Some of us bid farewell to physics in school, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have to deal with its laws every day. Even in video games!

The popularity of physics simulations continues, although this particular genre is not yet as stable on the market as others. Because unlike RPGs or first-person shooters, the best physics games don’t have a story or a specific goal. They’re all about experiencing something.

And to be as accurate as possible, the simulations implement a faithful reproduction of the physics laws, which is beneficial for problem-solving skills and understanding the relationship between angle and distance. Which, a little later, players can apply in real life to better understand the world around them. That’s why today we’ve prepared a list of top physics simulations that will be perfect for everyone who wants to know and experience more.

Get ready to experience the most realistic and exciting physics simulation games with our deals
Kerbal Space Program 2015-04-27 Squad 89%
Kerbal Space Program 2 2023-02-24 Intercept Games
Crayon Physics Deluxe 2009-01-07 Kloonigames 86%
Bridge Constructor Portal 2017-12-20 ClockStone 90%
World Of Goo 2008-10-13 2D BOY 44%
Besiege 2015-01-28 Spiderling Studios 30%
Universe Sandbox 2015-08-24 Giant Army 27%
Fantastic Contraption 2016-04-05 Northway Games 85%
Poly Bridge 2016-07-12 Dry Cactus
Crazy Machines 3 2016-10-18 FAKT Software 92%
Beamngdrive 2015-05-29 BeamNG
Spintires Mudrunner 2017-10-31 Saber Interactive 79%
Stick Fight The Game 2017-09-28 Landfall West 48%
Human Fall Flat 2016-07-22 No Brakes Games 73%
Teardown 2020-10-29 Tuxedo Labs
Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy 2017-12-06 Bennett Foddy

Kerbal Space Program 1 & 2

Release date:2023-02-24
Developer:Squad, Intercept Games

It is one of the most played physics simulations on Steam, where you will become the head of the Kerbal space program to build a functioning rocket and explore the galaxy.

Use the available parts to build a real spaceship capable of launching a crew of cute 3D astronauts into orbit. Every component is crucial, so discover its functions and monitor any factors that could ruin your space program. Choose from three game modes and experience a fantastic adventure with the laws of physics in the leading role!

Key features
  • Play one of the most popular physics simulations on Steam
  • Build various vehicles and spaceships to examine their operation in realistic conditions
  • Explore space, create space stations, and research planets
  • Manage resources, plan expeditions, and enjoy the company of cute Kerbals

Crayon Physics Deluxe

Release date:2009-01-07

It’s a lovely and relaxing recommendation for players of all ages. Draw and witness how your pictures come to life!

Crayon Physics is an indie puzzle game where you will complete over seventy creative drawing challenges. Combine figures and use colored pencils to design various shapes that will interact with each other on a piece of paper. The goal is simple – make the ball reach the star. But each level will be increasingly challenging, so use your imagination to discover how to complete the task harmoniously with physics.

Key features
  • Discover the indie drawing game on Steam
  • Draw figures and shapes to turn them into objects that interact with each other in the picture
  • Make the ball roll to the yellow star
  • Enjoy increasing difficulty levels in a highly relaxing gameplay

Bridge Constructor Portal

Release date:2017-12-20

You will love this game if you have played Portal or Bridge Constructor. Build bridges and become the best engineer in the Aperture Science test lab!

Bridge Constructor Portal is a challenging game featuring sixty levels about building all types of bridges, ramps, and slides. It’s your job to ensure the vehicles can pass freely through the entire testing chamber without damaging themselves. Each level will become more tricky with many obstacles making the whole task difficult. Luckily, you can count on the help of GLaDOS – the iconically funny AI responsible for everything happening in the facility!

Key features
  • Play a unique combination of Bridge Constructor and Portal
  • Proceed through the tutorial and discover all the tricks for epic bridge building
  • Make vehicles safely pass through each of the sixty levels
  • Use all available methods and tools and enjoy the company of your best friend GLaDOS

World of Goo

Release date:2008-10-13
Developer:2D BOY

It’s a Lemmings-style game where you’ll be in charge of a group of friendly Goos as they travel through complex levels.

Start with simple and intuitive tasks to gradually engage in more difficult missions. In World of Goo, you will lead a group of spherical creatures equipped with various properties. Manipulating them well, you can build impressive structures like towers or bridges to make it easier for the team to enter the pipe. However, in this game, gravity exists and is extremely unforgiving. Any error in construction means failure and starting over.

Key features
  • Play the legendary indie game from 2D Boy
  • Discover the properties of particular Goos to help them pass the following levels
  • Combine goo balls considering all external factors
  • Build bridges and functional constructions to help the creatures survive the journey


Release date:2015-01-28
Developer:Spiderling Studios

War never changes, but it can be pretty beneficial for strategic thinking. And in this game, you’ll get it all with loads of destructive fun!

Travel to the Middle Ages to start your career as a builder of powerful siege machines. Your goal is to complete specific tasks like demolishing buildings or defeating an enemy army. Let your imagination run wild! Assemble destructive machines using the many available parts and following the rules of physics, as any construction error can cause damage to essential components.

Key features
  • Become a builder of medieval siege machines
  • Complete various tasks according to the rules
  • Use different parts to design successful projects
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Universe Sandbox

Release date:2015-08-24
Developer:Giant Army

Have you ever thought about becoming a god? Because now you can by simulating any event taking place in space.

Universe Sandbox is a highly realistic simulation for testing various space events. Use the thousand available stars and 70 galaxies to complete any scenario you can think of! Destroy everything with black holes, change the gravity of particular planets, crash the earth with the moon, or have fun with lasers. It is a perfect recommendation for astrophysics enthusiasts of all ages!

Key features
  • Play a realistic space simulation
  • Make surprising changes to see what happens
  • Resize stars, create black holes, manipulate the gravity force, and more
  • Design the most creative scenarios

Fantastic Contraption

Release date:2016-04-05
Developer:Northway Games

It’s a crazy, surreal game made for VR headsets, where you’ll build various machines and vehicles to see what happens.

Use parts to build the weirdest machines! This game offers fifty engaging levels that require creativity and provide relaxation in an alternative world. Meet Neko – your toolbox that will accompany you in every task! Modify the physics laws, stretch any segments, discover the unique properties of each part, and let your imagination run wild.

Key features
  • Play an inspiring simulation on VR headsets
  • Build all sorts of machines and vehicles
  • Enjoy pleasant visuals and impressive physics
  • Share designs with other players

Poly Bridge

Release date:2016-07-12
Developer:Dry Cactus

It is another bridge-building game featuring one hundred difficulty levels! Use your knowledge and try to make all vehicles survive.

Start with simple tasks and progress to unimaginably complex missions. Your job is uncomplicated – build a functioning bridge. But as you probably already know, there will be many obstacles! Consider the weight of particular elements, do not spend the entire budget, and create stable structures resistant to all external factors!

Key features
  • Play the challenging game to become a master of bridge-building
  • Continue through one hundred difficulty levels
  • Consider all factors to make your design right
  • Enjoy nice audiovisuals and realistic object physics

The best physics games are a lifesaver for students who need help understanding the more complex science wonders taught in school in an outdated way. They are also great for adults who want to know more about gravity, orbital mechanics, or speed calculations. That’s why games like Kerbal Space Program are such a breath of fresh air in science and entertainment – and are popular even among NASA engineers.

But you don’t have to start your adventure with physics simulations by creating space programs. To make your problem-solving skills faster than light, you can even have some fun with simple games like Angry Birds, which also perfectly reflect the essential laws of physics. Because all that matters is a desire to learn how this world works. And physics games will reveal all these wonders better than any teacher you have ever encountered.