Party video games are an excellent choice for various meetings with family and friends. But the Jackbox Party Pack gained the most in the players’ eyes, especially in the last few years.

Jackbox Party Pack is a series of party games released on various platforms. Their goal is to entertain online players who can use devices like smartphones or tablets to play together. The title usually supports up to eight active players. Others can join as an audience to influence the possible outcome of the game. Each installation features five fun and classic mini-games that require skills like quick puzzle solving, general knowledge, and drawing. All it takes is one person to purchase the game and everyone can play it right away! Sounds like fun? It sure is!

This series has become an authentic lifesaver for many during the Covid pandemic, so you can be sure of a brilliant choice by picking it. But among all party video games which Jackbox is the best? As it turns out, not all Jackbox recommendations reach the high level of the other titles. If you are wondering which one is worth playing, continue reading this ranked designed guide!

The Jackbox Party Pack (9)

Release year:2014

It is the first set of five minigames for fans of fierce competition – with up to 100 players in the Lie Swatter game! Get your smartphones ready, connect to your room code and start the party of your life.

Although it is a classic, it has no chance of any of the first places in this ranking. The first Jackbox Party Pack delivers five iconic games like You Don’t Know Jack – a challenging trivia fun for up to four players. There’s also Fibbage, a thrilling bluffing game, and Drawful, for guessing what the author had in mind. Those gifted with a knack for creativity will have a great time with Word Spud for inventing phrases to collect the most points. And if you’re good at Trivia games, be sure to play Lie Swatter with up to 100 players! Despite the presence of mini-games for everyone, this title only laid the foundations for the success of the entire series. So if you fancy a classic edition – start your party adventure with Jackbox Party Pack from 2014!

Key features
  • Play the first Jackbox Party Pack ever
  • Have fun in Lie Swatter for to 100 players
  • Test your knowledge with challenging trivia games
  • Guess the pictures and become a bluff master

The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (8)

Release year:2015

It is the pack where things start to get interesting! Play even more trivia games, make a profit, and deactivate the bomb in your workplace before it’s too late. This time, all games support up to eight players.

Play Fibbage to show off your knowledge. Find a way to deactivate the bomb in the unforgiving Bomb Corp and enjoy the hilarious sounds in Earwax. The Jackbox Party Pack 2 is also addictive Bidiots, where you will feel like at the most absurd art auction ever. Also, try Quiplash XL to enjoy the legendary guessing game that arrived alongside the first Quip Pack 1 DLC.

Key features
  • Answer a set of brand-new questions
  • Have fun at the art auction and guess the funniest sounds
  • Defuse the bomb and compete in the epic Quiplash XL
  • Enjoy the intense gameplay for up to eight players

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 (7)

Release year:2019

It is one of the most diversified titles in terms of content, providing proven solutions and completely new gameplay mechanics. Choose it for a solid but not too innovative portion of fun.

Play crazy Trivia Murder Party 2 to participate in thrilling gameplay and save your life! Tired of the everyday life rules? Have fun creating a fake dictionary in the creative Dictionarium. Think you know people? Be sure to put your skills to the test by enjoying Role Models in exciting six-player gameplay. And if you’re an exceptional joker, crush the competition in hilarious Jake Boat. The sixth set of mini-games from Jackbox is also an entirely new recommendation for fans of games like Among Us, delivering an addictive Push the Button based on similar rules.

Key features
  • Test yourself in the second version of the memorable trivia murder game
  • Get creative with the engaging Dictionarium and Jake Boat
  • Become a master of personalities in Role Models
  • Detect treacherous aliens in the Push the Button game

The Jackbox Party Pack 5 (6)

Release year:2018

This pack is another proof of the developers’ endless creativity, bringing brand-new crazy games and long-awaited improvements to the beloved Steam classic. Ready for another round?

Try the new You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream to play with up to seven other players and an audience. Discover the competitive Split the Room gameplay to develop the most bizarre scenarios and defeat aliens in the thrilling Zeeple Dome. The best game in this set is Mad Verse City, challenging players to design the most creative rap lyrics. You will also have a great time with Patently Stupid – a new drawing game. Unfortunately, The Jackbox Party Pack 5 does not fare best on this list as it copies ideas from previous titles without making too many improvements to the gameplay.

Key features
  • Play the new version of the iconic You Don’t Know Jack
  • Compete in Split the Room and fight the aliens in Zeeple Dome
  • Have a laugh in the hilarious Patently Stupid
  • Assemble creative rap lyrics

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 (5)

Release year:2022

Here is the latest and one of the most praised installations on Steam, bringing some fun new features to your favorite gameplay. Not the best, but still a must-have!

Play the refreshed Fibbage – the most beloved minigame of all Jackbox Party Packs fans. Test your reflexes and mind in Quixort, where your team must find and match the correct answers before they fall to the ground. Reclaim your life by selling the weirdest items in Junktopia and engage in a fascinating guessing game of Nonsensors. And if you’re a lover of TV dramas, you’ll feel best in Roomerang – a reality show for nine of the bravest players!

Key features
  • Play the latest installment in the legendary series of party games
  • Discover new Fibbage and match the answers in Quixort
  • Awaken your inner trader in fun Junktopia
  • Draw and guess in Nonsensors and become the star of a reality show in the craziest Roomerang

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (4)

Release year:2017

It is where the creators spread their wings of creativity. Discover five brand-new games designed for close friends and all players looking for fresh entertainment ideas.

Start a new series of epic games with the improved Fibbage that allows you to determine the truth about the players themselves! It is the best way to make the whole gameplay more personal and exciting. Play the new game – Survive the Internet to invent the best roasts. Or try the terrifying Monster Seeking Monster, where you’ll be dating monsters. If you’ve got sixteen players, be sure to play silly Bracketeering! And all those thirsty for artistic fun can let their creativity run wild in the latest Civic Doodle. This title received very positive reviews on Steam, praised for the goofiness, creativity, and loads of fun provided by all the minigames in the set.

Key features
  • Take the classic Fibbage gameplay to a new, more personal level of fun
  • Date your homies in the hilarious Monster Seeking Monster
  • Place bets and create epic city murals
  • Enjoy a vast selection of games for every occasion

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (3)

Release year:2021

Welcome to another legendary Jackbox pack that made it to the top three of our list of the best games in the series. Get ready, as it delivers even more of your dream party fun!

Create fun animations to illustrate the weirdest themes in Drawful: Animate. Terrified by the prospect of an upcoming job interview? Don’t worry – Job Job is sure to prepare you well, providing ideas for the dumbest answers to the most frequently asked questions! Or would you like to become a detective? Make these and more twisted dreams come true in Weapons Drawn. There is also an exciting trivia game that will engage everyone in the room – The Wheel of Enormous Proportions. And if you’re not afraid of getting to know your family and friends even better, be sure to play the desperate The Poll Mine.

Key features
  • Discover the animated version of the classic Drawful
  • Get a job in an absurd Job Job
  • Test yourself in the challenging Weapons Drawn and The Wheel of Enormous Proportions
  • Get to know your loved ones in the terrifying The Poll Mine

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (2)

Release year:2020

The seventh pack received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, which guaranteed it second place in this ultimate list. If you only want to buy one game in the series, skip all the others and go straight for this one!

Discover the new incarnation of your favorite eight-player Quiplash. Enjoy the sinister team-based gameplay of the latest the Devils and the Details to drive your opponents mad. Fancy a new approach to drawing games? You will surely appreciate Chap’d Up, where you will draw the absolute winner of all creative competitions. But the funniest recommendation in this pack is the hilarious Talking Points, where one person as the presenter has to keep talking no matter how ridiculous the text he reads from the screen. After that, it’s worth relaxing with Blather Round – a classic guessing game covering various topics in general pop culture.

Key features
  • Lose yourself in the chaotic Devil and the Details gameplay
  • Play the new version of the legendary Quiplash
  • Take part in the most absurd championships
  • Experience Talking Points and test yourself in Blather Round

The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (1)

Release year:2016

Unleash your creativity, knowledge, and unlimited imagination! Discover five more mini-games for your friends or family of up to eight players.

It is the first set of games featuring the thriller Trivia Murder Party, so you will definitely like it if you are a fan of such titles. The pack also provides an improved Quiplash 2, introducing new gameplay features for longer fun with challenging guessing games. The Jackbox Party Pack 3 includes a new percentage-guessing Guesspionage title and Fakin’ It, where players will have to uncover the identity of the faker hiding among them. If you missed drawing games, enjoy Tee K.O., focusing on creating the coolest t-shirt designs. The third installment of party games is the best choice on this list, providing highly diversified entertainment at the highest level of fun!

Key features
  • Play the best installation in The Jackbox Party Pack series
  • Lose yourself in a thrilling murder game
  • Make T-shirt designs and enjoy the improved Quiplash
  • Become the best and undetectable faker among your friends

It is true that The Jackbox Party Pack sales noticeably increased during the pandemic. But the reduction of social distancing restrictions doesn’t mean it’s going down! It seems that many new players discovered the series during this time and continued to buy more titles in the following years.

Party games have become a brilliant solution not only for the pandemic boredom but also for having fun in long-distance relationships, finding new friends online, or maintaining regular contact with family. Their simplicity and accessibility turned out as the perfect recipe for success that made millions of people happy in one of the darkest periods of our time.