Rust for the most part is a somewhat drab game, doing a really good job of selling its “gritty, uncaring survival” style of gameplay. The items you get to loot and craft tend to be… normal. Just a hoodie, just a rocket launcher, just a metal plate with eyeholes cut out.

But just because the game defaults to grittiness and realism doesn’t mean you have to abide by it. In fact, there’s a thriving skin market which allows you to add extra customization to clothing and items. Some skins are free, but there’s also a ton of paid ones, and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a bunch of skins which perfectly reflect your desired appearance.

Below we’re presenting ten skins worth keeping an eye on in case you happen to rely a lot on the items they are designed for.

So now, without delaying the inevitable, here’s the list of…

10. Doodle Pants

It’s an apocalypse, you have to use whatever you can get your hands on, even if it’s a pair of light jeans with covered in cute sharpie drawings . That’s the promise of an item aptly named “Doodle Pants” and walking around with this skin applied will tell everyone that you’re a player who isn’t afraid of anything. It’s not traditionally spectacular, but the idea of it is fun, and the execution is solid.

If running around in just your pants isn’t good enough for you, there’s also a Doodle Hoodie skin which will allow you to complete the “my apocalypse child needed an outlet and I proudly bear the results” look. It’s a good set, full of personality and providing some levity to the glum world.

9. Gothic Reception

The regular rocket launcher looks a little bit boring, don’t you think? It’s one of the most powerful weapons, but it could look like it means business too. This is where Gothic Reception comes in, a skin which turns the good old RL into something that wouldn’t look out of place on a Warhammer 40k battlefield.

It’s intricately engraved, with a skull motif and crimson wraps. It looks awesome. It’s anybody’s guess who’d do something like that in the midst of the world turning into wasteland, but if you’d like to blast fools apart IN STYLE, get Gothic Reception.

8. Nordic Relic

The Eoka Pistol isn’t hot news most of the time: it’s pretty unreliable, single-shot only, and has to be loaded with shotgun shells. However, it can still look snazzy thanks to the Nordic Relic skin, which turns a simple item into a neatly carved wooden stock with a barrel tied to it.

It won’t improve the reliability of the Eoka, but it will make you look cooler as you desperately try to ignite it. If you’d love nothing more than to shoot people with Viking-era single-shot shotgun, the Nordic Relic can make it happen.

7. ”Eat Me” Chestplate

A bright pink body armor might not be very good as camouflage, but it does send a strong message of confidence. It also probably doubles as an ad for some still-operating ice cream place, because of the juicy strawberry at the front, and decorations resembling melting chocolate.

It looks soft and pleasant, but the reality of it is that it’s a skin for the Metal Chest Plate, so, you know, shoot at your own peril.If you’d like to complete the look, there’s also a matching Facemask, but it looks much less wholesome despite the heart-shaped eye holes. Or perhaps because of them.

6. Farmer Straw Hat

The boonie hat is a classic, nothing wrong with it, but perhaps you want to go for a more pastoral look as you go about your apocalyptic business. Or maybe you’re into One Piece and want to honor the main crew with a suitable accessory.

Whatever your reason, the Straw Hat skin exists to help you, and it looks really good. Not much more to say, it’s a nice skin for a cool hat.

5. Elite Forest Camo Hoodie

Taking a break from stylish and fun skins, how about something more grounded and realistic? Elite Forest Camo Hoodie is a skin for the good ol’ hoodie which adds a measure of camo and a few (visual only) pouches to make your character look like they are treating survival seriously. It looks like a tactical jacket, but works like a hoodie, warm and safe!

Appropriately, there’s also an accompanying skin for pants so that you don’t need to go around with the top ready for war and the pants ready for a party. Unless you want to, of course.

4. Retrowave AR

Back with the fun stuff, the Retrowave AR skin uses the popular synthwave-based image to turn a drab old AK47 into a purple-and-orange herald of the glories of old music.

It’s not subtle, it’s very noticeable, but it also looks great, and almost seems to glow with a neon light of its own. It doesn’t, sadly, but that only makes it less of a liability when you’re trying to sneak around in the dark.

3. Little Nightmare

Are you weirdly attached to the bone club you made when you were just starting your Rust adventure and prefer it over a knife? Perhaps its simplicity speaks to you on an instinctual level? Well, it’s a good idea to give it little bit of personality with the Little Nightmare skin, which turns the bone into a silently screaming demonic head with ominously glowing eyes. And the face is always turned toward you. Always.

If you’re not deterred by the horrific nature of this skin, you might find it quite a compelling option. It certainly turns a boring old bone into something aesthetically and thematically interesting.

2. Blackout L96

How to make an already pretty slick-looking L96 sniper rifle even cooler? Why, put it in a nice metallic black with the Blackout L96 skin. It replaces the original’s green and black color palette with a deadly all-black which might not be good for blending in during the day, but will be virtually invisible at night, which depending on your preferred cycle might be a satisfying trade-off.

With this skin your L96 becomes a tool for an assassin in the dark, not a survivor or soldier out in the open.

1. Raptor Facemask

Parading with your head uncovered in an actively hostile land is just asking to get your face munched on by bears. You could wear something like the Metal Facemask, the base item looks a bit bland.

That is: until you spice it up with the Raptor Facemask skin, which will give you a vicious toothy visage of a crimson-scaled reptile. It’s rather aggressive looking, but maybe it’ll scare off the bears? (It won’t).

The Facemask is a part of a broader Raptor set, but works just fine on its own.

Look good, get nasty

This concludes our list of skins which you should absolutely consider because they are some of the coolest cosmetics you could buy for your character.