusts things such as color grading, fog shaders, depth of field shaders, and lighting systems, and all of that was made with one simple goal in mind – to turn Fallout 4 into a horror game.

It’s worth mentioning that the remastered version of the mod is compatible with all Fallout 4 DLCs, which is not something you should be taking for granted in the case of the other mods.

Whispering Hills

If you prefer a horror mod that goes a bit deeper into changing the game and alters not only the overall atmosphere but also the environment itself, Whispering Hills may be just the mod.

If you have ever played Silent Hill, you will instantly recognize where the inspiration for the mod came from – the mod basically tries to turn Fallout into Silent Hill and recreates the atmosphere of the latter to the best of its abilities.

But wait, there’s more. Whispering Hills does not only mimic the all-familiar fog; it also adds a whole new city, familiar monsters, and even a brand-new quest line for you to follow. Beware of demonic creatures that will try to get you when you expect them the least – don’t let your guard down or you’ll end up on their dinner plates.

What The Hell

This one is quite simple and straightforward. All this mod does is just a replacement of the default main menu screen with a more demonic one to build the right, devilish atmosphere right before you jump into the actual game.

On its own, What The Hell doesn’t possibly look overly impressive, but try combining it with other Fallout horror mods that focus on the atmosphere and gameplay, and you’ll get a much deeper and more immersive experience.

The main menu is not something you’d expect to get modded too often, especially if the mod does only that and nothing else. As a result, the menu is often left untouched and somewhat forgotten – with What The Hell you can finally change the menu screen and enjoy the most complete form of Fallout horror.

Kelly Macabre

Based on another mod, The Kelly Manor Horror, Kelly Macabre will take you for a short spooky quest with a bit of humor added to the mix. You will be tasked with exploring the mansion and solving simple puzzles prepared for you by the insane Kelly; it’s basically a little creepier version of a scavenger hunt, and with a twist.

Successfully completing the task will reward you with a unique weapon, The Kelly Macabre, based on the AUG A3, but with a more otherworldly look. Once you get the weapon, it’s yours to keep – and while it’s not particularly powerful on higher levels, it still feels surprisingly fun to use.

It’s worth noting that to get the most out of this little adventure, it’s best to dismiss the companions first, so it’s only you and the mansion. It’s much more immersive this way. Just take note of where the companions will be staying once dismissed to save you the trouble of finding them later if you want to recruit them back.

D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls

The mod’s name is pretty much self-explanatory; D.E.C.A.Y focuses on making a lot of changes and adjustments to the visual and audio layers of ghouls to make them feel scarier and more realistic.

The mod overhauls ghoul textures and adds a lot of details to their skin, such as blood, dirt, mold, exposed bones, open wounds, and scratches. Ghouls receive a more distinctive look and they no longer look like a copy of each other. The sounds the ghouls make were also modified to scare you away.

Even though the mod doesn’t make any changes to ghoul behavior, simply changing their appearance is more than enough to introduce a new element of fear to Fallout 4 – even with the default AI, the new ghouls are a force to be reckoned with, and will occasionally give you a fright, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Children of Ug-Qualtoth

If you like a good horror experience, Children of Ug-Qualtoth might be just the mod you’re looking for, as it offers a complete package of stuff ready to significantly raise your heartbeat.

The mod explores Lovecraftian themes and dives into a truly terrifying territory with an unsettling atmosphere and new types of twisted creatures with their own unique AI behavior. The creepiness level is further boosted by amazing ambiance sounds composed exclusively for this mod.

Children of Ug-Qualtoth comes with a story of its own and will have you looking for clues in a brand-new dungeon in order to reveal the mysteries of the past. It also adds two unique weapons that will allow you to deal with the mod’s new gameplay mechanics more easily.

Night of the Creeps

If you’d like to enhance your standard Fallout experience by adding a small element of uncertainty and surprise, you can try Night of the Creeps – a simple mod that adds a new type of ghoul to the base game.

What makes this ghoul special is their behavior; it’s a fierce and incredibly powerful entity that will effortlessly shred less experienced adventurers, and even the more experienced ones if they lower their guard.

To avoid unnecessary danger, it’s advised to not go out at night – that’s when the new kind of creature begins their hunt. During the day you’re relatively safe, but for your own safety keep looking around to avoid nasty surprises.

The ghoul spawns randomly at chosen locations, so you never know where it may be lurking, waiting for their prey to come just a little bit closer.

Creepy Mannequins

Mannequins are quite common in Fallout 4. You may not notice them too much at first, or you may not be thinking too much about it, but once you become aware of their existence, you’ll start spotting them everywhere. They’re so unnervingly common, in fact, that once you realize it, you may even start feeling like you’re being watched.

Spooky as it already is, you can still push things a little bit further with the use of this mod. Its main purpose is to change the textures of mannequins to make them look much scarier. Bloody details, patched bodies, evil grins – stumbling upon a mannequin in a dark, secluded place can now cause serious heart palpitations and become a source of increased tension and anxiety.


If your first thought after reading the name of this mod was Dark Souls, you are correct. However, it’s a much smaller modification than you’d expect. It doesn’t change the game to be much harder or unforgivable, so if you’re looking for an extra challenge in Fallout, it’s not exactly the mod for the job.

Fallsouls simply makes it so that when you open any type of menu, the time won’t stop, as it usually does. The game won’t patiently wait until you’re done tinkering around with options or adjusting your equipment anymore. This means that you can get ambushed if you’re not careful – make sure it’s safe before you open any kind of menu.

It’s not a scary mod on its own, but it can lead to potentially horrifying scenarios, especially when combined with other mods that add more dangerous and aggressive creatures to the world.

GRIM – The Curse

For the final horror mod for Fallout 4, we’ve got GRIM – the ultimate horror experience that focuses on otherworldly beasts, witches, and demonic themes. The mod introduces new weather types and effects to build the right atmosphere, allowing you to feel like you’re playing an actual horror game.

That feeling is further enhanced by the use of spooky ambient sounds and a fitting soundtrack. On top of that, you get new content, from quests and gameplay mechanics to new enemies and items.

What makes the mod interesting is the fact that it doesn’t hold your hand. You have to figure out everything yourself and actually pay attention to what’s happening – you may get an important clue from a dialogue, and it’s up to you to notice that and utilize acquired knowledge.

It’s recommended to avoid playing the main storyline while playing with The Curse enabled, as it may yield undesirable results.


Fallout 4 is a massive open-world action RPG with tons of stuff to do, but even such a content-rich title can eventually get boring after you’ve played it long enough. The mods can give Fallout a second life, allowing you to try your hand at completely new scenarios, which may extend the game’s longevity far beyond what the original development team has imagined.

If you’re in love with the game, but you’ve already seen everything there was to be seen, we strongly encourage you to take a look at what’s available at the modding scene – the community never disappoints with their fan-made creations developed by players for the players.

Pick some of the best Fallout 4 horror mods from our list above and immerse yourself in a new, more terrifying experience.