Not all of us were born with a knack for bossing around. Some of us are just discovering a lot of fun in it. And what can help you awake your management skill? Management games.

Running a city, prison, or football team is not a piece of cake. This task may require not only an idea for development but a talent for multitasking as well. While some games are a popular relaxing proposition for long winter evenings, others can turn out to be quite a complex challenge. Are you looking for an addictive time management game but don’t know what to choose yet? Check out our list of top rated management games – you will definitely find something for yourself.

Cities Skylines 2015-03-10 Economy Colossal Order
Simcity Complete Edition 2014-11-13 Economy
Banished 2014-02-18 Economy Shining Rock Software
Satisfactory 2020-06-08 Building Coffee Stain Studios
Stronghold Collection 2009-10-27 Economy FireFly Studios
Crusader Kings II Imperial Collection 2012-02-14 Economy Paradox Development Studio
Rimworld 2016-07-15 Indie Ludeon Studios
Factorio 2016-02-25 Indie Wube Software
Football Manager 2021 2020-11-24 Sports Sports Interactive
Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation 2016-12-16 Indie Project Moon
Jurassic World Evolution 2018-06-12 Simulation Frontier Developments
Planet Zoo 2019-11-05 Simulation Frontier Developments
Two Point Hospital 2018-08-29 Simulation Two Point Studios
Prison Architect 2015-10-06 Indie Introversion Software
Planet Coaster 2016-11-17 Strategy Frontier Developments
Spiritfarer 2020-08-18 Building Thunder Lotus
Game Dev Tycoon 2013-08-29 Indie Greenheart Games
Stellaris 2016-05-09 Strategy Paradox Development Studio


Release date2016-07-15
DeveloperLudeon Studios
Game modesSingleplayer

Become a part of a story that creates itself! Command a group of survivors, direct their actions and see what challenges the intelligent AI will set for you.

When a group of survivors lands on a completely alien planet, their most important task is to survive. Meet your heroes and their unique personalities that will make the gameplay even more unpredictable. Develop a colony and repel enemy attacks. And most of all – witness how the world you live in will shape the following chapters of this story. You can choose from three unique AI characters guaranteeing any game mode: from peaceful to complete chaos.

Key features
  • Lead the fate of a group of survivors and establish a colony on an alien planet
  • Gather resources, trade, build and produce food
  • Prepare to fight enemy attacks
  • Observe the development of the heroes and create a unique history of the settlement


Release date2016-02-25
DeveloperWube Software
Game modesSingleplayer, multiplayer

Are you wondering how the largest factories are built and operated? Then create your own – on a completely foreign planet full of dangers.

Mine resources to design the first buildings and transport network. The more you build – the more efficient the production will be. Gain access to the best technologies and improve the production and transport line. Your dream factory is now at your fingertips. Oh no, wait. The inhabitants of the planet do seem very unhappy with the massive exploitation of raw materials. Well – time to battle! Your life’s work will not defend itself.

Key features
  • Build a well-functioning factory on an alien planet
  • Extract raw materials and expand your project
  • Fight attacks from the planet’s inhabitants
  • Play solo or in cooperation

Cities: Skylines

Release date2015-03-10
DeveloperColossal Order
Game modesSingleplayer

A sparkling gem for every fan of city-building and micromanagement games. Cities: Skylines is a revolutionary strategy title in which you will learn every aspect of managing a massive metropolis.

Start from scratch and grow. Design simple buildings and lead roads. The more residential and commercial buildings you construct in a city, the more people will move in. Take care of everything: public transport network, garbage collection, education, trade, and safety. For the city to grow, your citizens must be satisfied. Are you ready to complete this challenge?

Key features
  • Build a well-functioning city
  • Provide citizens with everything they need
  • Control the flow of finances and expand the metropolis
  • See how the most realistic city in the history of management games rises

Football Manager 2021

Release date2020-11-24
DeveloperSports Interactive
Game modesSingleplayer, multiplayer

Managing a football crew is quite a challenge. Climb to the heights of multitasking and become the most valuable person in the team – the manager.

Choose a club and do your best to lead it to the top! Watch matches, plan tactics, and supervise the game of the most skilled players. Recruit new members to create the perfect squad. And don’t forget to take care of stuff like players’ private problems, media interviews, training, and finances. Everything will be on your head in this game, but in the end, this team is your legacy.

Key features
  • Choose a football club and create your dream team
  • Manage realistic meetings with players and the press
  • Plan your tactics and analyze the potential course of matches
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Lobotomy Corporation

Release date2016-12-16
DeveloperProject Moon
Game modesSingleplayer

It is a strategy game where everything can go wrong. Hire at the energy company that extracts energy from monsters!

Thanks to modern technology, Lobotomy Corporation possesses unlimited possibilities of extracting energy from monsters. Head the unit responsible for supervising monsters and take care of every aspect of their proper functioning. Monitor the moods of monsters and employees and plan an action strategy for every situation. What if something goes wrong? Well, get ready for a wild improvisation right in the heart of chaos.

Key features
  • Play as the manager of the company’s department responsible for collecting energy from monsters
  • Hire the staff and create a work strategy
  • Control the behavior of monsters and take care of the safety of employees
  • React quickly in the face of an unexpected accident

Jurassic World Evolution

Release date2018-06-12
DeveloperFrontier Developments
Game modesSingleplayer

Can we tame the wildness of nature? What does humanity mean in the face of thousands of years of evolution? Find out in your Jurassic Park!

Become the manager of the most magnificent place on Earth – Jurassic Park. Get the rarest species of dinosaurs and do whatever you can to make this place a new home for them. Construct buildings, organize fences, and create a network of roads and paths. Take care of attractions to draw as many visitors as possible. But don’t forget about safety – ancient reptiles can be a real threat to unwise visitors.

Key features
  • Build the most beautiful Jurassic Park
  • Take care of the satisfaction and safety of your visitors
  • Bring new species of dinosaurs and provide them with decent living conditions
  • Control the flow of finances and expand your park

Planet Zoo

Release date2019-11-05
DeveloperFrontier Developments
Game modesSingleplayer

There is nothing like running a zoo. Now you can make this dream come true! Play Planet Zoo and discover all aspects of managing a functioning zoo.

Develop the perfect zoo. Construct buildings, design a network of paths, bring visitors and organize the best attractions. But most of all, take care of the animals. This strategy game realistically reflects the behavior of real animals and the everyday challenges of this work. Look after your animals and make them happy like never before. Happy animals equals pure profit.

Key features
  • Build a beautiful zoo
  • Bring different species of animals and take an active part in their lives
  • Organize attractions for visitors and earn money
  • Take care of the animals and give them access to everything they need

Two Point Hospital

Release date2018-08-29
DeveloperTwo Point Studios
Game modesSingleplayer, multiplayer

So, you never became a doctor like your mom always wanted you to be. And you have no idea about diseases. It’s okay, here’s your chance to become the head of a real hospital.

Lead the most prestigious medical facility in the entire Two Point. Examine the patients and study their diseases. Everything can happen here, and the most bizarre illnesses are not surprising at all. Do your research and implement the craziest treatments you can think of. At Two Point Hospital, medicine knows no bounds!

Key features
  • Run the best hospital in the area
  • See patients and diagnose diseases
  • Conduct research and invest in the best equipment
  • Control your finances and patients’ satisfaction

Prison Architect

Release date2015-10-06
DeveloperIntroversion Software
Game modesSingleplayer, multiplayer

Do you sometimes feel like you need something different? For those seeking a new challenge, Introversion Software fulfills the request with a game in which you can manage a prison.

Design a prison that will become a dream home for many inmates. Plan the arrangement of the rooms, meet their most important needs, and hire guards. There will be more and more prisoners and even more conflicts! Do your best to put down the flames of rising riots and return prisoners to the only right path of rehabilitation.

Key features
  • Design a prison where your inmates will feel almost at home
  • Ensure the safety of prisoners and employees
  • React quickly to changes in mood
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Dyson Sphere Program

Release date2021-01-21
GenreBase building, simulation
DeveloperYouthcat Studio
Game modesSingleplayer, multiplayer

Humanity has finally found a way to extract energy from the stars. As in Factorio, you’ll create an efficient production chain here – but on a much larger scale.

Develop a galactic manufacturing empire! Design your own Dyson Sphere and make it work. Explore interstellar spaces, mine for raw materials, discover better and better technologies, and proceed on the golden path to development. In this program, you are responsible for constructing the most advanced space energy project.

Key features
  • Design the Dyson Sphere
  • Explore, gather resources, and expand your massive factory
  • Experiment with new technologies and make breakthrough discoveries
  • Design an efficient production and transport network

Game Dev Tycoon

Release date2013-08-29
DeveloperGreenheart Games
Game modesSingleplayer

Discover the behind-the-scenes work of video game developers. Set up your own studio that will lead you through historically accurate stages of development of the entire gaming industry.

The beginnings are usually tough – yours will take place in the garage in the 1980s. But a brilliant idea has always been the best recipe for success! Design video games and launch them out into the world. Experience the fire of criticism from your audience and accept failure. Learn from your mistakes, control budget, hire employees, and release a hit that everyone will fall in love with!

Key features
  • Learn the ins and outs of the video game developer profession
  • See what changes the technology has experienced over the years
  • Grow your business and release better and better titles
  • Make the most crucial decisions and control your budget


Release date2016-05-09
DeveloperParadox Development Studio
Game modesSingleplayer

It is a grand strategy game with RPG elements, where you will face the entire galaxy as the sole ruler of your civilization. Are you ready to conquer space?

Choose from a variety of races and customize its features. Discover its history and origins to decide on the specific nature of the gameplay. Will you be a peaceful builder or an offensive invader? Manage your civilization, collect resources, energy, and funds. Engage in diplomacy or wage wars. Or are you a born explorer? Embark on an adventure to explore the anomalies of the galaxy that can bring anything from groundbreaking discoveries to unwanted encounters.

Key features
  • Play one of the most loved strategy games on Steam
  • Choose a civilization to conquer the entire galaxy
  • Manage your nation, discover new technologies and travel through the great distances of space
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Farming Simulator 19

Release date2018-11-20
DeveloperGiants Software
Game modesSingleplayer

It is an incredibly realistic farmer simulator that will make farming as rewarding as never before. Try new types of vehicles and get to work!

The farmer’s job is not the easiest one, but mighty agricultural machines can always make it fun. Expand your farm, plant new crop species and take care of new types of animals. Explore the vast area of the farm and plan its further development. Harvest crops, collect wood, and trade – higher earnings mean even better equipment for work. And remember – it’s worth having a rest after a hard day.

Key features
  • Play the most realistic farm simulator
  • Seed new types of plants and breed animals
  • Trade crops and land
  • Try completely new types of agricultural machinery
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Although MMORPGs and first-person shooters are currently the most addicting genres available on Steam, management video games also produce a strong field of attraction. They offer various variants and paces of gameplay: from relaxing and calm to dynamic and focused on rapid development. Depending on our needs, we can adapt the game to current preferences and enjoy it for hours.

Resource management games were also serving as a research tool for the most realistic challenges in the work of business companies. The management simulator provides an excellent environment for examining strategies and making risky decisions. What’s more – it develops the sense of planning and predicting the consequences of one’s actions. Fortunately, we can enjoy the best management games without any pressure from employers or ambitious researchers. Instead, we immerse ourselves in countless fantastic worlds, playing the maddest leaders imaginable. And then we put into life scenarios that serious researchers would not even dream of. Because management games don’t ask, they understand.