Video game market is a…derivative thing. G2A is in an interesting position in the landscape because we don’t actually sell games. We don’t, we run a digital marketplace where YOU can buy and sell games. This means we deal with all sorts of different exclusive platforms, like EA’s very own Origin.

And it occurred to me that it may be prudent of us to provide you with a list of the most popular (according to popular demand) games on that platform. It should be no surprise that some of the games here are EA’s flagship titles, so they are designed to specifically for Origin.

Of course, you may ask, why not just go to Origin and buy the games? Well, it’s simple, it may just so happen that we have a better deal on offer. Of course, I can’t guarantee that, because these prices fluctuate all the time, the free market is a thing. But we often have great sales, so look out for those

15. Dragon Age: Inquisition

dragon age inquisition dragon

Nobody expects it

Genre: RPG | Release year: 2014 | Available on: PC, PS3, PC4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Produced by BioWare, Inquisition is the final installment to Dragon Age trilogy, a series of pretty great, modern RPGs that take something of a unique spin to the classic RPG formula, presenting a very dark world where magic is almost inherently evil, non-human races are persecuted and abused and the threat of world ending is ever present.

Dragon Age 2 and 3, in contrast to 1, feature a much more dynamic, action combat, that still relies on tactics and foresight in synergistically using all of your abilities. While it certainly can get rather repetitive due to the sheer amount of busywork necessary and it has some odd trappings of an MMO that don’t really work great in a single player game, the story is definitely good and it’s definitely worth playing for the character moments.

14. Need for Speed

need for speed 2015

~Push it to the limit!~

Genre: Racing | Release year: 2015 | Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

This one may be confusing because Need for Speed is a longstanding series of racing games in and of itself and Need for Speed is actually the 22nd entry in the series, so don’t let that confuse you. The 2015’s game is actually a reboot of the series. Which doesn’t mean that much, because ultimately these games don’t have that much story, but are still fun to play.

The defining feature of this game is one that actually returns from past games—body modifications, which offer some deep customization, and with a veneer of realism too, due to real-world tuning companies being licensed for the game. Great care was also put to giving the game an unmistakable sense of style, allowing you to run some incredibly memorable races.

13. Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection

command and conquer ultimate collection


Genre: RTS | Release year: 2012 | Available on: PC

Command & Conquer is a long and famous series of strategy games characterized by one interesting defining feature: live action performances conveying the story in cut-scenes. It mostly consists of two separate entities: the Tiberian series and Red Alert series, the first one taking place in a fictional sci-fi setting where a renegade terrorist organization attempts to take over the world (of course), and the second one being about alternate history where the Soviet Union incorporated Tesla’s designs and the Nazis went back in time. Yeah. It’s that kind of game.

The Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection consists of a whopping 17 games and even includes the FPS spin-off of the Tiberian series. These games are campy, fun, and at times very innovative with mechanics entirely unique to the series. Additionally, the collection includes the OST from all the games, which is a nice touch since the music in those games is definitely good on the ears. It is quite the bang for your buck if you know what I mean.

12. Spore

Spore pc game - simulator

Go deep inside your mind, into the chamber of your Ja’am (God bless you, Griffin McElroy)

Genre: Simulator | Release year: 2008 | Available on: PC

Spore is… many things. Designed by Will Wright, the brain-man behind the Sims series, Spore takes the idea of simulating life to the next level by allowing you to hand-craft a species, beginning with a single cell, going through a multicellular organism and getting it as far as the galactic stage where you’ll be able to design spaceships for your civilization and roam around the great void. While it’s far from scientifically accurate, it’s nothing if not expansive.

The driving force behind Spore’s popularity is the sheer depth of customization, especially at the creature stage. There’re hundreds of different limbs, mouths, eyes and other body parts you can mix and match and you can contort the spine and sculpt the body mass according to your imagination. While the game itself can get repetitive, I personally find myself getting back to it on occasion to flex my mind muscles. It’s a classic that is certainly worth looking into and an especially great gift for a younger member of your species.

11. Dead Space 3

Horror in Dead Space 3 Game

Very, very visceral.

Genre: Survival Horror | Release year: 2013 | Available on: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Dead Space, a series by now shut down Visceral Games, is a subject of hot debate in the gaming industry. It is often used as an example of EA’s penchant for obtaining studios, using them in a way they shouldn’t be used, and shutting them down when they fail. Dead Space 3 was Visceral’s last game.

It was also something of a departure from the previous titles of the series. Unlike the previous streamlined horror games, Dead Space 3 has a multiplayer component and bigger focus on character customization. Which, while those made it less of a horror game, ironically at this point they made it more popular than other games in the series, at least among our buyers and sellers. Something of a bitter-sweet send-off to a great studio, but I do encourage you to try Dead Space 3 out.

10. Simcity

simcity city building simulation game

~Oompa loompa doompety doo, I’ve got a perfect city for you~

Genre: City Builder | Release year: 2013 | Available on: PC

Also originally a child of Will Wright (he’s something of a Willy Wonka of the industry), Simcity is a series of city builder games, where you can create a full metropolis, starting from but a humble plot of land. These cities are inhabited by, well, Sims, cute little people who will go on about their daily business, oblivious to the hand of God hovering above them. Keeping them safe. And ready to destroy their lives at a moment’s notice…

2013’s iteration of the series is certainly a fine game now, but it should be noted that it had some serious problems initially, due to shaky connection, faulty data-saving mechanism and, of course, incessant DRM. Fortunately, these have been ironed out and now it’s a pretty fun game. It certainly does a lot of things differently from the previous titles, shifting the weight of gameplay on your ability to construct and manage roads.

9. Need for Speed Payback

need for speed payback

~Déjà vu!~

Genre: Racing | Release year: 2017 | Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

We have another Need for Speed game on the list, which really shouldn’t be surprising, it’s one of the most carefully managed series under EA control. It’s a very good series, all in all, gracefully drifting around potential stinkers. And unlike the aforementioned Need for Speed reboot, this one has a full singleplayer campaign and it’s quite good.

It’s not difficult to imagine why this game got so popular in such a short period of time: it features a large variety of customizable options, huge selection of cars and is focused on coop experience with players working together to pull off amazing stunts. It’s something of a Devil May Cry of racing games—more than just driving well, it’s all about looking cool when you do it.

8. Mass Effect: Andromeda

mass effect andromeda

Your name in the stars

Genre: RPG | Release year: 2017 | Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Ever since EA has taken BioWare under their wings, several things…changed. Some say for the better, some say for the worse (those that say for the worse tend to yell it louder), but it’s important to remember that due to this transformation of the studio, Mass Effect of today is very much different from what it was. Despite that, it remains a series beloved by many people around the world.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is certainly the most polished game when it comes to core gameplay mechanics—shooting is fun, jumping around with your jetpack provides a great sense of mobility and throwing abilities around makes you feel powerful. As for the story, it has its highlights, certainly interacting with your various alien companions is compelling, and the resulting relationships do work. For the most part though, it’s a fun adventure in space.

7. Battlefield 4

battefield 4 war

~War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!~

Genre: FPS | Release year: 2013 | Available on: PC, Ps3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Endlessly locked in mortal combat with Call of Duty, the two games are always trying to one-up each other. Both games have their highlights and both games have their low…lights. But Battlefield, being EA’s child, is one of the most popular series on Origin and you should expect to see several titles here (some of which go beyond the top 15).

Battlefield 4 is the last part in the series, which still tried to go with the original plotline of alternate history, with a war between the US and Russia breaking out in 2020. For this reason, it is slightly futuristic, allowing the player to deeply customize their weapons, tools, and apparel. The competitive multiplayer is the beating heart of the game and it is indeed quite good.

6. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

star wars battlefront ii space battle

If you’re looking for a girl that likes Star Wars, you’re looking in Alderaan places

Genre: FPS | Release year: 2017 | Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Certainly a controversial title, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 managed to claw its way into popularity and playability, despite the cloud of stink that initially surrounded it. After all the patches and improvements, it became a great multiplayer shooter set in the Star Wars universe.

In Star Wars: Battlefront 2 you can play a variety of classes on both the sides of the Empire or the Rebellion and you can style yourself after famous Star Wars characters like Darth Vader, through skins you can acquire in-game. The standard FPS gameplay is broken up with ship piloting segments, creating a blend of experiences that makes for highly enjoyable gaming sessions.

5. FIFA 18

fifa 18 football cristiano ronaldo real madrid


Genre: Sports | Release year: 2017 | Available on: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Do you like sports? Origin has sports. A whole lot of sports. Sports galore, it’s a sports buffet! I have to mention here that higher on the list you’re going to see a previous iteration of this game series and curiously, recently released FIFA 19 is nowhere to be seen. This should paint a clear picture.

Content-wise, this game features some new stuff, including the German Bundesliga league as well as a revamped Legends feature, now called the Ultimate Team Icons with tons of big names and faces from football world featured in the game, whom you can acquire and add to your team to create the greatest team ever conceived. It’s almost like the Pokémon, by which I mean you gotta catch ‘em all footballers.

4. Titanfall 2

titanfall ii titans fight

The bigger they are, the harder they come – MindJack 2011

Genre: FPS | Release year: 2016 | Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Titanfall 2 is a sequel to a highly ambitious title, which boasted the ability to switch between on-the-ground FPS combat (highly focused on mobility via parkour) and the ability to summon a mech-suit and level the battlefield with excessive firepower or fight other mech-suits. The first game was certainly a success and its successor expands and improves upon that base.

The total number of different mechs has been increased from 3 to 6 and they have been tweaked to be more unique and fill different roles, for example, the Katana-wielding Ronin excels in close quarters, while the majestic Northstar can target distant threats with its powerful rifle. Additionally, a full singleplayer campaign, which teaches the player various techniques, is now a part of the game.

3. FIFA 17

fifa 17 story mode alex hunter


Genre: Sports | Release year: 2016 | Available on: PC, PS3, Ps4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Ah yes, more sports. My plate was getting empty, thank you garçon. FIFA 17 is, as the internet will be sure to tell you, the cut-off point between the times when EA was still trying to innovate and when they…stopped. FIFA 17 actually includes several new, cool features that actually greatly improve the game.

These include a full story mode, in which you will assume the role of a young, aspiring athlete (a trend that will continue in other EA’s sports games) who joins one of the clubs and goes on to become the greatest baller in the world. I don’t know if baller is the proper term, but it should be. The game also features new moves, new AI, more clubs, more ballers and in general more everything.

2. The Sims 4

the sims 4 house

Because Will is a merciful and kind God

Genre: Simulation | Release year: 2014 | Available on: PC, Xbox One

I have ragged on a bit about this game, calling it out for chopping features and lacking in innovation, but it’s not like I don’t think it’s not a good game. I mean, kind of. I think it’s going to be a great game. One day. When all the DLCs are out and the game is actually complete. As of writing this, it hasn’t yet happened, but steps have been made.

Sims 4, to its credit, does feature some new interesting ideas. I particularly enjoy the fact that you can create Sims of any sex, gender and gender expression, that’s a nice touch of diversity I can get behind. The return of traits and aspirations is also something to be noted in its favor. And now that several missing features have been added, it’s certainly a better-rounded product. But do keep in mind that if you come to this from the position of being an avid Sims fan, your reception may be…mixed.

[buy,Sims 4]

1. Battlefield 1

battefield 1 first world war

Not the first one. Naming schemes get confusing with long series.

Genre: FPS | Release year: 2016 | Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One

No surprise here, Battlefield 1 remains the most successful and popular game on the Origin platform. It’s not difficult to see why by some metrics it may be considered the best game in the series. And it owes that to a combination of great gameplay, fun multiplayer, and thoroughly enjoyable singleplayer campaign.

As opposed to the previous titles in the series, Battlefield 1, as the name suggests, takes place during World War I and takes a stab at historical accuracy, managing to tell some pretty well written, dramatic stories set at various different stages of the war. It also features great depth of customization with your weapons, perks, and vehicles.

The sacred vaults of Origin

You may have noticed there are several titles belonging to the same series here and that’s because EA is trying hard to specialize. Of course from the perspective of an industry, this makes all sorts of sense. Ultimately they do few things well and these resonate with the player base.

Most notably, EA excels at sports and simulation games, which is something of a safe bet, when it comes to gaming. They don’t try to reinvent the wheel every few years and perhaps that’s ok.

To paraphrase games critic Jim Sterling: the industry needs their meat and potatoes, which is to say that a good, stable base of solid titles is a good thing, even if it’s slightly repetitive.

Not to rag on EA too much though, I have to mention their Originals program, which takes Indie developers and helps them publish games. One of the fruits of this project was the excellent A Way Out, so while the company may have a really bad reputation, they’re not without their own gems.