For a long time Origin has been the primary directory for anyone who played on PC and was interested in games from the EA publishing catalogue. Sports games, racing, RPGs and more.

EA has since moved many of its games over to Steam, but it still has aces up its sleeve. One of them is EA Play, a subscription program giving participants easy access to many games from Origin libraries for as long as they stay subbed. In both regular and Pro versions EA Play also gives its members access to games a few days ahead of general launch.

But the games are great too! If you’re keen on using Origin, or the subscription service sounds enticing, this list featured plenty of Origin-published games you should check out.

The best games on Origin
Mass Effect Trilogy 2012-11-06 BioWare -38%
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition 2013-10-31 EA DICE -68%
Battlefield V 2018-11-20 DICE -77%
Titanfall 2 2016-10-28 Respawn Entertainment -54%
EA SPORTS FIFA 21 2020-10-09 EA Sports -58%
Battlefield 4 2013-10-31 EA DICE -54%
Need for Speed Heat 2019-11-08 EA Gothenburg -83%
Unravel Two 2018-06-09 ColdWood Interactive -47%
A Way Out 2018-03-23 Hazelight Studios -73%
It Takes Two 2021-03-26 Hazelight Studios -45%
Apex Legends Lifeline Upgrade 2019-10-18 Respawn Entertainment -
STAR WARS™: Squadrons 2020-10-02 Motive Studios -86%
Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection 2012-10-02 Victory Games -
SPORE Collection Maxis Software -20%
Dead Space 2008-10-20 EA Redwood Shores -79%
Dead Space 2 2011-01-27 Visceral Games -45%
Dead Space 3 2013-02-08 Visceral Games -34%
SimCity: Complete Edition 2014-11-13 EA - Maxis -59%
Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) 2017-10-17 EA DICE -68%
The Sims 3 2009-06-02 The Sims Studio -94%
Dragon Age: Inquisition | Game of the Year Edition 2014-11-18 BioWare -70%
FIFA 20 Standard Edition 2019-09-27 EA Canada -71%
The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs 2017-11-10 Maxis -60%
Battlefield V | Definitive Edition 2018-11-20 DICE -83%
Battlefield 1 2016-10-21 EA DICE -25%
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2014-06-26 PopCap Games -
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 2016-02-25 PopCap Games -36%
Madden NFL 21 2020-08-28 EA Tiburon -
Battlefield: Hardline 2015-03-19 Visceral Games -61%
Need for Speed 2016-03-17 EA Gothenburg -38%
Mass Effect Andromeda 2017-03-23 BioWare -50%
Need For Speed Rivals 2013-11-21 Ghost Games, Criterion Games -35%
Need For Speed Payback 2017-11-10 Ghost Games -54%

Unravel 1 & 2

Genre / Released datePuzzle-platformer/ 2016 (1) / 2018 (2)
DeveloperColdWood Interactive

Yarny is a tiny character made out of red yarn, exploring a world that seems huge in comparison to Yarny.

The journey ahead is long and full of challenges and the further Yarny gets from the beginning of a level, the less twine makes up its body. Some yarn also has to be spent to solve puzzles and clear obstacles. Thankfully, there are some balls of yarn lying around to make you full again.

Unravel 1 & 2

While the first Unravel features one Yarny, in Unravel Two…you have, indeed two, linked by their yarns to support each other. By extension, the second game can be played in cooperative multiplayer. But whether solo or in multi, Unravel games are charming, friendly, and surprisingly solemn at times. Definitely worth checking out for both the story and the gameplay.

Key features
  • Beautifully designed locations
  • Interesting puzzle=platforming
  • Good yarn physics
  • Touching stories

A Way Out

Genre / Released dateAdventure / 2018-03-23
DeveloperHazelight Studios

A rare exclusively co-operative game, A Way Out is a highly cinematic story about two criminals teaming up to escape from prison and help one another complete their immediate goals.

What follows is a trip through the USA of 1970s filled with many dramatic scenes and many quiet moments giving the characters time to interact and have their personality and goal shine through.

A Way Out

As we’ve mentioned, A Way Out explicitly requires two people to play, gameplay is designed around two controllers and characters doing things separately at the same time. Often, you’ll need to agree with the other player on the order of operations, or who is going to do what in the given scene, and things might change a lot based in that choice. It’s a really interesting game, well worth a look.

Key features
  • Two memorable playable characters
  • Has to be played by two people, no single player
  • Dramatic story
  • Many minigames fleshing out the world

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Genre / Released dateAdventure / 2019-05-14
DeveloperAsobo Studio

Taking place in France during the Hundred Years’ War, A Plague Tale: Innocence follows the story of Amicia de Rune, a young noble trying to take her younger brother to safety.

Although the locations are populated by English soldiers looking for someone to kill, the true threat are extremely deadly rats, capable of instantly swarming and killing anyone not protected by a source of light.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

The story skilfully mixes history and fantasy, adding sinister magical undercurrent to the plague that ravages the land. The gameplay is mostly stealth-oriented, because Amicia can’t do much to enemies in open combat. There’s also an important crafting element, including, for example, special ammo for Amicia’s sling. It’s an interesting game with solid story, engaging gameplay, and great atmosphere.

Key features
  • Interesting setting
  • Stealth-oriented gameplay
  • Great story with likeable characters
  • History meets fantasy

Opus Magnum

Genre / Released dateIndie / 2017-12-07
DeveloperZachtronics Industries

Opus Magnum is a neat puzzle game about being an alchemist in a steampunk world.

Instead of crushing plants in a mortar and dropping them into a cauldron of boiling reagents, you’re programming a machine assembling particles out of alchemical elements. Complex particles can have complicated arrangement of bonded elements, and you have to design your engine to accomplish that.

Opus Magnum

You have a varied array of manipulators, which can rotate, extend, and retract, or move along a rail. The game quickly becomes complex, but Opus Magnum’s big strength is not JUST the satisfaction you get from creating an efficient loop generating and endless stream of particles, but also because the game creates a gif of your engine working, so you can show it off to your friends.

Key features
  • Making a good-looking, but inefficient engine is a valid approach
  • Endless room for optimisation
  • Simple rules, complex challenges, satisfying solutions
  • Doesn’t need a powerful PC

It Takes Two

Genre / Released dateco-op / 2021-03-26
DeveloperHazelight Studios

Another game from Hazelight Studios, after A Way Out, which forces a co-operative gameplay.

It really DOES take two to complete the game. Unlike the cinematic crime story that was A Way Out, this game is more action-packed and cartoonish in style. It’s also designed specifically for splic-screen and many of the puzzle-platforming challenges require learning to work together.

It Takes Two

The theme of co=operation is important to the story, which is about a married, but soon-to-be-divorced couple, Cody and May, learn to be a couple again…as tiny dolls their daughter made and accidentally willed their parents’ consciousness into. The story is touching, the characters are well defined, and the gameplay is well integrated into its themes. It’s an excellent adventure.

Key features
  • Varied gameplay
  • Requires working together and communicating effectively
  • Looks wonderful and the levels are creative
  • Each character has a different special ability

Apex Legends

Genre / Released dateFPS / 2019-10-18
DeveloperRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends capitalised on two popular modes of modern shooters: hero shooter and battle royale.

By default, AL is played in squads of three characters chosen from a cast of over a dozen different “Legends”, each with unique abilities, design, and backstory. Finding a trio that complements each other’s skills and their players’ playstyle is very useful, and cooperation is crucial.

A feature that does a great job supporting co-operation, even between randomly grouped players, is the excellent, contextual ping system. Ir can convey all kinds of useful information without the players ever saying a word. Apex legends has something for fans of fast-paced shooters, tactical co-operation, and even fans of Titanfall-verse lore will find plenty to enjoy about it.

Apex is free to play game.

Key features
  • Battle royale co-operative hero shooter
  • From the creators of Titanfall 1 & 2
  • Creative heroes (legends)
  • Free to play

STAR WARS™: Squadrons

Genre / Released dateAction / 2020-10-02
DeveloperMotive Studios

It’s been far too long since the previous dedicated Star Wars-themed space combat sim.

The starfighter modes in The Old Republic and Battlefronts wouldn’t have been enough forever. And then Star Wars Squadrons came, it turned out to be a really good, immersive and lore-faithful space combat sim. And it even has a singleplayer campaign, if you’re not ready to go into multiplayer right away.

STAR WARS™: Squadrons

Each ship featured in the game has a detailed and dynamic cockpit which conveys a lot of useful info, including the energy distribution. Indeed, you can decide you need all energy routed to blasters, or to shields, if you’re in a pickle and want to survive. Star Wars: Squadrons is class-based, so you’ll have the fighters, bombers, interceptor and supports, populated with ships you know from the movies.

Key features
  • Solid Star Wars space combat sim
  • TIE and -wings are in here, recreated in impressive detail
  • Immersive cockpits
  • Cool singleplayer story

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Genre / Released dateAdventure / 2019-11-15
DeveloperRespawn Entertainment

Jedi: Fallen order is a rare treat: a singleplayer Star Wars game.

It follows the chronically unlucky Cal Kestis, a padawan who managed to survive Order 66 thanks to his master and an escape pod. Through no fault of his own he becomes a target for Empire’s inquisitors trying to completely eradicate all remnants of the Jedi Order. And then things start getting more complicated.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Fallen Order features complex, non-linear large maps spread across several planets, and their design encourages coming back every so often when you get new abilities to access previous blocked paths. Combat is pleasant and will feel familiar to people who played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, although it’s not quite as demanding…until you get into the challenges, they WILL test your skills mercilessly.

Key features
  • Great story in a beloved universe
  • Satisfying combat system
  • Many secrets to find during exploration
  • A degree of appearance customisation


Genre / Released dateSport / 2020-10-09
DeveloperEA Sports

FIFA hardly needs introductions, this series has been present since 1993 with annual releases, gradually perfecting the football simulation.

As of the FIFA 21 edition, the series has become the most complete, engaging way to enjoy simulated football, unless you’re more interested in management than playing, in which case Football manager would be more to your liking.


FIFA 21 feature the Volta mode, for fans of small-scale football, and career mode, if you want to take a team from humble beginning to a championship. You can even set up a match with a custom set of rules, if you’re feeling the flavour of the day is utter chaos. Just be mindful that performing complex tricks and outmanoeuvring your opponents is typically easier with a gamepad!

Key features
  • A great football simulator
  • Several engaging game modes
  • Best played with a gamepad
  • Hundreds of licensed team thousands of players

Battlefield V

Genre / Released dateFirst-Person / 2018-11-20

While the previous entry, Battlefield 1 (this is not a mistake) was about World War I, Battlefield V takes place during World War II.

It improves on the many ideas of the predecessor, especially the Operations mode, which is called “Grand Operations” here and has, appropriately, a larger scale of conflict. There’s also Firestorm, which operates on battle royale rules, in case you like that.

Battlefield V

There’s also an anthology of singleplayer stories depicting events from various battlefields of WW2 presenting a few different perspectives. One way or another you’re in for many tactically challenging scenarios. Especially the multiplayer modes require good cooperation with your squad and performing your class’ duty rather than chasing kills. Work together or die alone.

Key features
  • Expands on the features introduced in Battlefield 1
  • Several interesting War Stories showing different perspectives
  • A battle royale mode called „Firestorm”
  • Focus on tactical, team-based gameplay

Mass Effect Trilogy

Genre / Released dateAdventure / 2012-11-06

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is a remaster of the universally acclaimed science fiction RPG trilogy created by BioWare.

Launched in the Xbox 360/PlayStation3 era, the games got a bit long in the tooth and it was a good time to bring them up to speed for newer generation of hardware…and players. Legendary Edition is an across-the-board technical upgrade, which is especially clear in ME1.

Mass Effect Trilogy

New, nicer textures, faster loading times, better faces. This edition also has all the DLC and expansions integrated, giving you not only a bunch of cosmetic options, but also the story-heavier DLCs you might have missed, like Arrival or Leviathan. It’s certainly the best way to (re)experience Mass Effect in the 2020s. Now go help Commander Shepard fight a war the galaxy hasn’t seen for an age.

Key features
  • Three games and all DLC in one convenient package
  • Probably the best science fiction RPG ever made
  • Memorable companions you just want to hang around with
  • There’s a photo mode, a new addition, to help you make fancier screenshots

Need for Speed Heat

Genre / Released dateRacing / 2019-11-08
DeveloperGhost Games

The Need for Speed series is almost as venerable as FIFA, but while the football series has been releasing steadily for thirty years, NFS tends to experiment often, so there are many subseries, spin-offs and themes.

In all cases, however, you get to drive cool sports cars against other racers. Often you can customise your cars, from decals to engines, and some series have you race against the police, too.

Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat is about racing around the clock. Legal races take place during the day and offer money rewards. Illegal races, on the other hand, take place at night, and not only give your reputation, but also present a risk of drawing the attention of cops who can mess up your race. Your Heat level increases your Rep gains, however, so you need to find a good balance.

Key features
  • Over a hundred cars to choose from
  • Dual gameplay with both legal and underground racing
  • High risk-high reward mechanic of the illegal races
  • There’s even a story in the singleplayer mode

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Genre / Released dateRPG / 2014-11-20

Produced by BioWare, Inquisition is the third full instalment of the Dragon Age series of great, modern RPGs taking place in a very dark world where magic is inherently dangerous to its users, non-human races face prejudice and are prejudiced themselves and the threat of world ending is ever present. Even the player characters and their companions can do only so much.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

As the leader of the newly resurrected Inquisition you’ll deal with nobles and address threats that require precise approach, while your diplomatic, military, and espionage forces are delegated to address smaller crises popping up on the map. Combat is both more action-packed than in Origins and more tactical than in DA2, and the tactical pause can almost double as a photo mode if you want it to.

Key features
  • Every region has its own, unique dragon boss battles
  • Three classes, each with its own evocative specialisations
  • Epic-scale story with many memorable moments
  • Great companions

Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection

Genre / Released dateStrategy / 2010-03-19
DeveloperVictory Games

Command & Conquer is a long and famous series of strategy games characterized by one interesting defining feature: live action performances conveying the story in cut-scenes.

It mostly consists of two separate entities: the Tiberian series and Red Alert series, the first one taking place in a fictional sci-fi setting where a renegade terrorist organization attempts to take over the world (of course), and the second one being about alternate history where the Soviet Union incorporated Tesla’s designs and the Nazis went back in time. Yeah. It’s that kind of game.

Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection

The Command & Conquer Ultimate Collection consists of a whopping 17 games and even includes the FPS spin-off of the Tiberian series. These games are campy, fun, and at times very innovative with mechanics entirely unique to the series. Additionally, the collection includes the OST from all the games, which is a nice touch since the music in those games is definitely good on the ears. It is quite the bang for your buck if you know what I mean.

Key features
  • A grand tour of the Command & Conquer series
  • The games have great soundtracks
  • Two thematic lines: the Red Alert subseries and the Tiberian subseries
  • Live-action cutscenes


Genre / Released dateStrategy / 2008-12-19

Spore is… many things.

Designed by Will Wright, the brain-man behind the Sims series, Spore takes the idea of simulating life to the next level by allowing you to handcraft a species, beginning with a single cell, going through a multicellular organism and getting it as far as the galactic stage where you’ll be able to design spaceships for your civilization and roam around the great void. While it’s far from scientifically accurate, it’s nothing if not expansive.


The driving force behind Spore’s popularity is the sheer depth of customization, especially at the creature stage. There’re hundreds of different limbs, mouths, eyes and other body parts you can mix and match, you can contort the spine, and sculpt the body mass according to your imagination. While the game itself can get repetitive, it’s also a classic that is certainly worth looking into and an especially great gift for a younger member of your species.

Key features
  • Extreme freedom in designing your creature
  • Child-friendly art style
  • Can be quite relaxing
  • Several stages of development, from a single cell to space civilisation

Dead Space

Genre / Released dateAdventure / 2008-10-20
DeveloperEA Redwood Shores

Dead Space was by all accounts an excellent science fiction horror game leaning heavily on body horror.

The necromorphs you encounter as spaceship repairman Isaac Clarke are corpses reanimated and reconfigured in ways that would make Carpenter’s The Thing reconsider its life choices. Thankfully, they are vulnerable to dismemberment with a good, reliable plasma cutter and heavy heel.

Dead Space

The story develops over three games and supplemental materials, and it delves into the origins of necromorphs, the weird cult that surrounds them, and Isaac Clarke’s constant bad fortune. If you want a horror game that’s mixing the style of Alien, body horror of The Thing, and weird cultist stuff of the Lovecraft mythos, give Dead Space a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Key features
  • Terrifying enemies
  • Minimal UI for maximal immersion
  • A science fiction horror
  • Spawned spin-offs and supplemental materials such as an animated film

SimCity: Complete Edition

Genre / Released dateEconomy / 2014-11-13
DeveloperEA - Maxis

SimCity is a series of city builder games, where you can create a full metropolis, starting from but a humble plot of land.

These cities are inhabited by, well, Sims, cute little people who will go on about their daily business, oblivious to the hand of God hovering above them, both keeping them safe and ready to destroy their lives at a moment’s notice.

SimCity: Complete Edition

SimCity 2013 launched with some issues, but they were ironed out over time and now it’s a great, engaging city builder, with a special affinity for road management. It even has several tools designed specifically for tracing roads. Of course, you can still make dedicated districts, and this specialisation can apply to the entire city, too. Just remember to listen to the Sim inhabitants for useful feedback.

Key features
  • It doesn’t take long before your city becomes full of life
  • Clean, informative UI
  • Tracing roads is supported by several tools
  • Finite resources require creative planning

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

Genre / Released dateAction & Shooter / 2017-10-17
DeveloperEA DICE

Battlefront 2 improved on many aspects of its immediate predecessor, EA’s reboot of the series.

Battles are more engaging, graphics are somehow even nicer, and, to top it all off, there’s a pretty cool singleplayer story campaign showing some of the events taking place between Episodes VI and VII, providing some context for the sequel trilogy.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017)

As for the multiplayer, you can play a variety of classes on both the sides of the Empire or the Rebellion and you can sometimes (depending on the mode) step into the skin of famous characters, like Darth Vader or Land Calrissian. There are many different game modes, some focused on infantry, others on spaceship dogfighting, there’s even a co-op, PvE mode, if that tickles your fancy.

Key features
  • Class-based multiplayer
  • Features a single-player campaign set after the Battle of Endor
  • There’s a multiplayer mode for everyone
  • Maps from all three cinematic eras of Star Wars

Titanfall 2

Genre / Released dateAction & Shooter / 2016-10-28
DeveloperRespawn Entertainment

Titanfall 2 is a sequel to a highly ambitious title, which boasted the ability to switch between on-the-ground FPS combat (highly focused on mobility via parkour) and the ability to summon a mech-suit and level the battlefield with excessive firepower or fight other mech-suits.

The first game was a success, and its successor expands and improves upon that base in every aspect.

Titanfall 2

The total number of different mechs has been increased from 3 to 6 and they have been tweaked to be more unique and fill different roles, for example, the Katana-wielding Ronin excels in close quarters, while the majestic Northstar can target distant threats with its powerful rifle. Additionally, a full singleplayer campaign, which is really, really good and teaches you all the tricks. Play Titanfall 2!

Key features
  • Excellent singleplayer campaign with awesome levels and cool story
  • A dynamic mix of an FPS and a mech game
  • Fantastic parkour
  • The setting and some of the parkour lives on in Apex Legends

The Sims 4

Genre / Released dateSimulation / 2014-09-04

The Sims 4 is so far the latest incarnation of the long-running series of life simulation games.

Specifically: it simulates the lives of cartoonish titular Sims, whom you get to design in a very comprehensive Create-a-Sim system. You can play around with their appearance a whole lot and add some personality and goal as a cherry on top, to make the Sims more autonomous.

The Sims 4

You also design a house for the family, from the foundations to the décor. After that all that’s left is letting the Sims loose on the world and watching them live their lives, pursue their hobbies, grow old… You have indirect influence over their actions by giving them commands, but their AI is usually in control. The plentiful DLCs enrich the experience greatly, adding new places, jobs, hobbies…

Key features
  • A ton of control over your Sims’ appearance
  • Plenty of expansions introducing a ton of cool content into the game
  • Cartoonish, expressive graphics
  • You can bake pancakes with Death and be abducted by aliens

The end of the list, but not of Origin

These games are a fraction of the complete Origin catalogue, but it’s a very good, reliable slice of the best and most popular games on Origin. It caters to fans of many genres and style, from puzzle games to shooters, from realistic to cartoonish.EA Sports for football fans and BioWare games for RPG afficionados. It has it all, ready to appear on your computer.

Hopefully you’ve found the right game to start your Origin adventure, and a good reason to check out EA Play while you’re at it.