Whether you’re craving a spooky adventure or want to scratch that nostalgic itch, we’ve got you something absolutely epic. Let’s travel back in time to discover all the best PS1 horror games!

PlayStation 1 was never the best console, but it was one of the most groundbreaking inventions in the history of gaming. Exploiting its innovative capabilities, developers paved the way for epic titles on the next PS generations, and we can enjoy successful games like Elden Ring or God of War. And today is a brilliant day to appreciate our favorite console. If you’re looking for a super terrifying retro adventure, check out the best PS1 horror games!

Resident Evil 2

Release date:21-01-1998
Genre:Survival horror

A mysterious epidemic took over a peaceful Raccoon City, and the lives of its citizens have turned into an actual nightmare. Only Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy can do something to turn the tide of tragic events.

Choose from two playable characters to discover a unique zombie outbreak story from Claire and Leon’s points of view. Explore a devastated town, gather an impressive arsenal of weapons, collect equipment and defend yourself against the attacks of mutated enemies. Danger lurks everywhere – only your reflexes and judgment can help you explain the mystery of the grim epidemic and survive. Resident Evil is an absolute must-have for fans of the series and all players who want to experience a classic PS1 horror adventure or try a remake.

Key features
  • Choose one of two heroes and begin your adventure in Raccoon City
  • Explore and collect an arsenal of destructive weapons
  • Collect more clues to learn the mystery of the zombie epidemic
  • Fight or run to survive

Silent Hill

Release date:31-01-1999
Genre:Survival horror

Play the first iconic title in one of the best PS1 style horror games series to discover the dreariest town in gaming history. Silent Hill is a thrilling tale with five surprise endings that will stay with you for life.

As a result of an accident, Harry Mason loses his beloved daughter and decides to find her in the mysterious town of Silent Hill. Soon, the man will discover it was the worst decision of his life. Explore abandoned buildings, acquire weapons and equipment, and do whatever it takes not to get killed by grotesque monsters from your ghastliest nightmares. Know the success of this mission depends entirely on your decisions, and the chances of survival are extremely low.

Key features
  • Play the first game in the legendary survival horror series
  • Explore the abandoned Silent Hill and discover its hideous secrets
  • Collect equipment and fight or run from monsters
  • Solve puzzles and uncover the forgotten secret of the town

Echo Night

Release date:13-08-1998

It is a short and mysterious video game for all fans of unexplained events and unpredictable stories. Play as Richard Osmond to experience the most incredible journey through time on the forgotten Orpheus ship.


When Richard finds himself on a lost ship, he must embark on a series of tricky trials to discover his way home. But it won’t be an easy adventure as Orpheus is a home for monstrous creatures that can cause instant death. In addition, the protagonist must solve a series of challenging puzzles to discover one of four endings to the story.

Key features
  • Play a dark survival horror from FromSoftware
  • Explore a lost ship and discover its secrets
  • Avoid encounters with ghosts and learn how to survive
  • Solve puzzles and see one of four endings


Release date:30-11-1999
Genre:Horror, RPG

It is an excellent recommendation for horror RPG enthusiasts featuring an extremely addictive storyline. If you like Silent Hill games, you will definitely enjoy this dark adventure!


Travel to 1898 to direct the fate of a young woman summoned by a mysterious voice to an ancient monastery. It is a gloomy place with a forgotten prison history in the background. But it is not entirely abandoned, and soon, the heroine will discover the terrible secrets hidden within the walls of the building. Explore, prepare, discover secrets and fight to gain the necessary experience and learn the mystery of this terrifying place.

Key features
  • Play the 1999 Japanese horror RPG
  • Manage the Koudelka’s actions and discover the secret of the old monastery
  • Explore to collect equipment and clues
  • Gain experience and become stronger

Mizzurna Falls

Release date:21-12-1998
Developer:Human Entertainment

You’ll find everything in this game if you’re a fan of suspense and crime puzzles. Embark on the most desperate adventure of your life in Mizzurna Falls town, and solve the controversial case to alter the fate of all citizens.


When two students from a local school mysteriously die, their friend decides to solve the case. Direct Matthew’s actions, explore the town and watch the citizens’ behavior to unravel a dark mystery. Hurry up because there is a time limit. If you don’t complete the mission, the whole game will end in the worst possible way!

Key features
  • Explore Mizzurna Falls to solve a shocking case
  • Observe the citizens’ behavior and collect clues
  • Visit nearby locations and try to survive
  • Enjoy a captivating adventure in a polished open world

Parasite Eve 2

Release date:16-12-1999
Genre:Survival horror
Developer:Square Enix

It is a direct continuation of the legendary horror game with science-fiction features, where you will follow the further fate of the fearless Aya Brea. Witness a new chapter of her dark adventures and discover grotesque horrors you never dreamed of.


Aya Brea embarks on a special mission to the Akropolis Tower. It turns out that the place swarms with hideous monsters endowed with supernatural capabilities. The protagonist must do everything she can to unravel the mystery of their unclear origin and survive this mission. Explore the monster-infested building, gain practice, and use unique powers to unlock the content of extra modes for an even better horror experience.

Key features
  • Play the sequel to the famous horror video game on PS1
  • Solve the case of bloodthirsty monsters
  • Explore a secret research facility and collect clues
  • Gain experience and enjoy a high level of brutal gameplay

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Release date:2013-10-29
Developer:Spiral House

Travel to the faraway Shadow Isle to examine your friend’s mysterious research and avenge his cruel death. Prepare for a spooky adventure that you can play in two different ways!

Take control of Edward and Aline as a helicopter crashes them apart on a mysterious island. Each has a unique gameplay style and abilities, so you can expect addictive horror fun with terrifying monsters in the background. It is an excellent recommendation for fans of paralyzing fear, described by Steam players as the last good game in this series.

Key features
  • Direct the actions of the two protagonists and try to survive
  • Explore a mysterious mansion and discover its secrets
  • Enjoy different gameplay styles
  • Fight dreadful monsters and collect valuable clues

Nightmare Creatures

Release date:25-06-1997
Developer:Kalisto Entertainment

When a black magic experiment fails, London swarms in chaotic masses of bloodthirsty monsters who crave only human blood. Enter this mad world and do whatever it takes to save the citizens and not die.


Play as the strong Ignatius or the fast Nadia and engage in adrenaline-fuelled combat against hordes of repulsive foes. Your rich arsenal of weapons is the only hope for survival in this abnormal situation. Solve the sinister mystery of a dark experiment, fight and defeat powerful bosses to witness the creepy end of this story.

Key features
  • Play a thrilling action video game about a failed experiment
  • Explore London and fight hordes of enemies
  • Choose from two different playable heroes
  • Monitor your adrenaline meter to survive

Clock Tower: The First Fear

Release date:17-06-1997
Developer:Human Entertainment

It is the sequel to the terrifying PS1 horror game where you can follow the continuation of Jennifer Simpson’s story. Surviving the clock tower events, the heroine returns to regular life, haunted by traumatic memories.


Make the most significant decisions of your life to see how this terrifying story unfolds. Meet Jennifer Simpson – the only survivor of the horrific events in the clock tower. Now, the heroine tries to live a peaceful life but has to run from the crazy Scissorman. Take control of all the playable characters in this addictive gameplay and experience one of ten surprising endings.

Key features
  • Play the second part in the epic horror series
  • Take control of the various characters in this dark tale
  • Avoid violent encounters with the crazy Scissorman to survive
  • Make decisions and see one of ten endings

Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Release date:01-11-1996
Developer:Silicon Knights

Play an action-adventure game with a top-down perspective. It is a classic fantasy adventure with horror elements, perfect for retro PS gaming enthusiasts!

When Kain dies, a necromancer resurrects him as a vampire. Unfortunately, the children of the night are strongly oppressed, and now he will do anything to remove the terrible curse. Explore a magical land, fight powerful enemies and use supernatural vampire powers. Legacy of Kain is an addictive and refined game concealing dozens of fascinating secrets.

Key features
  • Play a classic vampire action game
  • Explore a magical land and discover its secrets
  • Fight hordes of enemies and enjoy extraordinary skills
  • Discover the ending of Kain’s story

There is something magical about playing old games. To witness the beginnings of a genre or a successful console – this is what it’s all about. And while PS1 horror video games don’t impress with their breathtaking aesthetics, graphics, or overall performance, it’s worth going back to and experiencing fear in its purest form. Because deprived of the potential to distract with a nice appearance, these titles captivate with their refined content.