Games focusing on raising and breeding animals are enjoying particular popularity. They are enjoyable, relaxing, and provide the opportunity to “own” a dream dog or cat, even if the conditions at home or funds in real life do not permit it.

The trend for such games began in the 90s, and since then, numerous “pet owner” games have been developed. Today, we will present 6 of the most interesting simulation games revolving around animals!

Criteria for Selection

When choosing a specific game, it’s worth focusing on the goal it aims to achieve. For instance, if you want to prepare your child for taking care of a real animal, choose a title that realistically reflects the needs of that particular animal and has educational value (like puppy simulation). On the other hand, if you’re looking for a relaxing sim game without major commitments, you can find games that are much less engaging.

It’s also good to consider what types of animals you like and whether the game is meant for an adult or a child. Different titles have variations in mechanics that can affect gameplay ease and adaptation to the player’s age.

Review of Pet-raising Simulation Games

Animal Shelter 2022-03-23 Simulation Games Incubator
To The Rescue 2021-11-02 Simulation Little Rock Games
The Sims 4 Cats And Dogs Plus My First Pet 2017-11-09 Simulation Maxis
Clouzy 2022-02-24 Adventure Tinymoon
Wobbledogs 2021-01-28 Indie Animal Uprising
Falcon Age 2020-10-08 Action Outerloop Games
Megaquarium 2018-09-13 Indie Twice Circled
My Best Friends - Cats & Dogs 2014-03-27 Simulator Sproing
Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection 2018-09-14 Simulator Frontier Developments
Cattails | Become a Cat 2017-12-01 Adventure Falcon Development
Stardew Valley 2016-02-26 Farm simulation ConcernedApe
Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX 2021-12-09 Simulator Koei Tecmo
Garden Paws 2018-12-18 Simulation/Adventure Bitten Toast Games
Spiritfarer 2020-08-18 Indie/Adventure Thunder Lotus Games


Release date:2021-01-28
Developer:Animal Uprising

WobbleDogs is a fairly amusing and simple simulator suitable for adults and children, due to its humorous tone and safe environment.

Our task is to care of virtual, mutated dogs with strange shapes. We need to provide them with well-equipped play areas, feed them, and offer entertainment.

Dogs in the game are procedurally generated and can have various colors and shapes that impact how they move. By feeding them specific foods and plants, we can influence their genetics, creating new generations of amusing mutations.

Key features
  • Humorous-themed simulation game
  • Simple graphics and a safe environment
  • No age restrictions
  • Perfect game for relaxation

Zoo Tycoon

Release date:2018-09-14
Developer:Frontier Developments

Tycoon games are a special kind of simulation games that mainly focus on building and managing various establishments and businesses.

However, Blue Fang Games succeeded to fuse this management aspect with animal care, offering us a comprehensive simulator.

Zoo Tycoon may not be a typical “raise animal” game, but taking care of and maintaining the happiness of dozens of different exotic animals is not an easy task. It’s an excellent test for future pet owners, even if not necessarily exotic ones.

Key features
  • Comprehensive Tycoon with animals
  • Necessity to care for dozens of different animals
  • Many hours of gameplay
  • Enjoyable graphics despite being 20 years old since release

Falcon Age

Release date:2020-10-08
Developer:Outerloop Games

Falcon Age isn’t a typical representative of pet owner simulation games, but rather a combination of action and adventure in a sci-fi setting.

The game is set on a planet destroyed by aggressive robots. We play as a young warrior who befriends a falcon. After managing to escape together, we must not only confront enemies but also devote ourselves to taking care of the bird.

Despite its developed storyline and adventure-oriented nature, this game offers a substantial level of interaction with the titular falcon, which becomes our friend over time.

Key features
  • Action-adventure game
  • Taking care of a wild falcon
  • Elaborate story missions
  • Possibility of VR gameplay

Tiny Bird Garden Deluxe

Release date:2018-12-18
Developer:Super Retro Duck

Tiny Bird Garden is one of the casual games, designed primarily to provide players with relaxation and entertainment rather than challenge. The game focuses on observing, caring for, and raising little birds.

The graphics are charming and in a cartoon style, and it may not have much educational value for the youngest players, but it can be an excellent diversion and a way to relax after a tiring day, thanks to the accurate portrayal of bird-watching.

Key features
  • Pleasant, simple graphics
  • Relaxing casual game
  • Opportunity to care for and raise birds

The Sims 4 Cats And Dogs

Release date:2017-11-09

The Sims is one of the world’s most popular life simulation games, and it wouldn’t be complete without including… pets!

The expansion pack for its fourth installment titled “Cats and Dogs” fulfills the dreams of all those who wish to create their own virtual home filled with beloved pets.

In the game, we can create or adopt animals, buy necessary items for their well-being, decorate the house with themed decorations, and enjoy achieving goals and experiencing adventures while embodying the animals.

Key features
  • Expansion pack full of pets and accessories for the most popular life sim game
  • Hundreds of animals to choose from
  • Themed home decorations
  • Hundreds of hours of fun


Release date:1996-11
Developer:Creature Labs

Creatures is a rather unusual artificial life simulation game focused on solving puzzles and exploration.

However, to do that, we first need to help hatch and take care of space creatures named Norns, which makes it a little odd but typical raise animal game.

This title is included in our list as an excellent example of transferring the behaviors of young, disobedient pets to a computer screen. Norns often don’t listen to commands and behave irrationally. This game is thus an exceptional training ground for those planning to adopt a real pet.

Key features
  • Unusual but enjoyable artificial life simulator
  • Puzzle-solving
  • Raising a pet
  • Excellent learning experience for future pet owners

Benefits of Playing Pet Simulation Games

There are numerous benefits to playing simulation games portraying animals, ranging from understanding animal needs to fulfilling dreams. It’s also an excellent method to teach children responsibility. What other benefits do pet simulators have?

  • Enhances understanding of pet needs

Owning a pet involves not only joys, but also responsibilities. Pets require proper feeding, hygiene, grooming, playtime, and attention. Some need walks, while others require regular litter or cage cleaning. Playing simulation games helps understand the needs of different animals and learn how to approach them appropriately.

  • Safe space for those unable to keep real pets

Some people have always dreamed of having pets, but for various reasons, they can’t actually have them. Playing simulation games allows them to create a safe space where they can care for their dream pet.

  • Therapeutic benefits

Scientifically, interacting with animals has a proven positive impact on human psychology, reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, and aiding relaxation. As it turns out, achieving these effects doesn’t necessarily require physical contact with animals. Taking care of a virtual pet, playing with it, listening to its sounds, and being responsible for a virtual creature can have therapeutic benefits.


Playing simulation games with animals is pure enjoyment and relaxation, as well as an excellent way to prepare for owning a real pet. On our list, you’ve found the most interesting titles from this gaming genre according to us – ones you must try if you love animals! However, remember that the list of pet simulators doesn’t end with the titles mentioned here!