Do you ever feel like you want to connect with your inner politician? Considered trying out one of the government simulation games! You might be surprised at how addictive and engaging they can be!

You might not see it coming to it, but government simulation games can actually be pretty darn fun and addictive! Despite sounding a bit dry, these games can give you a real sense of pride and accomplishment as you build and run your very own virtual country. It’s not easy, though.

You’ve got to juggle the needs of different groups, handle emergencies, balance budgets, and make tough choices that impact the lives of your digital citizens.

Democracy 3 / 4

Release date:2020-10-06
Developer:Positech Games

Democracy series is a prime example of a political game, as it puts you in the shoes of the top leader of a nation and lets you experiment with various policies and laws.

The primary aim of Democracy 4 is to secure re-election, but it’s actually designed to be an unbiased game. It revolves around policymaking and public opinion, making it a great tool to test and refine your political ideas.

This simulation is so realistic that major UK newspapers have used it to assess political party manifestos during election campaigns. Although it may lack some features of traditional simulation games, this game still provides the most authentic political experience.

Key features
  • Non-biased gameplay
  • Detailed simulation of the electorate
  • Intuitive interface for better user experience
  • Tough decisions that affect gameplay

Civilization VI

Release date:2016-10-20
Developer:Firaxis Games

Civilization VI is a turn-based strategy game in which players lead a civilization starting from the ancient era, all the way to the modern age, with the ultimate goal of achieving victory through various means.

One of the key gameplay mechanics in Civilization VI is the use of districts – specialized areas that players can build within their cities to obtain specific bonuses and benefits.

These districts can include everything from commercial hubs to industrial zones, allowing players to tailor their cities to their specific needs, strategies, and goals.

Key features
  • Deep and immersive gameplay experience
  • Dynamic and ever-changing world
  • Extensive mod support, allowing you to create and share your custom content
  • Unique multiplayer modes that allow you to compete or cooperate online

Tropico 6

Release date:2018
Developer:Limbic Entertainment

Tropico 6 is a city-building and management simulation game that places you in the position of a dictator on a small tropical island.

You can choose to be a benevolent ruler, working to improve the lives of your citizens, or a ruthless tyrant who crushes dissent inhabitants and rules with an iron fist, shaping the destiny of your banana republic over four distinct eras.

This title offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience that challenges you to balance the needs of your people, grow economy, and maintain your grip on power in a complex and ever-changing world.

As you face new challenges on the world stage, always keep the needs of your people at the forefront of your mind.

Key features
  • Ability to expand across archipelagos and build bridges
  • Humorous style
  • Possibility to rule the Island however you please
  • Detailed colorful surroundings

Crusader Kings

Release date:2020-09-01
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Crusader Kings offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience and challenges you to navigate the complex politics and power struggles of medieval Europe. And all that while building a dynasty that can stand the test of time.

You can decide to start playing as any noble in Europe, from a lowly count to a powerful king.

The game features role-playing elements, complex inheritance systems, and a deep diplomacy system, allowing players to build alliances, negotiate treaties, and expand territories. As the religion plays a significant role here, you must navigate the complexities of the Catholic Church.

Key features
  • Emphasis on role-playing and character development
  • Deep and immersive diplomacy system
  • Robust military system
  • Unique challenges affecting your fate

Superpower 2

Release date:2004-10-11
Developer:Golem Labs

This title allows you to take control of a modern country and to become a global superpower.

The game features a wide range of options for players to manage their country, including political, economic, and military strategies.

In Superpower 2 you need to deal with domestic and international issues such as elections, budget deficits, civil unrest, and geopolitical tensions. One of the unique features is the ability to negotiate and form alliances with other countries.

The game’s economic system allows you to manage your country’s resources, set taxes, and create a market for manufactured goods. Moreover, you can use the military system to build and manage your armies, spy on your enemies, and participate in diplomatic negotiations.

Key features
  • Complex and realistic economic system
  • Comprehensive modding community

Each game has its own unique gameplay and challenges and all of them give you a chance to practice your strategic thinking and decision-making skills in a fun and immersive way. If you want to see if you have what it takes to run a country, these games are the perfect way to give it a go!