Games have a very varied approach to longevity. Some games are one-and-done, fun and engaging, but with limited scope and little replayability. Other games bet all-in on making sure every playthrough is (or can be) different, making sure that they can be replayed many, many times without things ever repeating in the same way. Other games still provide systems and mechanics which can make a single playthrough last for hundreds or thousands of hours, even in singleplayer.

Today we will be taking a look at the last two types: infinitely replayable games you could finish many times over, or play forever, without ever growing bored. We’ve made sure to include many different genres, so that you can find something that matches your playstyle. So, without further introduction, let’s move on to our list of…

Best Games With Infinite Replayability | Repeat Day Sale
Ftl Faster Than Light 2012-09-14 Adventure Subset Games 53% Read more
Stardew Valley 2016-02-26 Adventure ConcernedApe Read more
Ark Survival Evolved 2015-06-03 Adventure Efecto Studios Read more
The Sims 4 2014-09-04 Simulation Maxis 76% Read more
Terraria 2011-05-16 Adventure Re-Logic 22% Read more
Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition Rockstar Key Global 2015-04-14 Adventure Rockstar North 71% Read more
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Anniversary Edition 2021-11-11 RPG Bethesda Game Studios 68% Read more
Sid Meiers Civilization Vi Platinum Edition 2016-10-20 Economy Aspyr (Mac, Linux) 89% Read more
Crusader Kings Iii Royal Edition 2020-09-01 Strategy Paradox Development Studio 70% Read more
Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition 2022-01-12 74% Read more
Cities Skylines 2015-03-10 Economy Colossal Order Ltd. 87% Read more
Total War Warhammer Iii 2022-02-17 RTS Creative Assembly 31% Read more
Football Manager 2022 2021-11-09 Sports Sports Interactive 64% Read more
Hades 2020-09-17 Indie Supergiant Games 34% Read more


Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley might be one of the most universally beloved games of modern times, and all it needed to get there was a serene fantasy of running a nice farm. Well, that and very good design, friendly, lovely pixel-art graphics, and plenty of mechanical depth within reach. If you’d love a relaxing, low-stakes, high reward game, Stardew Valley is perfect. But what is it about?

Stardew Valley

In SDV you’re playing as a city-dweller who suddenly received a deed to a relative’s neglected farm. Now you get to restore it to former glory, and join a friendly community from nearby town. You can play SDV forever, even on a single playthrough, just enjoying the productive life on a farm, delving the caves for resources, or interacting with NPCs in town. It’s a calming, friendly fun.

Key features
  • The retro aesthetic looks lovely
  • Inspired by the Harvest Moon series
  • Time management skills are useful
  • Playable in co-op



There is no end to Minecraft. The world might have limits, yes, and nominally there is a final boss, so to speak. The thing is… that’s just an excuse to keep playing, and it’s entirely possible that… you need no such excuse. MC’s core gameplay, be it in Survival or Creative mode, is robust enough to sustain hundreds, if not thousands of hours.


Now that the game is in the second decade of its existence and continuous development AND has a thriving mod scene, there’s seemingly no limit to what you can build and create here. You start with a wooden hut with a shoddy door, but if you get into the swing of things before you know it you’ll be making simple computers and detailed cities. And then wipe the server, make something new.

Key features
  • Virtually unlimited creative freedom
  • Simple graphics hide complex mechanics
  • Magnificent whether you play solo or with a community
  • Available on seemingly any gaming-friendly electronic device


Developer:Supergiant Games

Hades is one of the best roguelikes (or roguelites, if we’re to be specific) out there, and like many games in the genre: there isn’t really an end point, because there’s always another run you could do. The premise is simple: you’re Zagreus, Hades’ rebellious son, and you want to get out of the underworld, for personal reasons. But nobody gets out easily, so you have a long way to go.


To help in your escape, your Olympian relatives provide you boons which not only tweak how your basic abilities function, but also change their appearance. There’s even a great story, because there are plenty of NPCs you can encounter and build relationships with. Better yet: there’s an excellent, extra-challenging endgame you could spend a ridiculous number of hours with.

Key features
  • You can make crazy-cool builds thanks to numerous divine boons you can find on a run
  • Excellent art style
  • Responsive and fast-paced combat
  • Challenging endgame

Football Manager (series)

Developer:Sports Interactive

The Football Manager series isn’t a treat for everyone, but within its specific niche there’s no game that can compete with it on equal terms. FM abandons the glitz and glamour of football matches in favor of deals and strategies which make the matches happen and keep the players ready to win games for you. It’s the ultimate football backstage simulator with no equal.

Football Manager (series)

The infinite replayability of Football Manager lies in its vast catalog of teams and players. In your human lifespan you will likely never run out of teams you could lead to dominating their local leagues or winning the World Cup, or any other goal you set for the given playthrough. Any scenario that isn’t outright impossible IRL football is possible in FM. If you don’t believe us, check for yourself.

Key features
  • An absurdly comprehensive list of teams, players, and leagues
  • Manage the entire backstage of your team’s existence
  • Any fan of football business will appreciate the level of detail
  • Not literally infinite, but you won’t live long enough to run every scenario

Total War (series)

Developer:Creative Assembly

If you’re keen on grand-scale strategies you should give the Total War series a look. It’s been running since 2000 and has covered many historical settings, like ancient Rome, the conquests of Attila, or Napoleonic wars. It has even dipped into fantasy in Warhammer-based games! And in every case, there are so many factions that each game can take forever to exhaust all playthrough options.

Total War (series)

No matter which Total War game you pick, you can always expect the gameplay to be split into two layers. The first is the strategic map divided into regions and provinces, where turn after turn, you build and move your armies, build and break alliances, and plan your conquest. The other layer are real-time battles where your and your enemies’ armies eventually clash, hundreds-strong.

Key features
  • Many diverse historical settings, including feudal Japan and Medieval Europe
  • Complex grand strategy layer and challenging epic-scale battles
  • The series includes an excellent adaptation of the Warhammer Fantasy setting
  • Often each game features setting-specific mechanics to flesh things out

Cities: Skylines

Developer:Colossal Order Ltd.

For a long time SimCity had little competition on the field of modern city-building games, but then Cities: Skylines came to bring in fresh air to a time-honored genre. From traffic simulation and district policies to zoning and water services powered by a realistic model, Skylines offers virtually anything you need to become a mayor of a city you built yourself.

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines also supports modding, in case you somehow ever decide that you’ve seen everything on offer in the vanilla game (and its DLCs). If you’ve a knack for civic engineering and management, you can’t go wrong with Colossal Order Ltd.’s game. There’s always another city to build, another calamity to plan for, another creative concept to test.

Key features
  • Realistic traffic model
  • Complex and comprehensive
  • Very moddable
  • Plenty of DLCs to flesh out almost every subsystem

Monster Hunter (series)


The Monster Hunter series, including the most recent installments: World and Rise, are well known for their lengthy playthroughs. Between farming materials for new equipment, figuring out good builds to use against each monster, and mastering each weapon class, there are easily hundreds of hours of fun baked into every game in the series.

Even after you have everything and have conquered every monster, the combat system is engaging enough to keep you trying to pull off bolder moves or finish the hunt in less time. The newest instalments have fourteen weapon types, each a playstyle of its own that can take many, many hours to reach the skill ceiling. It’s an always-exciting time sink if you want it to be.

Key features
  • A whole series of games about hunting huge powerful monsters
  • Complex, engaging combat system using a creative array of diverse weapons
  • Tons of equipment to craft in every instalment
  • Each entry can provide an incredible amount of challenging fun over hundreds of hours

Crusader Kings 3

Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Crusader Kings 3 is (currently) the latest in the series of games which are extremely fun anecdote generators… and quite complex grand strategies. You get to become the head of a medieval dynasty, and your job is simple: make sure your family rises in status and influence. What it means and how you do it is up to you, and the game is happy to give you many, many, many options.

Crusader Kings 3

The simulation is very complex and reacts believably even to your wildest political plays. You can arrange marriages, form new religions, and concoct conspiracies against your enemies only to be stabbed in the back. Eventually your starting leader’s children take the lead, and then their children, and who knows, maybe 200 years down the line your family will be in a civil war with itself.

Key features
  • Virtually unlimited potential for creating centuries-spanning stories
  • Covers the medieval period between 867 up to 1453
  • Complex simulation of many mechanisms of medieval politics
  • Things can get very funny if you want them to

Civilization 6

Developer:Aspyr (Mac, Linux)

The latest (at the time of writing) in the long-running series of games which not only invite dozens and hundreds of playthroughs, but also are incredibly hard to put down. The “just one more turn” syndrome is exceptionally strong in Civilization, and its sixth main instalment is no different in that regard. Leading a civilization through ages of history never gets old, just like your avatars.

Civ6 refined both the classic elements of the series, like the turn-based strategy bits and research, and the new additions from Civ5, like hex-based maps. It also brought in changes to city-building, which now revolves around districts: upgrades and expansions now surround your city, instead of being stacked on it. There’s a lot to love, and since every playthrough is unique, you’ll never get bored.

Key features
  • 18 Civs in the base game, and more included in the DLCs
  • The sixth instalment of the most famous 4X series in history
  • A fresh approach to Civ city-building: hexes and districts
  • Many ways to victory, including diplomacy, science, and, of course, conquest

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

If you’re seeking a singleplayer game which can serve you for hundreds of hours, but also isn’t a survival-style sandbox, why not give The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim a chance? Bethesda Softworks’ hit can provide many, many things to do in its open world, and that’s before you check the mods. Skills alone provide fodder for many playthroughs.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You could become a dedicated crafter of gear and potions, or a rogue working for the Dark Brotherhood. Don heavy armor and a greatsword and work with the Companions, or devote yourself to making the coolest villa you can in the Hearthfire expansion and invite a spouse and your adopted children in. Become a werewolf or a vampire lord. Who cares about dragons or the civil war?

Key features
  • More than just an action RPG about killing dragons
  • Classless progression
  • Welcomes many different playstyles
  • Extremely mod-friendly

Grand Theft Auto V

Developer:Rockstar North

Grand Theft Auto V, like many previous games in the series, is an excellent urban sandbox which is happy to let you loose on an (not-so-)innocent city. Unlike previous installments this time you get to wear the shoes of three distinct characters: retired thief Michael, young repo-man Franklin, and a complete mess of a person that is Trevor. The city is not ready for their/your shenanigans.

Grand Theft Auto V

The attention to detail in creating the sprawling map of Los Santos means there are plenty of activities you could engage in instead of pursuing the next plot point. Or you could just ride or run around doing anything you fancy. Even when you exhaust everything GTA5 has in store for you… there’s GTA Online, where you and some like-minded people can wreak multiplayer chaos.

Key features
  • A beautiful and detailed urban sandbox
  • Three playable characters with their own stories and skills
  • An exciting crime story, if you choose to follow it
  • Substantial online segment for those who seek multiplayer fun



Terraria might be the strongest competition for Minecraft out there, and year after year it remains close to the top of all Steam games in terms of user reviews. It’s a lovely 2D, side-scrolling game which has plenty to offer both to fans of digging too deep and inviting trouble and to fans of free-from building and crafting systems.


Much like in Minecraft, the endgame is merely a suggestion, nobody will eject you forcibly from your carefully designed home base just because you defeated the mightiest boss. You can still explore the world, expand your base or build a new one, and interact with the NPCs whom you invited to your residence. You can also play in co-op, in case you need help with monsters or construction.

Key features
  • Lovely 16-bit retro appearance
  • Plenty of fun for both fighters and builders
  • Several difficulty levels
  • Great in co-op

The Sims 4


If you’re tired of The Sims, you’re tired of life. Almost literally, because it’s a famous, humorous life sim which proves to be fun with every installment. Every DLC and expansion also adds many hours to the potential playtime of every playthrough. The currently latest game in the series is The Sims 4 and since release in 2014 is has grown considerably, making the simulation more complex…and fun!

The Sims 4

The Create-a-Sim portion allows you to customize your Sim family to an unprecedented degree without sacrificing the cartoonish art direction, while house-building options remain robust and empowering, letting your creativity run wild. Playing god with the Sims, their ambitions and personalities never gets old and can lead to a lot of memorable emergent storytelling.

Key features
  • Great sense of humor
  • Deep customization of your Sims, both in appearance and personality
  • Many substantial DLCs fleshing our the already well-featured core
  • Complex relationships and interactions between your Sims and their neighbors

ARK: Survival Evolved

Developer:Efecto Studios

If you love survival games, but you’ve always thought they need more flair, try ARK: Survival Evolved. The flair comes in the from of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts, and more than a few creatures whose place is in legends and science fiction stories. It’s probably a good thing that you ARE in a SF story: you awaken on a weird world with a device bolted onto your forearm.

ARK: Survival Evolved

You can even tame the beasts and use them to defend your base, assuming you are able to survive long enough to build one. ARK is fully featured in terms of being a survival game, with meters to maintain, schematics to unlock, and worlds to explore. It’s one more case of a game which supports players setting and pursuing their own goals, but it does provide some guidance for those who want it.

Key features
  • A fantastic science fiction survival game
  • Its worlds are full of prehistoric beasts, including dinosaurs
  • There’s a good bit of lore fleshing out the world
  • No definitive endpoint, except one you set your yourself for the playthrough

FTL: Faster Than Light

Developer:Subset Games

Let’s finish the list the same way we started: with a game that hides its incredible complexity behind simple, retro graphics. FTL: Faster Than Light puts you in the difficult position of a space ship captain who needs to take his crew across the galaxy to deliver a crucial message. Unfortunately, there are plenty of enemies and threats along the way, so you must be vigilant and smart.

FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a phenomenal roguelike, and each run takes you through procedurally generated, branching paths to your goal and you’ll spend much of the time assigning your crew to crucial tasks and crises and making narrative decisions in random encounters. FTL can be hard as nails, but it’s absurdly engaging and there’s always an excuse to do another run. Only one more, for sure…

Key features
  • Several alien species and unlockable ship types
  • Randomized journey through the galaxy: potentially infinite unique playthroughs!
  • Retro graphics and complex systems
  • Immersive narrative events

Buy once, play forever

This covers our list of games whose replay value is through the roof and approaching stratosphere. Some provide an infinite number of playthroughs, others provide playthroughs which might never end, all of them could keep you entertained even if you were immortal.

Hopefully you’ve found something that matches your gaming preferences, and you’ll have untold hours of great fun ahead of you!