Life is not easy for gamers. When it comes to gaming, it’s harder and harder to find games with requirements for older or slower computers. And as the world collapses and everything becomes more and more expensive, living on a budget becomes inevitable. Luckily you still have the low end video games!

Low-end games are titles that will run on any computer – even notebooks. We live in an age where many players work and play on one laptop, often equipped with integrated graphics.

However, the problem of finding light games that can run on any PC becomes so severe that there is even a Low-End Gaming subreddit on Reddit. Players help each other in the search for the coolest games with low requirements. And while we could all just play Doom on a refrigerator or a calculator, it is still nicer to be able to use our own gear. Therefore, today we will find an answer to a crucial question – what are the best low end games?


Developer:Riot Games

It is a cooperative first-person shooter – free-to-play! If you fancy playing video games like Counter-Strike, but with tons of superpowers and great weapons, this is the perfect game for your PC.

Choose your game mode and character to join exciting team battles. Use your unique skills and communicate with the rest of your team to achieve epic triumph on every map. Discover all special abilities of agents, train, and become better and better. The victories guarantee more and more currency earned, with which you can buy many great weapons or additional skills!

VALORANT is free to play game

Key features

Don't Starve Together

Developer:Klei Entertainment

It is a multiplayer indie DLC to the survival video game from Klei Entertainment, which will run on almost every PC. Travel to the wild world of magic and survive to discover its secrets!

Choose a game mode and start the survival fun alone or in the company of other players. Choose from many fascinating characters to use their unique skills on a procedurally generated map. Collect resources, design inventions, build a base, and prepare for winter. Everything will want to kill you in this game, so better outsmart all your enemies!

Key features
  • Play an exciting survival game in the Tim Burton’s movies style
  • Choose a character and play solo or in multiplayer
  • Collect resources and food
  • Explore and discover many secrets of the mysterious land

Stardew Valley


It is a successful farming game with RPG elements where you will change your entire life! Venture to the countryside and enjoy new friendships surrounded by nature on your farm.

Whether you prefer adventure or peaceful farm life, Stardew Valley has it all! Renovate your inherited farm, clear the area, and plant crops to earn money. Or, go on a journey to discover secrets and fight monsters! Want some company? In the village, you will not only sell goods but also make new friends and perhaps find love.

Key features
  • Play the famous farming game with RPG elements
  • Renew inherited farm and gain profit
  • Embark on an adventure or make new friends in the town
  • Play solo or with four other players


Developer:Mojang Studios

It is a wildly popular building game you can enjoy on almost any PC at low settings. It may not be gorgeous, but it is worth it!

Choose one of several game modes and enter the voxel world of new possibilities! Explore various biomes and select a place to build a base or some impressive structure. Dig deep into the ground, discover new resources, or fight monsters that come only at night. Build a farm or become a fearless adventurer. Minecraft is a game where you can do anything!

Key features
  • Enter the voxel world and build
  • Explore to find the best resources
  • Create a base and fight monsters
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Portal 2


It is one of those games that will run literally on any computer. Start your adventure with Valve’s logic puzzles right away!

Play solo or in co-op with another player to complete a series of intense trials created by a snarky AI. Discover the secret of this world and escape the research facility. Use the portal guns to find a passage in each room and enjoy the hilarious company of friendly robots.

Key features
  • Play an addictive puzzle game from Valve
  • Use portal guns to find a way out of each room
  • Explore a research facility and discover its secrets
  • Play solo or in cooperation with a friend

World of Warcraft

Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

If you have a very weak PC but don’t like massive raids with many flashy spells, you can play WoW! Join epic multiplayer gameplay in a fantasy world and start your legendary adventure.

Choose from many races and classes to create the hero of your dreams and start the adventure! Explore beautiful lands, complete quests, and meet new friends in one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world! Choose a side and fight for a better world solo or with other players.

Key features
  • Play one of the most popular MMORPGs ever
  • Create the hero of your dreams and embark on an epic adventure
  • Discover the history of the land and complete quests
  • Gain experience and level up

Darkest Dungeon

Developer:Red Hook Studios

This low end video game runs even on notebooks, so enjoy! Travel to the dark fantasy world and start your adventure in the dungeon maze to defeat evil.

Lead your team on an epic battle against hideous beasts. Explore dungeons and discover their secrets! In this dark game, every death is final, and stress plays a vital role in the heroes’ performance. Plan every move and fight in the turn-based mode to defeat every opponent. It is a unique title with fantastic graphics and an atmosphere that will engage you for many hours of satisfying gameplay.

Key features
  • Play a role-playing game inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft
  • Explore the underworld and discover secrets
  • Monitor the mental state of the heroes and rest in your free time
  • Plan every move and fight in a turn-based mode

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

Although Skyrim reigns as the best game in this legendary series from Bethesda, Morrowind is an absolute must-have for any fan of the Tamriel world. Start your adventure in this mysterious realm to become its ultimate hero.

Create a character and start your adventure in the world of Morrowind. Explore cities and wastelands to learn the history of this world and battle the evil. Chat with people, complete quests, and develop your skills. Discover the mystery of the burnt wastelands and engage in political intrigue. It is a perfect masterpiece for all fans of role-playing games!

Key features
  • Choose your race and class to start the adventure of your life
  • Explore the vast map and discover its secrets
  • Chat with the heroes and uncover the history of this world
  • Develop your skills and fight hideous beasts



It is an indie video game where choices matter. Enter the underground world of monsters and embark on an adventure that will stay with you forever.

Play as a kid who explores the hidden world of monsters. Explore this bizarre realm and discover the craziest challenges. Enjoy the eccentric humor and invent the most unusual methods of avoiding obstacles. You don’t have to fight to see the story ending in this game! Make decisions and see how the world around you changes. And thanks to pixel graphics and low requirements, you can enjoy this game on all bad PCs.

Key features
  • Play as a kid exploring the magical world of monsters
  • Explore the underground and avoid obstacles
  • Chat with people to get information
  • Make decisions and see many alternative endings



It is a side-scroll-building game where you will create your grand adventure yourself. Enter the pixel world and change your surroundings as you wish!

Play solo or with your friends and recreate your life in the great world of Terraria. Explore the procedurally generated map and confront your enemies! Or mine for resources to create a base or even entire villages. Dig, destroy, build and get better tools or weapons. Everything surprises and delight in this creative game!

Key features
  • Start a new life in a pixelated world
  • Explore, collect resources, and fight
  • Build and develop your settlements
  • Create better and better weapons and eliminate all enemies

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Release:2008-07-10 / 2020-06-13 (PC)
Genre:Role-playing & Social Simulation

Enjoy something for owners of computers made around 2013! It is a recommendation for enthusiasts of action-packed anime-style RPGs.

Play as a schoolboy discovering the shocking secrets of his new home. Meet new great friends and enjoy everyday school life. Or enter the mirror world and face the numerous dangers of this strange reality with your friends. Develop your skills to get stronger and knock down your enemies with complex attacks!

Key features
  • Play as a kid who starts a new life in a small town
  • Take care of school life and make new friends
  • Explore the mirror world to discover its secrets
  • Use weapons and special attacks to defeat enemies

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings


So you really want to play The Witcher but are afraid it will fail? Fear not – at low settings, you may not be impressed with the graphics, but this title will definitely do the job!

Play the second part of the adventures of the fearless Witcher and engage in murderous intrigues. The rulers of this world are in danger when the mysterious Kingslayer steps in. Embark on a journey to unravel this mystery!

Explore the beautiful world and complete quests to gain experience. Lead your adventure however you want and make decisions that will determine the fate of the whole land. You decide how this epic story unfolds.

Key features
  • Play as the famous Geralt of Rivia and embark on a dangerous mission
  • Explore the open world and uncover its secrets
  • Make decisions and witness their impact on the world around you
  • Fight to develop skills

Civilization 5

Developer:Firaxis Games

Create a civilization and lead it through hundreds of years of development! It is a recommendation for fans of the best strategy games that encourage creative management.

Pick one of the many civilizations and see its origins to lead its development over the centuries. Start with nothing and end up as a mighty military empire! Engage in diplomacy, trade, build Wonders and enjoy tactical gameplay on a bright map. If you are looking for strategic gameplay for hours of great fun – Civilization 5 will never let you down.

Key features
  • Choose a civilization and manage its development over hundreds of years
  • Build impressive cities and conquer new lands
  • Develop culture and science to advance to the next levels
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to eight players

Baba Is You


It is an independent puzzle video game for lovers of mind challenges. Think you will overcome a hundred levels of this engaging title?

Guide your hero through one hundred levels of surprising challenges and win! Baba Is You is pixel gameplay where you change the placement of elements or words to achieve the desired effect and continue your journey. Get ready for lots of obstacles and tricky puzzles! Each level is getting more and more challenging, so it is excellent entertainment for every PC user.

Key features
  • Play an indie puzzle game from Hempuli Oy
  • Guide the hero to complete all levels
  • Rearrange items and words
  • Solve puzzles and continue your journey

Hollow Knight

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Team Cherry

Venture to the tiny insect world to win wonderful treasures and defeat enemies! It is a magical platform video game full of secrets, obstacles, and great fun.

Play as the fearless Hollow Knight and set off on a journey to the underworld to discover ancient secrets. Get ready for countless puzzles, new friendships, and challenging battles with powerful enemies. It is a beautiful game for all fans of fabulous stories about courage, travel, and overcoming your fears.

Key features
  • Play as a tiny Hollow Knight and set off on a long journey to the underworld
  • Explore and discover priceless treasures
  • Meet new friends or fight your enemies
  • Solve puzzles and avoid obstacles

Gaming with a low-spec PC doesn’t have to be boring. If you only know what you like to play and what genre you enjoy the most, the biggest challenge is already behind you! Thousands of gamers are looking for the coolest low-end games on the internet, helping each other in their intense hunt. And more and more independent games on Steam meet the low requirements of computers while offering absolutely fantastic gameplay. So don’t worry. Your PC might be weak, but your gaming experience – never!