If something can really catch the audience’s attention on a TV or computer screen, it’s a delicious mystery. Because when we wish to unravel a strange puzzle, we can devote one hundred percent of our attention and time to it.

This applies to literature, movies, and the world of video games. Adrenaline, risk, complex decisions – these are just a few of the features we can find in outstanding mystery video games. Are you looking for a title that will leave you with a shattered mind long after it’s finished? We have something just for you! Take a look at this list of the best mystery PC games ever!

Resident Evil 7 2017-01-23 Horror CAPCOM
Resident Evil 8: Village 2021-05-07 Horror Capcom Development Division 1
Detroit: Become Human 2020-06-18 Adventure Quantic Dream
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition 2020-08-07 Adventure Guerrilla Games
Death Stranding 2020-07-14 Sci-fi Kojima Productions
Unheard 2019-03-28 Indie NExT Studios
La Noire Complete Edition 2011-11-08 Adventure Team Bondi
Life Is Strange Complete Season Episodes 1-5 2015-01-29 Adventure DON'T NOD
Life Is Strange 2 Complete Season 2018-09-27 Adventure DONTNOD Entertainment
Life is Strange: True Colors 2021-09-09 Adventure Deck Nine
Batman Arkham Asylum Goty 2010-03-26 Adventure Rocksteady Studios
Batman Arkham Collection 2018-11-28 Action Rocksteady Studios
Batman Arkham Origins 2013-10-24 Adventure WB Games Montréal
Batman Arkham Knight 2015-06-23 Adventure Rocksteady Studios
The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope 2020-10-30 Interactive drama Supermassive Games
The Dark Pictures Anthology Man Of Medan 2019-08-30 Interactive drama Supermassive Games
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes 2021-10-22 Interactive drama Supermassive Games
The Room 2016-07-15 Adventure Fireproof Games
Heavy Rain 2020-06-18 Action Quantic Dream
The Wolf Among Us 2013-10-11 Adventure Telltale Games
The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter 2014-09-25 Adventure The Astronauts
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 2016-02-18 Adventure Spike ChunSoft
Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony 2017-09-25 Adventure Spike Chunsoft
Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair 2016-04-18 Adventure Spike ChunSoft
Return Of The Obra Dinn 2018-10-18 Adventure Lucas Pope

Resident Evil 8: Village

Developer:Capcom Development Division 1

Survival horror from Capcom, famous for the unique figure of a tall vampire lady. Would you like to meet her in person and experience a mysterious adventure? Welcome to Resident Evil Village.

Play as Ethan, who, to solve the puzzle of the disappearance of his beloved daughter, must reveal the dark mystery of a Romanian village. Explore the Dimitrescu estate, meet the wicked creatures inhabiting it and try to survive at all costs. Solve puzzles and put together the scattered parts of a dark story. You will have to fight, collect equipment, and if necessary – save yourself by escaping. Can you see through the maze of secrets of this sinister place?

Key features
  • See a world where dangerous stories come to life
  • Explore, collect equipment and solve the mystery of your daughter’s disappearance
  • Collect weapons and ammunition to defend yourself
  • Look for clues and valuable items

Detroit: Become Human

Developer:Quantic Dream

Who has the higher humanity index – human or machine? Enter the world of the future where androids live among humans and explore this riddle for yourself.

Guide the actions of three robots programmed to live in the ideal society of Detroit. But is the world in which you find yourself so perfect? Make thousands of decisions, get to know the reality around you, and witness the consequences of even the smallest choices. Not only the fate of your heroes but also the fate of the entire Detroit lays in your hands.

Key features
  • Play a sci-fi game where androids seek their place in the human world
  • Select dialogue options to see the rest of the story
  • Explore, gather clues, and make decisions that will determine the fate of thousands of lives
  • See dozens of game endings in which you will discover the secrets of humanity through the eyes of a robot

Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer:Guerrilla Games

It is the world in which humanity has been forgotten. From now on, those who survived must accept a new reality ruled by mighty machines.

Play as Aloy – a young and brave warrior determined to discover the mystery of the fall of humanity. Explore the open world, fight to survive, and engage in battles with high-tech machines. Craft new items and discover the wild reality around you in which you have to live.

Key features
  • Play a post-apocalyptic vision of the future where human civilization collapses
  • Explore, collect equipment, and craft better and better items
  • Face the numerous dangers of the new wild world
  • Discover the mystery of the fall of humanity

Death Stranding

Developer:Kojima Productions

Experience a post-apocalyptic world where dangerous anomalies turn the life cycle of all living beings upside down. Your hero will be Sam Porter – played by Norman Reedus, known primarily from The Walking Dead series.

Though the world is on the verge of collapse, the faint spark of hope is still glowing. Use your skills and face difficulties. Explore, fight and solve the mystery of events that should never have happened. Death Stranding is a story in which humanity will challenge death itself.

Key features
  • Experience a post-apocalyptic world ruled by unknown and dangerous anomalies
  • Explore, gather equipment, and be prepared for battles with dark enemies
  • Learn the secrets of bizarre aberrations that turn the natural course of time
  • Travel, sneak and get better and better weapons


Developer:NExT Studios

It is a game for fans of crime-based productions that includes conducting a challenging investigation. Immerse yourself in the world of sounds from the past to capture the culprit.

The adventure in Unheard takes place in a top-down perspective featuring listening to recordings of conversations taking place in the past. Examine carefully and get to know the heroes involved in a suspicious case. Listen to their most intimate secrets and pick up clues to solve the investigation. The fate of the entire search depends on your sixth sense of the born detective.

Key features
  • Play a crime solving adventure game and find the culprit
  • Listen to conversations from the past to find answers to questions that haunt you
  • Learn the secrets of those involved
  • See a non-linear story that leaves the flow of things entirely in your hands

LA Noire

Developer:Team Bondi

Travel back to 1940s Los Angeles and learn the ins and outs of the unrewarding police work. It is an action-adventure game in which you’ll conduct an investigation in a classic noir style.

Explore the past and present of Cole Phelps – an experienced police detective facing the challenging task of solving some of the suspicious events in the City of Angels. Engage in dialogues, collect clues and analyze the collected data. Take part in chases and shootings. Uncover the mystery and learn about every aspect of a detective job in the United States of the 1940s.

Key features
  • Experience a classic detective adventure and lead an investigation in the streets of Los Angeles
  • Conduct interviews and interrogations to extract evidence from suspects
  • Explore the city, collect clues and take part in the action-packed side quest
  • Combine all the clues and complete the case

Life is Strange

Developer:DON'T NOD

Play as teenage Max Caufield to uncover a dreadful secret looming over the peaceful American town of Arcadia Bay. Use your supernatural ability to go back in time to save your loved ones from the approaching tragedy in the world where every choice matters.

At Arcadia Bay, nothing is as it may seem. Returning to her hometown, Max has to deal with the domains of the past and unravel the mystery of unusual events involving the town. In this story, you will find everything: friendship, secrets, time travel, and an investigation that will determine the fate of all citizens. Make decisions and face the unavoidable consequences.

Key features
  • Play the captivating story of a teenage girl returning to her hometown
  • See extraordinary events and complex interpersonal relationships
  • Experience the grim visions of a giant tornado and solve their secret
  • Make decisions and witness their consequences

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Developer:Rocksteady Studios

Play as the most famous DC Comics character to face the darkest events unfolding on the streets of Gotham. Who will be quicker – you or the Joker?

The imprisonment of the Joker had consequences that no one expected. As escaped criminals wreak havoc again, you’re the only one who can prevent it. Start the investigation and track all the enemies to eliminate them from the game. Explore the dramatic stories of heroes in one of DC’s darkest universes. Read more about Arkham Series

Key features
  • Become part of the Joker’s big plot and end things by placing the villain back in jail
  • Explore, collect clues and use the latest Batman technologies
  • Attack your opponents by surprise and eliminate them in combat
  • Gain experience to win access to better and better skills and gadgets

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Genre:Interactive horror
Developer:Supermassive Games

It is a horror-adventure game inspired by true events in which you will experience the darkest visions of the past and what paralyzes a person the most – fear in its purest form.

Peaceful towns hide many secrets. Little Hope is not only about secrets but evil from the worst nightmares coming to life. Decide the destiny of four students who, deprived of the possibility of escape, must do their best to save their souls from the worst fate. Unravel the mystery of forgotten events, and there may be a faint shadow of hope for you.

Key features
  • Guide the fate of four students trapped in a town ravaged by nightmares
  • Face disturbing visions of the past and monstrous events unfolding in the present
  • Explore the peaceful town and make complicated decisions
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to 5 players

The Room

Developer:Fireproof Games

The Room hides many secrets. Get caught up in a unique thrill story and solve them all to discover a world where illusion meets reality.

Discover the mysterious box in the middle of the dark chamber and access all its secrets. Put the pieces of history together, feel the shivers down your spine and solve the riddle behind after riddle. The Room is a short game in an advanced audiovisual setting that will amaze every puzzle-lover.

Key features
  • Discover the secrets of the mysterious box
  • Explore the captivating story
  • Search for clues and solve challenging puzzles
  • Enjoy the stunning audiovisual setting of the game

Heavy Rain

Developer:Quantic Dream

A serial killer is on the loose, leaving mysterious origami figures by his dead victims. Will you gather enough courage to stop the murderer?

Discover the story of the four heroes and direct their actions to stop the ruthless Origami Killer. Immerse yourself in the world of adrenaline and mystery and act fast to save his future victims at all costs. Not only is the life of others at stake, but also yours and those of your loved ones.

Key features
  • Investigate the mysterious Origami Killer
  • Immerse yourself in the suspenseful tale of the four main characters
  • Explore, gather clues and interact with the elements of the environment
  • Make decisions that will determine the lives of your heroes and the rest of the story

The Wolf Among Us

Developer:Telltale Games

Enter a drama world where creatures from fairy tales have found a home in the material world of mortals. The reality, however, is not as sweet as it may seem, and soon the world of fairy tales is shaken by truly shocking events.

The real world forced the characters from fairy tales to adapt to the unwelcoming conditions. Having abandoned a carefree lifestyle, they undertook activities that could guarantee them, at least in part, a safe and dignified life. Play as Bad Wolf and solve the mystery of brutal murder. See a reality where beliefs and lifestyles clash. Discover the story of accepting, growing, and tolerating the unknown.

Key features
  • Play as the Bad Wolf and lead an investigation of a brutal murder
  • Explore, collect clues and learn the truth
  • Engage in dialogues, question witnesses, and unravel the mystery
  • See a unique world based on the Fables comic book series

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Developer:The Astronauts

Ethan Carter has mysteriously gone missing, and you are the only one who can solve this strange puzzle. Discover a world where the material world collides with a twisted alternate reality and learn the details of a true mystery.

Play as Paul Prospero – a talented detective who tracks down the missing Ethan Carter. Use your extraordinary skills and see what remains hidden for everyone else. Explore, collect clues and immerse in the murky atmosphere of mystery enveloping the magical Red Creek Valley.

Key features
  • Solve the mystery of the disappearance of Ethan Carter
  • Use your supernatural communication skills with the dead to unravel the mystery
  • Explore and collect clues
  • Enjoy the clouded atmosphere of the secrets looming over Red Creek Valley

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Developer:Spike ChunSoft

Welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy – one of the most prestigious universities in Japan for exceptionally talented students. Find out why you got locked up in a school full of murder intentions and figure out who the evil bear Monokuma really is.

The familiar corridors of the school are filled with fear. Anyone can be a suspect when it comes to a brutal murder. Play as Makoto Naegi – an ordinary student of a popular school and solve the mystery of multiplying doubts. Select the culprit correctly and free yourself from the horror prepared by the mysterious bear Monokuma.

Key features
  • Investigate brutal murder at school
  • Engage in dialogues that will help you determine the culprit
  • Examine the crime scene and collect evidence
  • Put the puzzle together to identify the murderer

Return of the Obra Dinn

Developer:Lucas Pope

When the Obra Dinn ship failed to reach the Cape of New Hope and instead docked at the London port, it was immediately sure that something was wrong here. When it turned out that there was no living soul on board – it was time to solve the dark mystery.

Play as an insurance agent trying to unravel the mystery of a lost merchant ship. Climb aboard the Obra Dinn and learn about its mysterious history. Explore the deck, put the collected clues together, and delve into the captain’s journal notes. The answer is very close – but do you dare to discover it?

Key features
  • Learn the history of the lost Obra Dinn ship
  • Explore, collect clues and immerse yourself in the echoes of the past
  • Solve puzzles that will reveal the rest of the events
  • See the unique black and white visuals of the game

Mystery games are not a genre for everyone. If you are tired after work or not able to devote one hundred percent of your attention to the clues you find – definitely delay this game to another day.

But when that day arrives, you can be sure to experience the mystery set in absolutely unique atmospheric circumstances. The investigation, hidden objects, unexpected situations, and a shudder of fear on your back. The most complicated puzzles and surprising plot twists! Nothing is as it seems in murder mystery video games. Wake up your inner detective and face challenging crime solving to discover the nature of the world around you – and yourself.