If you’re a fan of military sims, you’re in for a real treat.

These games are renowned for their complexity, realism, and authenticity, providing an experience that goes far beyond your typical shooters or action games.

They’re not just games; they’re virtual battlefields where every decision counts, and every move can make the difference between victory and defeat. From realistic weapon mechanics and ballistics to meticulously crafted environments, these games strive to recreate the chaos and intensity of real combat scenarios.

The level of authenticity is astounding, with many titles featuring accurate historical settings, authentic uniforms, and even realistic weather conditions. This dedication to realism makes each game a gripping, heart-pounding experience where players must use their wits and teamwork to survive and succeed.

Curious to see which games made our list? Read on and discover ten incredible military sims that will put your tactical skills to the ultimate test!

Verdun 2015-04-28 Action & Shooter M2H
War Of Rights 2018-12-03 Indie Campfire Games
Rising Storm 2 Vietnam 2017-05-30 Action & Shooter Tripwire Interactive
Ground Branch 2018-08-14 Indie BlackFoot Studios
Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition 2013-09-12 Strategy Bohemia Interactive
Squad 2015-12-14 Action & Shooter Offworld Industries
Escape From Tarkov 2017-07-27 Shooter Battlestate Games Ltd.
Hell Let Loose 2019-06-06 Indie Team17
Insurgency Sandstorm 2018-12-12 Action New World Interactive
Gray Zone Warfare Standard Edition 2024-04-30 Coop shooter MADFINGER Games

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Release date:2018-12-12
Developer:New World Interactive

No health bar. No mini-map. No ammo count. Insurgency: Sandstorm is all about the grittiness of war and realism. This is what makes this game so incredible.

Gameplay-wise, it’s a multiplayer shooter where you get to pick one of the sides – Security (loosely based on NATO and PMCs) or Insurgents (similarly loosely based on all sorts of terrorist and para-military groups) – and then gear up and get ready to fight in a variety of objective-based modes.

This is where the fun begins. Both factions are asymmetrical in nature, meaning that you won’t be fighting on equal terms. And if you die during a round, you won’t be able to respawn until its end. So, you’ll need to choose the right weapons and other gear for the task at hand, as well as crank up your tactical skills to 11. Insurgency: Sandstorm looks great, plays great, and is definitely one of the more ambitious shooters on the market. If you’re fed up with Call of Duty, this might be a fantastic alternative.

Key features
  • Intense, realistic gameplay – firefights feel like the real thing
  • Amazing multiplayer with a wide variety of available modes
  • Excellent audiovisuals
  • Plenty of customization options

Hell Let Loose

Release date:2019-06-06

If you thought Battlefield was as real as it gets, wait until you try Hell Let Loose. This WW2 shooter cranks up the tactical dial for an even more immersive experience. 

Picture this: you’re not just running and gunning but actually reliving historical battles, stepping into the boots of different infantry classes, and manning all sorts of vehicles, ranging from tanks to trucks. And the real kicker? The game demands killer teamwork and sharp commanders to really bring the fight home.

That’s what makes Hell Let Loose more than just a game—it’s pretty much a historical reenactment using virtual bullets. You actually get to rewrite history and change the tides of actual battles from the past. Hell Let Loose is a blast to play, so be sure to grab it if you’re into hardcore WW2 shooters where strategy, tactics and good teamwork count.

Key features
  • You get to re-enact and even change the tides of historical World War II battles
  • You can choose from a variety of roles, from riflemen to commanders
  • There are some RTS elements in the game, too, with officers having to manage supply lines and more
  • Communication here is key, so be sure to brush up on your small talk skills


Release date:2013-09-12
Developer:Bohemia Interactive

One shot, one kill. Combined arms warfare. Punishing difficulty. That’s ARMA 3 in a nutshell. That’s why so many people love it.

Here’s how things usually work. You get a mission to complete and all the tools required to do that. Sometimes you’re a part of a team. Sometimes you even command that team. Other times, you go solo. Anyway, you get to complete missions any way you wish. It’s even possible for your allies to win the war for you if you let them!

What sets ARMA 3 apart from its contemporaries is its massive community and the mods it creates to this day. Ranging from quality-of-life improvements to new missions, even complete campaigns, they’re sure to make you never run out of things to do in this game. Anyway, things like coordinating a stealthy night raid with your squad or that perfectly timed and precisely targeted air strike to support your fellas all make for a memorable military experience. While it ain’t the real thing, it does get pretty close.

Key features
  • Immersive, tactical, and intense combat scenarios
  • Multiplayer is amazing and requires A grade teamwork
  • Beautiful, detailed landscapes
  • Tons of mods and custom missions


Release date:2015-04-28
Genre:Action & Shooter

This one’s not just a game. It’s a trench warfare simulator. Thrilling and brutal, Verdun throws you deep into the heart of World War I, in all its glory and all its horror.

One thing’s for sure: this game’s super tactical. Battlefield 1 was basically Call of Duty with a WWI setting, but this one’s an entirely different animal. First off, you’re a part of a squad, coupled with its own NCO (you can become a squad leader, too). No more heroics, no more going solo, you either work together or get wrecked. The game doesn’t glamorize combat; it’s gritty, it’s tough, and it makes you respect the strategy and sacrifices of soldiers during World War I. You’re not just running around shooting; you’re holding lines, strategizing in real-time with your squad, and facing the harsh conditions of warfare head-on.

Verdun is a whole different kind of shooter—more methodical, more immersive. If you’re looking for a game that challenges you mentally and tactically, this one’s definitely it. Plus, playing it feels like a history lesson, only way more interactive and fun (if we can call war fun, that is). You should definitely check it out. It’ll change how you view military shooters. And if you want more, grab Verdun’s sequels: Tannenberg and Isonzo.

Key features
  • Experience brutal trench warfare of World War I
  • Get tactical – either work with your team as one, cohesive unit or get wrecked
  • Enjoy historical accuracy and authentic atmosphere thanks to painstaking attention to details
  • Do battle on faithfully recreated battlefields

Six Days in Fallujah

Release date:2023-06-22

Now here’s something different. Imagine a survival horror game, but without any monsters and cheap jump scares. Instead, you’re pitted against deadly insurgents who will stop at nothing to decimate you and your unit.

This mix of tension and fear typical of horror with the authenticity of modern military operations is what makes Six Days of Fallujah so unique. You get to experience the unpredictability of urban warfare. Building are destructible and AI proactive, not just reactive. Guerilla warfare at its finest (and scariest)!

You get to witness the events of the Battle of Fallujah from two different perspectives: that of a US Marine and of a local family trying to escape from the city. It’s intense and gripping, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. The game doesn’t hold back on showing the brutal reality of war, which makes every decision you make feel crucial. Plus, the graphics and sound design are top-notch, totally immersing you in this gritty experience. It might be one of the most unique tactical shooters on the market.

Key features
  • Experience a painstaking recreation of real-life events
  • Gruesome guerilla warfare – it’s like a survival horror game
  • Two different perspectives: witness the battle through the eyes of US Marines and a local family
  • Co-op mode is also available

War of Rights

Release date:2018-12-03
Developer:Campfire Games

Historical battles? Check. Period-accurate details, such as uniforms? Check. Unique gameplay unlike 99% shooters on the market? Check. War of Rights takes you back to the times of the American Civil War, letting you experience them as if you lived there.

You’re literally fighting on the same fields as the soldiers did at Antietam and Gettysburg, using the same tactics and formations they used back then. The maps are based on actual historical data, which is definitely a treat for history buffs.

What’s really awesome is how the game makes you work with your team. You can’t just go solo; you need to stick with your unit, follow orders, and move in formation. It’s all about strategy and teamwork. Plus, getting into these big battles with loads of other players feels epic. It’s not just about shooting; it’s about experiencing what combat might have felt like back then. War of Rights is definitely worth checking out if you’re into historically accurate mil-sims.

Key features
  • Go back in time and engage in epic and authentic Civil War skirmishes
  • Work together during massive, coordinated battles
  • Enjoy a masterful recreation of this historical period
  • Unique gunplay – it’s pretty much unlike anything else on the market, with some exceptions, maybe


Release date:2024-03-28
Developer:Darkflow Software

Alright, you might say: “Hey, we’ve got Hell Let Loose already!” True, but hear us out. Enlisted packs different battles, including the Pacific front, and is free-to-play!

Image credit: Darkflow Software

Just like Hell Let Loose and Verdun, Enlisted is focused on squad-based gameplay. Each member of your squad has different roles, like a sniper, medic, or assault trooper. You can switch between them during battle, which adds a whole layer of depth to planning your moves. The battles are massive, too, with real historical campaigns and locations, so it feels like you’re actually part of a huge war effort.

The game is pretty realistic, too, even if it does make concessions to be more accessible. It feels much more immersive than your average run-and-gun shooter. If you’re into WWII stuff or just want a game that’s about smart tactics and teamwork, Enlisted is definitely worth a go.

Enlisted is a free-to-play game.

Key features
  • Squad-based action – control your team and switch between soldiers, each with different gear and class
  • Engage in massive, immersive WW2 battles
  • Play as infantry, tank crew, or pilots – the choice is yours
  • By the way, it’s free to play!


Release date:2015-12-14
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Offworld Industries

If you want Hell Let Loose or Enlisted, but with a modern twist, be sure to check out Squad, which sort of does the same things, but is all about current conflicts. 

Squad is all about teamwork and communication. You’re part of a larger force, and each role—from riflemen to vehicle crews—plays a crucial part in the success of your operations. The maps are massive, reflecting real-world locations, and you get to use current military tech, which makes the gameplay feel super authentic and harrowingly realistic. But that’s a major of the game’s charm!

The community in Squad is really dedicated, too. Everyone’s focused on working together, which is awesome if you’re tired of typical run-and-gun style shooters. It’s definitely a game worth diving into if you want something combining intense action with realistic team-based tactics.

Key features
  • Engage in realistic, modern-day combat scenarios
  • Work closely with your squad – sound tactics are a must to win here
  • Participate in huge, immersive firefights
  • Do battle on impressively huge battlefields

Escape From Tarkov

Release date:2017-07-27
Developer:Battlestate Games Ltd.

It’s not your usual shooter; it’s an extraction game where the goal is not just to fight and get as many frags as possible, but to survive and escape the map with all your loot.

The tension in Tarkov is unreal, because every raid you go on can lead to huge gains or devastating losses, including all your gear. You need to manage everything: from your hydration and exhaustion to healing individual body parts when injured. The environments are super detailed, too, from abandoned factories to dense forests, each filled with hidden routes and dangers. You have to be strategic about what you carry, how much noise you make, and even the kind of ammo you use.

And the community? Super dedicated. Everyone’s really into the nitty-gritty of this game, from optimizing gear setups to figuring out the best extraction points. If you’re into stuff that requires more thought and planning, and packs heart-pounding moments of a different kind, Escape from Tarkov is definitely worth getting into.

Key features
  • An excellent extraction shooter with survival elements
  • Realistic ballistics
  • Intense combat
  • High difficulty, but this makes this game so rewarding

IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

Release date:2014-10-22
Developer:777 Studios

If you’re even remotely interested in flight simulators, WWII history, or just love a good dogfight, you’ve got to dive into IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad. Nothing short of a masterpiece, this game puts you right in the cockpit during some of the most intense air battles of WW2. It’s immersive, it’s detailed, and it’s a total adrenaline rush.

One of the best things about IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is the insane level of detail. The developers went all out to recreate every aircraft, every landscape, and even the brutal weather conditions of 1942-1943. Imagine navigating your plane through a blizzard, the icy wind almost palpable, as you dodge enemy fire and line up that perfect shot.

The flight physics are so realistic that you’ll feel like a true ace pilot after every successful mission. And if you’re a history geek, the authenticity will blow your mind. It’s like stepping into a time machine and experiencing World War 2 firsthand! And the multiplayer mode? It’s an absolute blast! Team up with friends or challenge other pilots in epic dogfights. Whether you’re a veteran flyer or a newbie looking to take to the skies, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad is an unforgettable ride. Get ready to soar!

Key features
  • Experience incredibly lifelike flying physics
  • Fly authentic WW2 aircraft in historically accurate scenarios
  • Take part in an immersive campaign in addition to a wide variety of other modes, including excellent multiplayer
  • Feast your eyes on gorgeous visuals and detailed environments

If you’re looking for a gaming experience that challenges your tactical skills and immerses you in the chaos of battle, these military sims are a must-try. Each game on this list offers something unique, catering to different aspects of military combat and strategy.

Dive into these titles and experience the thrill, tension, and satisfaction that comes from mastering some of the most realistic and complex shooters out there. Happy gaming, and may your strategies lead you to victory! Oh, and be sure to check them out on our marketplace!