RBG mousepads have become something of a gaming world’s novelty in recent years. Gamers who value quality were hesitant to trust these new flashy toys but soon warmed up to them, after seeing that these mousepads were equally as good if not better than their full cloth counterparts.

Moreover, gamers noticed the visual value of lighted mousepads. The range of colors they can display turns boring gaming sessions into colorful shows. With the interchangeable color palette, RGB pads can be a perfect complement to the players’ setup.

In this article we will present the list of the best nine LED mousepads. We’ll take look at their design and technical specifications, as well as the color display capabilities. Thanks to our list you will be able to make an informed choice about which mousepad will suit you the best.

Comparison of RGB Mouse Pads for Gamers The list is in random order.

ProductNotable FeatureCable lengthWeightMaterialsDimensions (L ✕ W ✕ H)
Redragon AURORA P010 11  Lighting Modes1.8m498g (1.09lbs)Rubber, plastic350✕250✕3.6mm (13.8✕9.8✕0.2 inches)
STEELSERIES QCK PRISM GameSense Lighting Support1.6m907g (1.99lbs)Rubber, cloth356✕292✕8.7mm (11.5✕14✕0.34)
LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mousepad 9 Lighting Modes~1.8m748g (1.65lbs)Micro-textured cloth800✕300✕3.6mm (31.5✕11.8✕0.2)
ACGAM GAMING P09 9 Lighting Modes~1,8m820g (1.8lbs)Aluminum350✕250✕3.6mm (13.78✕9.84✕0.14)
Corsair MM800 Polaris 15 RGB Zone Customizable Lighting1.8m560g (1.25lbs)Plastic350✕260✕5mm (13.78✕10.23✕0.19)
Razer Firefly Razer Chroma Lighting2.13m380g (0.84lbs)Plastic, rubber355mm✕250mm✕4mm (13.98✕10.04✕0.16)
Cooler Master RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad 9 modes of colors and effects1.6m808g (1.78lbs)Aluminum, silicone, steel350✕264✕2mm (11.8✕7.8✕0.09)
Cooler Master MP860 Dual-sided Gaming Mousepad Cooler Master MP860 Dual-sided Gaming Mousepad
Smooth RGB illumination (19 LEDs)
1.2m801g (1.76lbs)Cloth, Plastic, Rubber, Anodized Aluminum360✕260✕6-10mm 14.17✕10.24✕2.4-3.9 (front to rear)
Razer Goliathus Chroma Razer Chroma Lighting2.1m230g (0.51lbs)Rubber, micro-textured cloth355✕255✕3mm (13.98✕10✕0.12)

Redragon AURORA P010

FeaturesBreathing effects, 4 adjustable brightness
MaterialsRubber, plastic
Dimensions (L✕W ✕H)350✕250✕3.6mm (13.8✕9.8✕0.2 inches)

With Redragon AURORA P010 you’ll be able to turn your mousepad into a light show canvas. All thanks to the 12 lighting modes introduced in this state-of-the-art mousepad.

redragon aurora P010

Breathe some color into your gaming sessions at 4 different levels of brightness. The lighting effects of the mousepad can be easily adjusted to other RGB devices in the player’s use, turning each gaming session into an unforgettable display of colors. Redragon AURORA P010’s working surface is quite large, with 350mm✕250mm size, which makes it a perfect mousepad for avid gamers who need a lot of maneuvering space. The hard surface of the mousepad is waterproof and easy to clean, and the applied micro-texture improves the accuracy on all sensitivity levels.


FeaturesBrilliant 2-zone RGB dynamic illumination, Game Alerts, Audio Visualiser
MaterialsRubber, cloth
Dimensions (L✕W ✕H)356✕292✕8.7mm (11.5✕14✕0.34 inches)

Introduced by the leading company in the industry, SteelSeries’ QcK Prism combines the best features of RGB mousepads.


The main selling point of QcK Prism are the Engine Apps. Thanks to the implemented technological solutions SteelSeries’ mousepad displays colors to communicate various actions and statuses. It notifies the user about a new message on Discord. The Audio Visualizer function allows setting the color pulsations to the beat of the users’ favorite music. The best of these functions, however, are the in-game alerts. QcK prism will alert the player when to change ammunition, about the level of health and taken damage and when the player’s ultimate is ready to be used. All these functions make SteelSeries’ mousepad one of the best gaming peripherals on the market.

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mousepad

Features9 lighting modes, breathing effect, led light controller
MaterialsMicro-textured cloth
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)800✕300✕3.6mm (31.5✕11.8✕0.2 inches)

Whoever said the size doesn’t matter clearly has not seen Luxcoms’ gaming mousepad. It’s the best solution for the players who need increased sliding space.

LUXCOMS RGB Soft Gaming Mousepad

While it can double as a keyboard mat, Luxcoms RGB Soft Gaming Mousepad is predominantly exactly this – a well-designed, functional mousepad. With its impressive size of 800mm✕300mm Luxcoms’ product is quite possibly one of the largest of its type available on the market. Made of soft cloth, the mousepad can be rolled for easy transportation. The swiping surface made of braided fiber material is smooth and facilitates precise mouse movement. The non-slip bottom surface prevents it from gliding on the desk. 9 lighting modes allow the user to adjust the RB to their own needs.


Features9 lighting modes, various colors flow on the 4 sides slowly or fast.
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)350✕250✕3.6mm (13.78✕9.84✕0.14 inches)

While not the most ingenious of the RGB LED mousepads ACGAM is still a quality product with enough customization options to meet the players’ needs.


The P09 features a hard surface, with micro-textured fiber perfect for both optical and laser mice. The metallic underside is fitted with four anti-slip feet, so that the mousepad won’t slip from under the player’s hand during use. The RGB features include 9 lighting modes, which can be customized by the user. The mousepad can be lighted with a single color, set to change between colors at time intervals or have them circle around the edges of the pad, making for a nice spectacle complementing the gaming experience.

Corsair MM800 Polaris

FeaturesPWM lighting technology, built-in usb
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)350✕260✕5mm (13.78✕10.23✕0.19 inches)

Corsair is known for introducing quality products to the market and the MM800 Polaris is yet another proof of the brand’s position in the industry.

Corsair MM800 Polaris

Corsair MM800 Polaris follows in the company’s line of quality mousepads, durable and precise, with an incredible level of immersion provided by RGB LED lighting. Thanks to the low friction micro-texture surface and the decent surface area (350mm✕260mm), MM800 Polaris provides the pixel-perfect precision of tracking. 15 lighting zones implemented in the mousepad provide the most accurate color representation and can be synchronized with other of Corsair’s RGB products. In summary, Corsair’s MM800 Polaris is a great RGB mousepad that will satisfy even the most demanding of users.

Razer Firefly

FeaturesBreathing, reactive and more Chroma Lighting Effects
MaterialsPlastic, rubber
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)355mm✕250mm✕4mm (13.98✕10.04✕0.16 inches)

Employing the best that the Razer brand has to offer, Razer Firefly sets the standard for hard surface RGB mousepads.

Razer Firefly Gaming Mouse Pad

Razer Firefly achieves the perfect balance between control and speed. It features a hard micro-fiber surface, providing pinpoint accuracy and unrestricted gliding speed. Thanks to the technology used in creating the mousepad’s surface, every movement made by the player immediately translate into an action on the computer screen, increasing the precision during intense matches. Add to that a Razer Chroma lighting technology, with 16.8 million available colors and even more customizable effects and you get a great product, with quality confirmed by hundreds of satisfied gamers across the globe.

Cooler Master RGB Hard

FeaturesNine vibrant preset light animations and effects
MaterialsAluminum, silicone, steel
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)350✕264✕2mm (11.8✕7.8✕0.09 inches)

Cooler Master Hard Gaming Mousepad is an excellent product for pro-players who demand precision and quality.

Cooler Master RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad

Build with the best quality materials, Cooler Master RGB Hard provides excellent gaming experience. The microfiber surface provides the best experience with both laser and optical mice.  The mousepad’s features include a braided cable, which the user can attach to the computer. The cable is highly durable and will not wear down easily. Underneath, the Cooler Master Mousepad is fitted with five rubber feet, preventing any slippage. The RGB lighting technology includes nine preset colorful animations, as well as allows customization and personalization of the mousepad with other RGB devices.

Cooler Master MP860 Dual-sided

FeaturesSmooth RGB Illumination Breathing effects and more, Dual-Sided
MaterialsCloth, Plastic, Rubber, Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)360✕260✕6-10 mm (14.17✕10.24✕2.4-3.9 inches) (height – front to rear)

When it comes to this mousepad, innovative dual-sided technology comes in pair with excellent design and great functionality.

Cooler Master MP860 Dual-sided Gaming Mousepad

Cooler Master MP860 features a dual-sided sliding surface. The low-friction cloth provides higher speed while aluminum on the other side is perfect for precise and controlled movement.  The MP860 is fitted with 19 LEDs, which display color in seven configurations: static, breathing, color cycle, wave stars, marquee, and custom.  Thanks to installing software Cooler Master MP860 can be easily synchronized with other devices from this producer.

Razer Goliathus Chroma

FeaturesInter-device color synchronization Razer Synapse 3 (Beta), Cable Catch
MaterialsRubber, micro-textured cloth
Dimensions (L✕W✕H)355✕255✕3mm (13.98✕10✕0.12 inches)

Powered by Razer’s patented Chroma technology, the Goliathus provides the best gaming experience, worthy of its Biblical namesake.

Razer Goliathus Chroma

Unlike the hard-surfaced Firefly, Razer’s Goliathus is a soft mousepad with all the blessings that come with it. The soft and flexible surface makes it easy to fold and transport. With approximate dimensions of 355mm✕255mm, it might not be the largest of the mousepads available on the market, but the Goliathus still provides enough sliding surface to satisfy the needs of gaming use. Micro-fiber surface, a staple for Razer’s mousepads, perfectly balances speed, precision an control. Chroma technology, another of Razer’s staples, provides a multitude of customization options with more than 16 million colors. All in all, Razer Goliathus is an excellent mousepad with enough options to meet the needs of players with different tastes.

Choosing the right mousepad is never an easy task, and when it comes to the RGB pads, the choice becomes even more daunting. It’s not just a matter of picking up a mat from a bargain bin a seeing if it “feels okay”. RGB mousepads feature functions way beyond the simple color displays. Choosing the correct one, the one that fits the player’s needs and gameplay style, might be a key decision that will decide the fate of the match.