Blaming politicians is easy. Observing and studying the political scene is the favorite activity of many, and everyone always has a million ideas about how to do something better. But what if we could put these ideas into practice?

Political games are a challenge – for even the most experienced strategy players. Playing a world leader is not so easy anymore when almost every piece of our control begins to crumble, and people are less and less satisfied. Unexpected events, competition, poor results in votes, or simply bad luck – all of this can ruin a country in an instant. But with that comes a sweet reward – a power! Feeling ready for the challenge? Check out the best political video games and government simulations on Steam!

Best Political Games for PC

Power & Revolution 2021 Edition 2021-08-04 Strategy Eversim
Power & Revolution 2020 Edition 2020-09-17 Strategy Eversim
Masters of the World - Geopolitical Simulator 3 2014-02-05 Strategy Eversim
Rogue State 2015-10-16 Indie LRDGames, Inc.
This Is the President 2021-12-06 Strategy SuperPAC
Democracy 3 2013-10-14 Adventure Positech Games
Democracy 4 2020-10-06 Strategy Positech Games
Secret Government 2021-04-15 Strategy GameTrek
Urban Empire 2017-01-20 Economy Reborn Games
Pride of Nations 2011-06-08 Strategy Ageod
Economic Conquest 2017-01-05 Indie Frismos
The Race for the White House 2015-01-02 Indie Eversim
Crusader Kings III | Royal Edition 2020-09-01 Strategy Paradox Development Studio
Supreme Ruler 1936 2014-05-09 Indie BattleGoat Studios
Supreme Ruler 2020 2008-06-17 Strategy BattleGoat Studios
Rebel Inc: Escalation 2019-10-15 Simulation, Strategy Ndemic Creations
Europa Universalis IV 2013-08-13 Economy Paradox Development Studio
Rogue State 2015-10-16 Indie LRDGames, Inc.
Total War: THREE KINGDOMS | Royal Edition 2020-09-24 Strategy Creative Assembly

SuperPower 2

Release date:2004-10-11
Genre:Government simulation

It is a 2004 geopolitical simulator where you will lead one of the 193 countries on the world map. If you’re looking for realism in political games, know that this title offers real-life data from major global organizations.

Rule the country of your choice and establish economic, political, and military power. There are no specific goals in this game – you design them yourself. Play turn-based or real-time, create mods, and play solo or in multiplayer with up to 32 players. Wage realistic wars or forge alliances and discover the potential of every, even the smallest country.

Key features
  • Play a geopolitical simulator and lead one of 193 countries
  • Enjoy the detailed graphics and watch the events on the satellite map
  • Make decisions about the nature of your game
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to 32 players

Democracy series

Release date:2013-10-14
Developer:Positech Games

Prepare yourself for incredibly complex decisions that will seal the fate of many. Become the president or prime minister and see if you are worthy in the exciting series of strategy games with the latest title released in 2022.

Each part of this series is a realistic approach to current political, economic and social situations. As head of state, you will be constantly watched by various parties and ordinary people who will react to your every decision or law passed. Will you reveal yourself by introducing the most radical solutions or give in to win the election? This game knows no mercy, and you are the only one responsible for any failure!

Key features
  • Play a series of strategy games to lead a democratic country
  • Make decisions and observe their outcome in the lives of your people
  • Make differences and change the law
  • See if you can create a prosperous country

Tropico series

Release date:2019-03-29
Developer:PopTop Software

Enjoy the most fun take on political games ever! Welcome to a hilarious series of six strategy video games where you will lead the banana republic as the mighty El Presidente.

Become a ruthless oppressor and use your dictatorship to keep it forever. Take care of your citizens, construct buildings and create a transport network for your beloved locals. In the meantime, use the army, executions, and steal other people’s ideas to achieve your goal! In Tropico, you can test the most absurd scenarios to see what tactics will bring power to the eternal El Presidente.

Key features
  • Play a series of inspirational strategy games to rule the banana republic
  • Expand your cities and equip them with the most vital buildings
  • Engage in diplomacy and defeat the opposition
  • Win – through righteous actions or force

Twilight Struggle

Release date:2016-04-13
Developer:Playdek, Inc.

It is a PC adaptation of the board game, where you will learn about the events of the Cold War period. Lead one of the world’s greatest powers and decide who will change the course of history!

Play as the US or the USSR to follow the course of history or change it. Get involved in a turn-based gameplay system, discover the events of the Cold War and make decisions that will determine the fate of the whole world. It is a title created for multiplayer gameplay, but you can also play against AI in single-player mode.

Key features
  • Play a PC adaptation of the board game about the Cold War
  • Lead USSR or US
  • Draw cards, make decisions, and defeat your opponent
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Papers, Please

Release date:2013-08-08

The war between Arstotzka and Kolechia is over, but this does not mean the conflict has ended. Start working as an officer at the border and decide who can enter your homeland.

You are an immigration inspector, and it is only up to you who will enter Arstotzka. Control documents of randomly generated characters, combine facts, and examine fingerprints. Among the thousands of tourists, you will uncover murderers, smugglers, or terrorists. Make decisions and observe the consequences of your choices in twenty possible story endings. Papers, Please is a communist regime satire where all the action happens during humble work behind a desk.

Key features
  • Play as an immigration inspector and decide who will enter Arstotzka
  • Control documents and check fingerprints
  • Earn money to support yourself and your family
  • Make decisions to see one of the twenty endings

Soviet City

Release date:2016-03-31

Become the mayor of a Soviet city! This city builder is a controversial game from a Polish studio, arousing intense reception among Steam platform users.

Establish a city and turn it into a communist empire! Construct buildings, create a road network, and manage the economy. But the most vital element of the game, apart from building, are the citizens, over whom you will have constant control. Increase your terror factor by introducing crematoria or turning people into meat and watching them bend under your power. But be careful — any action in this direction can lead to a revolution — ending the entire game.

Key features
  • Play city builder demonstrating the everyday life in the Soviet Union
  • Expand your city and develop it
  • Increase or decrease the terror factor to take control over the citizens
  • Complete the mission objectives and enjoy the dynamic soundtrack

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Release date:2020-09-24
Developer:Creative Assembly

Travel to China in 190 and embark on a legendary fight in the twelfth installment of the award-winning Total War series. It is a gameplay set in the story of the Three Kingdoms – the time of the most engaging conflicts in the Middle Kingdom.

Play as one of the 12 leaders to achieve your goals on the game map. Create an unbeatable army, make decisions, forge alliances or fight endless wars. Explore the map, expand your territory, engage in diplomacy, and challenge other leaders to battle. With this title, you will play a thrilling story campaign or lead the army to war in a series of single matches – solo or in multiplayer!

Key features
  • Play one of the most praised Total War games on Steam
  • Travel to ancient China and decide the fate of the entire country
  • Create your dream empire and mighty army
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to 4 players

Europa Universalis IV

Release date:2013-08-13
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

It is a famous strategy video game from Paradox offering many tasks related to managing an entire country. It is also a recommendation for enthusiasts of historically accurate games with the possibility of shaping historical events.

Command one of 250 nations over four centuries of development to become the most powerful and influential ruler. Take advantage of other countries’ weaknesses, plan trade, engage in diplomacy, and manage battles on the battlefield. Discover new technologies and gain the power to outrun your opponents in fierce competition for ultimate victory. It is a perfect title for fans of single-player and multiplayer games.

Key features
  • Play the fourth installment in the legendary series of strategy games from Paradox
  • Become the leader of one of 250 nations and guide its development
  • Make decisions, forge alliances, or wage wars
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to 32 players

Crusader Kings 3

Release date:2020-09-01
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Guide the fate of a medieval dynasty and decide its future on the map of Europe and bordering continents. It is a strategy game with RPG elements from Paradox where, in addition to managing the state, you will also have to oversee the intrigues of your family members.

The kingdom needs an heir to survive. Take care of family and diplomatic matters to predict your opponents’ every move and secure victory. Forge alliances, trade, and lose yourself in a realistic medieval world. Use successive descendants for your purposes and discover the unique characters of family members. It is a game where you use your cleverness or deception to win!

Key features
  • Play the exciting Europa Universalis spin-off from Paradox
  • Lead the fate of the royal dynasty and dominate the map
  • Decide about the future of the whole country and your loved ones
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to 64 players

Power & Revolution 2021 Edition

Release date:2021-08-04

It is a geopolitical simulation of the current world where you will face all the events and challenges of recent years. Use them to create the most unexpected scenarios for your strategic gameplay.

Lead one or more countries at once to discover their new destinies. Take care of the economy, trade, diplomacy, global threats, and more to try out one of the many dream scenarios. Play as a democratic leader or presidential opposition, use secret services, and lead battles using terrorists or the army. It is the most extensive and realistic political simulator where you will decide the fate of the world you know!

Key features
  • Play a geopolitical simulation covering the most up-to-date events
  • Lead one or more countries
  • Do whatever it takes to ensure victory and discover the many possible outcomes of your strategy
  • Take care of every state management aspect

Politics simulations offer almost the same activities as the best history games on Steam. With one tiny difference – they focus on managing the state from the point of view of its leader. It is a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of your least-liked leaders and discover the hardships of running a country or city in various historical periods! Each game helps you understand the mechanisms of world diplomacy, the causes of conflicts, or the complex decision-making process that will determine the fate of the whole world. Politics is not easy, and if someone states it is – let them try the best political games on Steam.