Video games occupy an important place in the lives of millions of gamers around the world. With technological progress and the emergence of new generation equipment, it would seem that many titles have disappeared into the abyss of history.

This is not entirely true! Cult classic games from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s left a huge mark on pop culture, becoming the basis for many franchises, as well as an inspiration for new titles!

The Power of Nostalgia in Video Games

According to statistics, currently the average age of a player is … 33 years old! This means that playing video games is no longer associated with children’s entertainment, and you can proudly develop your passion for gaming even at an adult age. Especially that classic childhood video games have something unique, which some may call the essence of gaming. Developers are increasingly focusing on retro aesthetics in new games and producing improved remasters of classic games.

Classic Video Games

But first, let’s have a look at the timeless classics that are still played by thousands of hobbyists and retro console owners and which can often be played at various conventions.

Super Mario Bros

Release year:1985

An absolutely iconic platformer and the beginning of the “Super Mario Bros.” series. Mario has also become Nintendo’s trademark and one of the company’s official mascots.

Super Mario Bros gamescreen

In the game, we play as the eponymous Mario (and Luigi in multiplayer), whose task is to travel through the Mushroom Kingdom and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches.

During his journey, our character fights with Browser’s minions, collects coins and various boosters that diversify the gameplay.

Key features
  • A cult classic platformer
  • Nostalgic soundtrack
  • Single and multiplayer 
  • Multiple levels

The Legend of Zelda

Release year:1986

An extremely extensive action-adventure 2D game with RPG and logical elements, set in a fantasy world.

The Legend of Zelda gamescreen

The plot of the game is based on saving Princess Zelda from the hands of Ganon, an evil warlord turned demon king.

From the very beginning, our hero is completely defenseless – he has to perform various tasks in order to get a weapon and a shield, as well as a number of other useful items.

Key features
  • An extensive adventure game
  • Simple graphics and addictive storyline
  • Logical elements
  • RPG elements


Release year:1993

Dynamic and brutal, Doom is one of those games that was ahead of its time and quickly gained the recognition of players, becoming the most famous shooter in history.

DOOM gamescreen

In the game, we play the role of a space marine, commonly known as the Doomguy, whose task is to defeat enemies and escape the demon-infested space station.

A large arsenal of weapons, hordes of enemies from hell and energizing music made Doom set the bar high for its successors.

Key features
  • Iconic FPS
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Bloody fights
  • Lots of weapons


Release year:1997
Genre:Action RPG
Developer:Blizzard North

An extensive dark fantasy action RPG that spawned the hack ‘n’ slash and dungeon crawler genres.

Diablo gamescreen

In this title, we play the role of a hero whose ultimate task is to defeat the awakened, ancient Diablo, who wants to take over the human realm.

In this title, we have several character classes to choose from, a massive arsenal of weapons and armour, as well as many development opportunities for our hero.

Key features
  • Extensive RPG
  • One of the first slashers
  • Cult classic game
  • Dark, gloomy atmosphere

Final Fantasy

Release year:1987

A representative of the characteristic jRPG subgenre and the precursor of a gigantic saga of 15 games and a dozen or so subseries, currently numbering over 100(!) titles.

Final Fantasy 1987 gamescreen

In the game, we play as four heroes – Warriors of Light, who carry and protect four elemental crystals, which are tainted by evil powers. Their task is to restore the light to the crystals and defeat evil.

Final Fantasy is a very complex, multi-level RPG, providing countless hours of gameplay.

Key features
  • Extensive RPG
  • Party system
  • Turn-based combat
  • Captivating storyline

Nostalgia Reimagined: Remastered and Remake Games

Game developers do not forget about players who love old titles, constantly producing remasters and remakes of classics. Here are a few of them:

GameRelease dateGenreDeveloperDiscount
FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade 2021-04-10 RPG Square Enix 43%
Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) 2020-04-10 RPG Square Enix
RESIDENT EVIL 2 / BIOHAZARD RE:2 2019-01-25 Action CAPCOM CO., LTD. 88%
Spyro Reignited Trilogy 2018-11-13 Adventure Iron Galaxy 45%
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (Xbox One) 2019-06-21 Racing Beenox Inc. 80%
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (PS4) 2019-06-21 Racing Beenox Inc. 40%

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Release year:2020
Developer:Square Enix

A graphically and mechanically refreshed version of Final Fantasy VII from 1997. Due to the epic scale of the original, the developers decided to release this title in several parts.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

In the game, we play the role of the legendary Cloud Strife, whose task is to fight the megacorporation which tries to exploit the life energy of the planet.

The game was released as a PS4 exclusive.

Key features
  • Remake of the cult classic game
  • Refreshed graphics thanks to Unreal Engine 4
  • An extensive story divided into parts
  • Real-time events and strategic elements

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release year:2019
Genre:Survival horror
Developer:CAPCOM CO., LTD.

Remake of the cult Resident Evil 2 from 1998. This is another of the redone and remade instalments of the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

In the title, we play the role of police officer Leon or student Claire Redfield, who have to get out of Racoon City after the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse.

The game has been renewed in terms of graphics and mechanics.

Key features
  • A revived cult classic game
  • A chilling storyline
  • Camera angle changed to TP view
  • Possibility to choose a character

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Release year:2018
Developer:Toys for Bob

Remake of three parts of the iconic 3D platformer series: Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

In the game, we play the role of the eponymous charming, purple dragon who performs various tasks while traveling through the magical world.

Unlike many remakes, this title was created by an entirely different team than the original.

Key features
  • Remake of the cult classic 3D platformer
  • Three games in one
  • New improved controls
  • Redesigned graphics at a high level

Crash Team Racing Nitro-fueled

Release year:2019
Genre:Racing game
Developer:Beenox Inc.

A refreshed version of the PlayStation exclusive – CTR: Crash Team Racing from 1999.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-fueled

In the game, we play as characters from the Crash Bandicoot series, whose task is to win a series of races and thus – save the honour of the planet.

The game is strikingly similar to the original, but it has been enhanced with new graphics, mechanics, and gameplay solutions.

Key features
  • Refreshed iconic racing game
  • Multiple game modes
  • Refreshed audiovisual layer
  • Fun for the whole family

Retro-Inspired Indie Games

The retro style is also something that the creators of entirely new titles, inspired by nostalgic, childhood games, are eager to use:

GameRelease dateGenreDeveloperDiscount
Stardew Valley 2016-02-26 Adventure ConcernedApe 4%
Undertale 2015-09-15 Indie tobyfox
Cuphead 2017-09-29 Indie StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc. 27%
Hollow Knight 2017-02-24 Action & Shooter Team Cherry 41%
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove 2014-06-26 Action & Shooter Yacht Club Games 2%

Stardew Valley

Release year:2016

A sandbox PC game created by a one-man studio, which turned out to be a huge success and hit all modern platforms.

Stardew Valley

In this title, we play the role of a young man who, bored with life, goes to the countryside to continue his grandfather’s legacy – running a farm.

In addition to farming themes, the game also includes elements of building, crafting, side quests, exploration and much more!

Key features
  • A sandbox full of RPG and simulation elements
  • Cross-platform gameplay
  • Lovely 2D graphics
  • Plenty of tasks and fun opportunities


Release year:2015
Genre:Indie RPG

Graphically uncomplicated, referring to 8-bit retro games, a game with an extensive plot and an interesting story.


In the title, we play the role of a girl who accidentally ends up in the underground world full of monsters, which, however, turns out to hide much more…

The game offers a fascinating mix of styles, witty dialogue, thought-provoking moments and countless hours of great adventure.

Key features
  • Retro-inspired game in 8-bit style
  • Incredibly engaging storyline
  • Humorous elements
  • Unique music composed by the creator


Release year:2017
Developer:StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.

A 2D game in the style of Disney cartoons from the 1930s. This title is a combination of an action game, a platformer, and a shooter.


In the game, we play the role of a cup-like hero whose gambling tendencies got him into trouble with the Devil himself.

The gameplay, apart from traveling around the platform world, is based on fighting various bosses.

Key features
  • Graphics referring to retro animation
  • Lots of arcade elements
  • Possibility of cooperation
  • Funny plot

Hollow Knight

Release year:2017
Genre:Platformer, Action, Metroidvania
Developer:Team Cherry

A game representing the metroidvania subgenre, which was created thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. The plot is set in a fantastic world.

Hollow Knight

In the title, we play the eponymous Knight, who decides to visit the huge underground, which has been attracting daredevils for years with its riches, but also… answers to eternal questions.

The game offers us the opportunity to explore the world, expand the equipment, develop the character’s skills, as well as fight with opponents.

Key features
  • Fantasy setting
  • RPG elements – character and equipment development
  • Traps and bosses
  • Hand-drawn 2D graphics

Shovel Knight

Release year:2014
Developer:Yacht Club Games

A 2D platformer with elements of adventure and RPG games, set in a fantasy world. Graphically and mechanically, this title refers to the pixelated, colourful graphics known from NES console games.

Shovel Knight

In the game, we play the role of the eponymous Knight wielding the Shovel Blade. His task is to save his beloved from the hands of the evil Sorceress and defeat the members of The Order of No Quarter.

The game offers various locations and dozens of different opponents.

Key features
  • Nostalgic pixel graphics
  • Various locations
  • Adventure and PRG games mechanics
  • Humorous elements


Many players still have a special fondness for older titles that evoke old, better times and the emotions that used to accompany them. There is no denying that the classics from the 80s and 90s are an integral part of childhood for many players, which they can still relive as adults!