The mere fact that any open-world RPG exists is reason enough to change something about it. And with the recent release of Hogwarts Legacy, we could immediately expect the most creative mods to spice up its magical gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy breaks popularity records, gathering masses of fans even among players who do not consider themselves devoted Potterheads. What can we say? It’s a really outstanding game! But even masterpieces occasionally require a tiny correction here and there – sometimes only to make the whole experience as hilarious as ever!

Fortunately, we live in a world where creative modders work hard to bring their wildest projects to life and then share them with the rest of the players. This way, we can already enjoy the convenient and fun Hogwarts Legacy mods! Want to learn which are the hottest and how to get them? Let’s find out!

Best Hogwarts Legacy Mods
From Nexus Mods: 2023.02.21
NameNumber of downloadsEndorsementDescription
Ascendio II.0 - FPS Hotfix and Engine Tweaks for Hogwarts Legacy 198.3k 1.1k Ascendio is an unofficial solution for Hogwarts Legacy, a performance enhancement mod for Hogwarts Legacy. It tweaks leveled-up Unreal Engine parameters to render the game more seamless.
Paler and Darker Skins for Player Character 56.2k 799 Change the skin color of your character as you please.
School Makeup 57.4k 519 Improve skin and makeup available for player characters (including males)
Silencio - Floo Lady Silencer 24.9k 402 Floo Lady will stop disturbing you with her annoying story.
DLSS Update (Better Performance and Reduced Ghosting) 51.5k 330 Updates the outdated DLSS file in Hogwarts Legacy and the latest one. Will result in a clearer picture and improved performance!
SLPF - Stuttering and Low Performance Fix 45.4k 267 Get rid of staggering and low performance in no time.
AUTOHOMORA - Auto Skip Alohomora Minigame 29.7k 227 Do you find the Alohomora minigame frustrating or too difficult? Here’s a solution.
Mouse Controls for Broom 23.8k 284 Take full control over your Broom using mouse instead of keyboard.
Magic Gun 19.7k 122 Change your wand into a 19th century magical device that cannot be compared to anything we know.
Avada Kedavra Faster Cast 17.3k 85 This one is for you if you wish to spam your enemies with Avada Kedavra (10 sec. cooldown) masz typie

What are mods for video games?

Mods are, in the broadest sense, modifications to video games, meaning minor or massive alterations. Most often, they are designed by talented fans and introduce changes to the gameplay or appearance. We can distinguish different types of mods, like minor mods, unofficial patches, and improvements that extend the campaign or change the entire game.

A great example of the latter is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which started as a modification for the Half-Life game but now functions as an independent title. So mods are essentially players’ dreams come true that weren’t delivered by developers on launch day. However, the massive modding community listens and responds to everyone’s needs.

Why use mods for Hogwarts Legacy?

A better question would be – why not? Based on the example of heavily modded Skyrim, we know modifications can significantly diversify the gameplay experience or make it more fun.

Hogwarts Legacy just came out, and like many games right out of the box, it has a few issues with performance, interface, and some gameplay features. By choosing from the available mods, we can personalize or improve it as we want. And there’s plenty to choose from!

Some of us may not care about performance issues but want to enjoy more character customization options. Or change the look of one thing to something completely different. A great example is the Magic Gun or The Elder Wand Mod, modifying the appearance of the wand – but leaving it with its initial effects.

Let’s admit – many players also have a problem with math. Living with it during school years is traumatizing enough to make us want to struggle with this subject in a video game. Luckily, to overcome such a problem, the modding community has prepared a life-saving Arithmancy Number Marking Mod. These are just a few examples of brilliant mods that improve the quality of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay. For the most popular recommendations, let’s continue to the next point!

Top 5 Best Mods for Hogwarts Legacy:

Mod 1: Ascendio

When exploring the most beautiful gaming worlds, there’s nothing worse than a sudden drop in framerate or the occasional stutter. That’s why Seifunaru from the Nexus Mods community developed a unique mod for the Unreal Engine used in Hogwarts Legacy.

This famous Skyrim modder has reduced this problem but has ignored the NPC generation bug for now, claiming that Avalanche Software will do it better. So we can probably expect some groundbreaking developer fixes to the Hogwarts Legacy performance soon. But there’s no need to wait and suffer when such innovative mods are at our fingertips!

Mod 2: Arachnophobia

During his adventures with Harry, the arachnophobic Ron Weasley had to deal with giant and smaller spiders. Fortunately, we don’t have to. With millions of people living in fear of spiders worldwide, no one would want to play this game. But norskpl has created a unique mod that turns all spider beasts into innocent little boxes.

Mod 3: Paler and Darker Skins for Player Character

Until recently, video game developers encountered massive criticism regarding the unrealistic or unfavorable representation of dark skin in character creators. But something happened, and Hogwarts Legacy went in a completely different direction, only providing a full range of dark skin tones to choose from. And they looked even darker during gameplay than the hero creation process! Players wishing to create a character with a lighter skin tone protested, facing censorship of their requests for change from Reddit moderators. And then, the modding community saved the world by bringing the Paler Pale Skin mode – later expanded with a selection of even darker shades than those we could initially find in a game.

As many players have noticed, Hogwarts Legacy takes place in an ancient castle in the north, always surrounded by clouds and two hundred years before the events of Harry Potter. So there is absolutely no reason for all students to be as tanned as the developers intended. And when installing this mod, read the description to see if your planned skin tone will match your hands – some don’t offer full customization.

Mod 4: Mouse Controls for Broom

Even though Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have Quidditch, you can still enjoy flying on a broomstick during spontaneous exploration. However, the original title version allows you to control using keys only. Thanks to this mod, you will boost the magical experience using the mouse! It’s a recommendation for PC users, but if you’re using a controller, check out its faithful replica, Better Broom Control.

Mod 5: Silencio – Floo Lady Silencer

Sometimes less is more. And this fact is perfect for encounters with the annoying Floo Lady. And while we all appreciate the deep Hogwarts Legacy immersion, listening to Ignatia Wildsmith’s transportation story for the 100th time can kill anyone’s passion. Without this mod, each discovery or use of the next Floo Travel Point becomes a patience test. By installing it, you can enjoy undisturbed silence!

These are the most practical and popular mods for Hogwarts Legacy. But their number is growing, and players discover new modifications that boost their gameplay fun. By entering Nexus Mods now, you will find many new options for diversifying the whole experience. You can improve your style with makeup mods or turn your broomstick into a flying Shrek! There is also an Alohomora mod, unlocking all the most desired skills and items at the beginning of the magical adventure. And if you care about minor changes in the interface, install modifications like Smaller UI or Crystal Clear MiniMap.

But all this is just the beginning, as the creators of Skyrim Together are working on the most groundbreaking change to improve the entire game – multi-player. This HogWarp mod aims to enable co-op exploration with friends and more role-playing fun options. Its capabilities will probably come down to these basic features, so don’t expect too much. However, it is a life-changing upgrade to such a successful single-player game!

How to install mods for Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest way is to go to Nexus Mods, which brings together the largest and safest community of video game modders. Right after entering the site, you should see the most popular mods for the game of your choice – in this case, that means Hogwarts Legacy. Create an account and log in to start your grand adventure with the coolest mods!

You have two choices – download Vortex or install the downloaded files yourself. Vortex is a mod manager that helps handle them more easily. But if you want to avoid installing more apps on your PC, nothing stands in your way of completing the whole process manually.

After logging in, find Hogwarts Legacy in the search box and continue straight to the main page with the most popular mods. If one seems fine, click on it to see a more detailed description and various requirements. Select the mod download option and follow the instructions, as each mod may include different conditions for the installation process. If there are no instructions, take matters into your own hands!

Go to the Hogwarts Legacy file in File Explorer on your PC. Continue from the Phoenix file to Content and Paks. Now all you have to do is find the downloaded unzipped mod and copy it in its initial form to this last folder to enjoy the mod installed! We highly recommend running the game at this point to ensure everything works as it should without any crashes. Because if you download and install several mods without checking them in the game one by one, you may have trouble identifying the one that is not working right.


Now you know that mods can be both handy and fun. In case of games like Hogwarts Legacy, they are also life-changing. Players with arachnophobia wouldn’t be able to enjoy this title to the fullest without a dedicated upgrade. And some of us just like to have fun with much finer details in the graphics, even when using an older PC. We are all humans and have our individual needs, both in life and when engaging in our favorite video game. Especially one like Hogwarts Legacy – which, improved with a few mods, can only become better or unimaginably fun.